4064 Chapter 64 Yellow jacket

Chapter 64 Desert Dogs

Feeling so tired leaning backwards glancing over Mat lying on the floor next to Jeff sweating, the heat inside our ship was just to much looking over to Mike and Faye both leaning by the far wall exhausted and also sweating, how long before it cools down here when is that sun going to go down. Forcing myself to get up walking over to Mat and Jeff shaking both of them to get up Jeff just looked up hardly sweating if at all tying to keep his eyes open; Mat moved looking up hair soaked face flush in color Jeff almost the same just dropping his eyes hard to keep open, Mat sat up looking around unable to get Jeff awake.

Turning back around seeing Jeff not waking up, I reach down lifting his head up a few times, his shirt was soaked he was burning up “We got to get this shirt off him’ hold him Mat” Mat held him as I took off his shirt then pulled off his tee shirt wiping him down with it; Looking over to Mike and Faye still sweating just as I was “Mike wake up” Mike just open his eyes slowly looking over, I’ve seen this before we needed to get to a cool place and only one place I knew we needed to get to.

“Come on everyone wake up’ get up” Jeff open his eyes sitting back just looking up at me “Get up” Mike slowly stood helping Faye up reaching down for the boys hands getting them on their feet trying to wipe the sweat off on my shirt looking back;“What is it Shawn” Mike dropping his head a few times asking tying to stand mostly leaning back to the wall “Come on you guys we got to get to the store”

“Why just sit back down for a little while longer”

“No’ Come on we need to go now”

“I don’t think we should go let’s just stay here”

“Mike come on look at all of us”

“So it’s hot”

“Mat take that shirt off”

One button at a time slowly trying to unbutton it before I had to reach over helping him getting out of it, Jeff just feel to the floor face down before I could reach out for him. Mat surprised pulling the tee shirt off looking at him; Mike looked over but stayed on the wall reaching down turning Jeff over no bloody nose at least.  “No’ don’t drink that put it down!” Faye was about to open a soda stopping her surprised looking up holding it “We need water not soda, we need to go come on” Reaching down picking Jeff up all droopy and clammy “Jeff you’ll be alright just hang in there little guy” Mat stood outside the door waiting to give me a hand with him, Mike almost falling out the door followed just behind us with Faye, Mat quickly rush up holding the door open.

“Mike see if they have any water in the cooler ‘no soda’”

“Yea yea”

Laying Jeff down on the cool tile floor checking around the room “Mat get a few of those Indian blankets” “What you want them fer” “Just grab a few” Mat took a stack dropping them next to Jeff looking down at him “He going to be alright” “We got to get him cooled down’ Mike any water? Come on Mat help me get his Boots and Pants off”

Mat pulled his boots off sitting down next to him while I took his pants off placing the blanket under his head, Mike came over holding a bottle of water “Thanks we all need to drink plenty of water” Pouring water over Jeff head wiping it down his chest getting him cooled off, he was still out I had to get him to wake up “Mat get out of those soaked clothes” Mike and Faye sat down by the cooler sipping on the water.

Jeff moved awaking wow relived he looked up “It’s ok buddy your ok just rest and have some water” Slowly giving him water, looking over to Mat still sitting on the floor next to me” You got to get them off so you can cool down” his eyes keep looking over at Faye this was no time for him to be modest, Reaching over grabbing a thin plaid shirt handing it to him “Put this on ok” Let little smile putting the shirt on looking back again dropping the pants stepping out of them sitting down next to us, with a quick swig of water pouring the rest over Mats head, he liked that pouring some on Jeff, Mat reach down picking up a bottle while I was looking at Jeff and poured it over my head Giggling even Jeff had a giggle he be fine now.

Glancing up to the window having a feeling someone was there, water still running down my face looking out, not seeing anyone in the parking lot just heat forming off the pavement, from snow to heat just the reverse of hot to cold rubbing the water around Jeff’s head some more looking at how much he got burnt playing gun fighter, Mat was the same burnt, glancing around spotting the Sun creams “Mat go get a bottle of that lotion” pointing over to it; he just stood right up open tee shirt “Better button it some Mat” He looked down making a frown button a few in the middle while getting the lotion rushing back pointing to the window, My head snapped looking up goose bumps already formed form on my arms not seeing anything “What did you see?” “Something moved out there” again I looked out not seeing anything “It was possibly just the wind blowing things around” there was no wind outside I just hope it was the heat he seen rising.

“Shawn they ok” Mike said outward rolling water bottle’s over.

“Fine how about you two cooling down”

“A lot better how did you know“

“Mike heat exhaustion what we were all headed for”

“Glade you seen it I sure didn’t feel like moving anywhere”

“But you feel better”

“Whole lot now”

“Good find some thin clothes around here to get into”

Mike and Faye started looking around the room, Mat was putting lotion on his arms and face handing it to Jeff; Now I was hearing something outside I looked up quickly not seeing anything but deep down I knew something was outside “Stay here” Slowly I got up looking outside jumping back from the window almost knocking the stand over with two dogs jumping up looking inside they didn’t bark just stared in “Coyotes” Mike rushed over next to me, Mat and Jeff stood looking Faye stayed behind the Shirt rack looking over “Wild dogs” Jeff held my side while we all watch the Coyotes joining one another slowly walking away out of our sight toward the roadway.

“Think they come back”

“They might were safe in here”

“Shawn we can’t stay in here”

“You got a better idea let’s hear it”


Relaxing drinking plenty of water, glancing out the window more at the shadows reflecting the sun going down, Mike and Faye went back gathering light clothing, bringing a few over by us to check over, I tried a few on mostly stiff but a lot cooler, not a pair of shorts on any of these rack or shelves why have long pants in this heat, not even swimming suits maybe we were too far from the water and no one would buy them out here; watching the boys playing with rubber snake’s making like they were real attacking each other.

“Shawn you find anything?”

“Just one’ how about you two?”

“Yea’ Faye changing now”

“The Suns going down shouldn’t be to much longer now”

“See any food around beside candy?”

“No nuten around here”

“We got some in the ship from the farm”

“Ok’ Well get it in awhile”

“Chips and candy here that’s all”

“You know we should have look more in the salon”

“They had menus so that means a kitchen”

“You got it we just have to get it”

Faye came out wearing a long Indian face tee shirt, that looked cool Mike pointed to a small stack on Tee shirt still n the packages, Checking over the size’s tossing two over too Mat and Jeff to put on taking one myself, Faye turn around seeing Mat yanking off the shirt without unbuttoning it over his head bending over giving her a moon shot, Jeff put his on looking at the print of coyotes on the mountain.

“Like the dogs, Will they come back”

“I think they took off we scared them”

“They scared me”

“Not me I could take them on”

“It’s not a street dog you can pet”

“I don’t like dogs always trying to steal your stuff”

“Gather up you things it looks cool enough for us now”

“Mat Jeff put these on” Both looked up seeing Faye standing holding pairs of Indian moccasins for them, both slid into them feeling the beads around the top.

“Mike here’s the tags”

“Good I need those tag too”

“What do you need them for”

“I just do pull them off I’ll take them”

“Mike why do you need them”

“Shawn later ok just give me the tags”

“Ok’ Ok here”

Mike took a the tags why he wanted them was unclear, watching mike head over to the register behind the counter had had to find out what he was up to, Mat and Jeff followed Faye gather more water bottles, Mike open the cash draw pulling up the tray, raising my head looking down the counter seeing money along with the tags he was setting inside.

“What’s that Mike?”

“It’s just the tags”

“No Mike what’s with the cash it wasn’t there before?”

“It’s money for everything we gotten”

“Money looks like a lot there”

“Shawn don’t ask so many question”

“You paid for all this stuff when?”

“Before when they went to the restrooms”

“So the money you took it”

“Brian told me about it just before he and Pa left”

“Brian put it in the ship”

“He did”

“How much did he leave?”

“Almost a thousand dollars”

“I want no part of it he was suppose to keep it”

“I left three hundred to cover everything”

“Ok’ let’s just go get some food”

Mike Closed the draw looking up at the window speechless, Waiting at the back door for us; Jeff trying his best holding what he could dropping the boots looking down at them, Mike and I both help pick taking them with us back to the ship, we stayed in the shad keeping an eye open for the coyotes. All four of us change into shorts and sneakers, Faye stayed just outside the door as a look out, Big surprise Mat even put on the underwear, he didn’t say anything not even looking over to see if we were watching him, All of us headed over to the Salon heading right in the back area, we found the kitchen and Plenty of food in the walk-in cooler, Beer stacked along the hall way.

“Hamburgers or hot dog boys” Mike asked holding a tray stacked with patties, Jeff and Mat nodding pointing at the Tray

“Hamburgers and Fries”

“Sounds good Mike’ You can have soda’s now”

“Sarsaparilla in a glass”

“Who’s cooking it” Faye smirking holding the package of rolls

“I’ll cook less you want to”

“No I don’t know how to cook”

“Mike’s a good cook don’t worry he won’t kill anybody”

“Thanks Shawn better go see what the boys are into”

“Come on Faye it’s not hard you can help me”

Mike started up the deep fryer and placed Ten burgers on the grill, hearing them already sizzling, looking thru the table unit at them before going out the door, The boys already setup a table for us glasses at each setting with wrapped utensils and sarsaparilla bottles, Glancing outside still quite with a nice backdrop of far off mountains and red sky peaceful, Jeff and Mat played with the Triangle peg board games while we waited. Looking up to the door seeing them both coming out each holding large trays, Setting them down in the center of the table, Faye started handing out the empty plates, Mike setting Two burgers on each before they we took them, Mike placed the empty on the table behind us, Reaching for and Extra Ketchup bottle, Moving the fries to the edge of the tray dumping the Ketchup in the center “Put some salt on it” Mat excited looking at the golden fries wanting to dig right in, I quickly grabbed it before they did sprinkling it over at least I did my part. The boys needed both hands to hold them.


2 Responses to “4064 Chapter 64 Yellow jacket”

  1. Jane Says:

    First off I would like to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question whch I’d
    like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind betore writing.
    I have had a tough time clearing my mind in getting
    my ideas out. I truly do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations oor hints?

    • yellowjac Says:

      Jane by all means Sit back get comfortable with some soft music and think what are your main players doing ? put yourself into the person your protruding outward.
      See what they are seeing and soon the rest will follow. don’t be nervous it happens to the best of us, so and easy think Motivations and giggles at what you can make them do, now just type it and scramble it a few times just a little fumble that’s all. Will.

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