4065 Chapter 65 Yellow jacket

Chapter 65 Desert Flight

Jeff not able to finish off his second burger too many fries more like it, Mat on the other hand had no problem finishing off his, before both sat back in the seats holding stomachs in-between playing with the peg games, Faye stayed with the boys keeping her eyes open till Mike and I returned from cleaning up the kitchen leaving it the way we found it nice and clean, finding out from Mike that it was Saturday so we should be able to spend the night before anybody returned; Jeff took the games leading the way, Mat and Faye carried large bags of chips for later of course leaving the case of sarsaparilla to us two each holding a side keeping up with them. Our sun went down bringing the moon as our guide around the town, talk about eerie town emptiness no horses no cowboys just dusty streets covering any tracks of anything crossing one stage brush rolling around, Mike had to stop half way back so we could swap sides.

Settled down inside playing cards starting a few hands over due to Mat or Jeff having to run outside a few times rushing back in, Mike teased them about not going to the restrooms afraid someone or something might see them, Now Mat was quick with a comeback that keep Faye inside telling the Coyotes could have gotten them before they made it to the restrooms, Faye eyes were open that left Mat full force open with raised eye brows watching her squirm telling about furry creatures from the desert waiting for a meal would get her before she made it across the street., of course we laugh about it playing cards again she whispered something to Mike looking over, he smiled standing up with her and both went outside, Jeff and Mat stood by the door making grunting sounds, Mike turned point at them both rush back sitting down giggling together even when they returned closing the door just in case.

Sometime during the night laying back watching Faye and Mike playing cards alongside Mat and Jeff both fallen asleep tuckered out, waking up to Mat softly calling my name opening my eyes he was pointing to the window while standing up waiting for me, glancing over everyone sleeping, Mat stood leaning over the center chair looking out between the boards seeing plaid shirt and jeans man standing with a clip board going over papers on it flipping the papers back and forth looking up at us a few times, Mat and I just watch him walking back and forth looking us over checking under the ship standing right in front of us looking at us.

“Better wake the others up Mat”

“What going to happen to us”

“Mat just wake the others up will be ok hurry”

Mat rush over waking all of them up, Mike first jumping up rushing over standing looking outward, “Can he see us?”

“No it’s a gray window”

“What about the door can he open it”

“We don’t even know how to open it from the outside”

“What’s he doing?”

“Writing something down”

“Every keep it down we don’t want him to hear us”

Everyone looked out the window, the man slowly went around the ship coming up on our other side looking at us again, looking to his right side towards the front store before he turned walking towards the town area, checking the dirt around him as he walked.

“Should we go find out what he’s doing here?”

“Wait look”

“What I don’t see anything”

“Dust bowl”

“What Bowl”

“Dust something coming by the dust swirling”

“It’s coming from the other end Look”

Coming into our view along with the dust swirling around as it stopped  before the street backing up stopping again, the passenger window went down, sun glasses lowered as the bearded man started looking over at us while beeping his horn three times, he looked to the street and back again hitting the horn again three times.

“There’s the other guy” Mat sat upward pointing to him, we all watch both men talking outside the truck, before headed over looking at us Mat and Jeff both moved away from the window, holding his clip board both looked over it and up to the ship, the bearded man pointed to the top with two fingers snapping two gather, we all looked up

”The beacon on” Mike said returning looking out at them, standing looking at it before checking the clip board again.

“Can you make out what they’re saying?”

“No but they know something not right”

“Yea and it’s us”

“What can we do”

“Better get things ready in here”

“These pistols won’t stop them?”

“No best they stay here they might have real one”

“Jeff go help get things together ok”


Watching them walk away standing by the truck giving one looked at us before they left turning the truck around leaving a dust trail behind them leaving.

“What now Mike”

“Give them a few minuets’ and will check out side”

“You gon’na open the door’ what if he standing outside it waiting for us, he could kill us”

“Jeff no one’s going to kill us”

“Shawn look’ this light on”

“I thought you turn everything off”

“I did but what’s this one”

“Didn’t Josh tell you?”

“No we only went over how to move it”

“Great’ blue green light it must mean something”

“Maybe it locks in to something”

“What’ you don’t suppose it’s”

“No’ we have control here”

“Better open the door”

All of us stood by the door, Mike passed his hand over the side opening the door, dry heat rush inside as we all looked outward no one around only tire tracks leading away in the sand, Mike stepped out looking around the ship coming back pointing to the dash, Looking over the light was out.

“Safe by the looks of it, no truck around”

“I have to go guys”

“Us two”

“Ok’ by the side of the ship hurry”

“Maybe I can hold it”

“Faye we can’t chance going to the restrooms”

“Ok’ you won’t look”

“No will be right here hurry up”


Faye stepped down looking around, before rushing around the ship, Mat and Jeff stood ready jumping down as she rush back inside, Mike stood next to me waiting keeping our eyes and ears open, Both came running back getting inside Mike pointed to the side.


“Let’s get out of here”

“Best find something to put on you two”

“I’ve got to check the town’ just get everything ready inside here”

“Mike let’s just take off”

“I’ll be right back”

Mike rush off looking back before the street, Mat dragged the boxes over to the other side away from the chairs looking up and out the door with the heat coming in already, they both got dressed putting on jeans, even Faye, Jeff brought my jeans up handing them to me placing Mikes on his seat, pulling them up not even taking off the shorts watching for him, now if Mike whistled that meant we need to take off fast, he’s back rushing inside sitting down relived.

“Well what you find out”

“The town’s empty and the parking lots empty also”

“No Truck”

“No they must have left”

“Wonder what they were doing”

“Checking the place out what else”

“What do we do?”

“It’s time we got home”

Mike looking at the jeans grabbed them while closing the door slipping into them hurrying looking over everything, Jeff and Mat handed us each an open soda, Faye scooted in the center chair jerking her head down seeing the blue green light come on again, all five of us just looked at it, Mike waved his hand over the other lights feeling the ship moving relieved from the heat inside feeling the bottom retracting.

“Let’s make for home hold on everyone” Mike said outward placing the soda between his legs, Jeff and Mat held on to the back of our seats watching the screen turn yellow once we cleared the shed, slowly moving away and upwards to the sky just above the town, looking down no one was around not even on the roadway, the sun was up Mike pointed to the sun and back to the door shifting us around with the sun behind now moving forward, holding steady watching outward from two hundred feet, picking up the speed rising higher just to our right was an airplane way up in the sky no where’s near us.

“Why the screen turn?” Mat asked holding on

“Something’s up making it change”

“What is it”

“I don’t know”

“See anything out there”

We all looked out not seeing anything then all of a sudden helicopters appeared in front of us U.S.A.F. on the front. Mike quickly without warning took us higher into the sky leaving them behind.

“Wow that was a close one they must have tracked us”

“Too close we better find someplace to hide or get out of here fast”

“Just don’t hit it too hard we don’t want to go back in time”

“They had gun’s pointing at us did you see them”

“Mat relax a little were going to be find as soon as Mike finds a place”

“Just a quick hit and that should take us in the right time we need”

“Forward I hope”

“Me too”

Mikes hand hesitating over the lights pressing on two then another one putting the colors inside, Jeff and Mat covered their eyes holding on, looking over even Faye had her eyes closed, watching out ward the screen turn yellow again vibration around the ship holding it study before the clear blue sky appeared in front again, Green grass and hills in front of us now to find out where we were, slowing it down looking out ward, another roadway below with cars on both sides.

“Can you make out that roadway sign?”

“Almost hold on”

“What about all those cars won’t they see us”

“What so we give them something to talk about”

“Look it say’s no it can’t be”

“Sure were home New York”

“New York one hundred twenty two miles”

“That’s nothing will be there in a second”

“Check the cars what year would you say it is”

Looking at the cars heading towards us in the other lane, most of them pulling over to the side, while we hovered near the sign looking at it Mike pointed forward taking us up from the roadway increasing the speed more passing them so fast like they were standing still, Climbing higher in the air watching the hills in front of us veering off to the side away from the roadway over a farmhouse and large open patched fields plowed over.

“Look water to your right side”

“That’s New York”

“No it only a river”

“Where’s the New York then”

“We still have a ways to go”

“Were home then’ can we still keep the ship?”

Mike turn looking at me his lip lowered, raising my shoulders up he had a good point what will we do with the ship after we find home.

“Can we keep it stashed away in case we need it later?”

“Mat will try and keep it ok”

“Ok but I want to learn more about it too”

“Let’s get home and will go from there”

“Mike better find a place so we can check it out”

“Sounds good to me”

“More building up ahead see them”

“Ok I see them”

Heading towards the farm building, cows lingering in the fields looking up at us slowly moving over them, following along the rail fencing checking over a few before heading over top of trees looking for another not so busy hoping to find one empty.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    “Boy a couple, close calls there!” But at least they made it to new york, now to see if it is the right year! I enjoy reading the storeies, always looking for the next chapter, pat

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