4066 Chapter 66 YellowJac 2

Chapter 66 Into the Trees

Holding our own hovering above tree tops somewhere away from the main roadways for a while now just seeing an opening ahead heading right for it. Jeff doing his bobbing head while trying to drink sarsaparilla almost spilling it all over my lap moving him back,
That was a mistake he dropped the bottle Sarsaparilla spraying upward Faye and Mat moving out of the way quickly, Mat bumped into Mike making Him leaning over the lights holding himself up looking at the lights, we all looked out the window everything was moving fast in-front of us mike slowly bringing it slow and steady turning looking at Jeff, Jeff tried hiding next to me staying close to the wall.

“You Dumb Shit we could have crashed”
“Look at the floor”
“What about the Floor?”
“Where the soda go?”

Everyone looking at the floor where did that soda go, while we were looking around to find out where the ship was also moving downward without us realizing it, hearing something hitting the ship bottom looking back seeing tree branches just blowing backward from the window, Faye braced herself Mat jumped behind Mike holding his seat, once again pulling us upward out of danger.

“Mike I think it’s time to find a place to land”
“Your right see anything”
“Can I look?” Jeff trying to move around me
“No” Mike raised voice back without looking at him
“You better stay right there for now”
“Sorry about the soda”
“Jeff just be quite” Mike snap a quick look over
“I’ll deal with you later” Mat pointing his finger at Jeff
“Mat relax he’ll be fine”
“Just keep him over there” Mike again glanced over at him

Mat standing behind Mike holding he’s seat, Faye holding in the center looking outward her hand went up pointing outward without saying anything just pointing ahead, we all looked out, just what we need water again, winds casing rippling water on a good size lake that we could see, Real clear blue water seeing the bottom in some spots, Mat pointed to an opening getting Mikes attention, He just nodded turning us towards it.

Lower and lower just ahead a roadway in-between the opening of
large trees no one saying anything just watching as we slowing entered the opening falling along a dirt road to a few small openings on either side way too small to enter, Some sort of building ahead slowing down, I pointing to one opening to our right side Mike lean forward with a quick nod slowly we entered stopping inside looking at the area it was a good side area we could hide here for awhile at least till we found out where we were, maybe that building could give us some idea what time we landed in this time.

“This looks good” Mike muttered out looking over to me.
“Just land it Mike”
“Something Not Right here”
“What’s that Sound”
“Where Vibrating”
“We’ Going to Land it?”
“No’ where going to crash it four feet off the ground”

Before Mike could even finish his little talk with Mat, Within seconds inside our ship feeling Vibrations never felt before, our eyes to bottles rattling, Boxes and Bags moving, Mike quickly leaning over the lights looking outward, as both Faye and I did the same seeing below the ground just below us. “Hold on everyone” That was all Mike could say we were down the lights went out bottles stopped rattling everyone just looking at each other, Mat rush to the door light opening the door before anybody could say anything, the door open Mat jumped out falling in the dirt, Jeff right behind him getting out, Both turn looking inside at us just sitting looking at them.

“Well were down”
“More in the dirt”
“What happen to our holders” Faye asked
“Think they might have got broken in the trees or something like that”
“Sure Mike they stay up when we moving”
“Well maybe they came down in the trees”
“And what broke off”
“You Two going to stay in here” Faye asked heading out the door
“Someone had a fire here” Mat Hollered

Sitting looking around the ship wondering why we crashed picking up a soda bottle, I looked at the bottle opening it looking down at the floor maybe the soda shorted something out below it did go into the floor, standing looking around not seeing any soda spill, made my way to the door seeing them all standing around a Large fire pit with logs around it, Jeff sitting playing with the coals while Mike was shifting them in his hand, Faye stood right next to him watching, turning see Mat already checking out the roadway.

“Well Mike any Time frame on the coals”
“No cold”
“That’s good then no one around”
“Where in some camping area”
“Really Mike what gave you that idea”
“Where’s Mat”
“He’s over by the road”
“Great he’s off looking”
“So he won’t go far”
“Mat Wait Up”

Sitting down next to Jeff watching Mike and Faye heading to the road, Mat waited for them, Handing Jeff some soda a we sat watching them, Mat came over telling us they were going to check out the building and would be right back and Mike said to watch the ship that no one steals it before they get back, He rush off they were gone out of sight both of us just looked at the ship laying in the dirt sipping on the soda waiting watching the trees and birds around us.

“I’m Hungry”
“So am I let’s get some chips”
“I got to go First”
“Pick a tree”
“Do we have any paper?”
“Gee we must have forgot about that part”
“Only Kidding we got some”

The surprised look said plenty pulling out the roll handing it to him, he stood looking at the trees before heading into them, pulling out the bag of chips grabbing two more warm sodas and back to our log, I could here Jeff grunting, must have been to many hamburgers he should have went before we took off maybe the others found something by now, looking up seeing Jeff wiping sweat off his forehead.

“Wow that was close one almost didn’t make it”
“You Ok now”
“Yea what do I do with this?”
“Put it on the log they might need it”
“Ok they come back yet”
“No have some chips”
“Warm Soda”

Jeff twisted the cap off tossing it into the coals, checking his hand before reaching in the back wiping it off on his pants looking up at me, I just grind at him waiting holding the bag, We both looked up hearing one of them coming back, it was Faye walking slowly so nothing to worry about Mike and Mat would be fine together getting things we need maybe they found a car we could drive into the city and go home.

“They found the building and our trying to get inside”
“It was locked”
“It had a lock on the door”
“Mat’s going to open it”
“Mike said he’ll get it open”
“Warm Soda in the ship”
“Ok you want one”

Jeff and I just showing her ours, Faye went inside the ship bringing back a box of crackers along with soda sitting down tossing the cap next to the other caps in the coals, Offering us Crackers while we all looked at the birds flying around, The sun was behind the trees keeping the area nice and cool, wondering about what day it might be because no one’s camping here why if it’s a weekend or at least it was before maybe it’s a weekday and no one’s here yet, everything’s changing now what if the ship is junk, how would we get back will we end up staying here in this time, I didn’t see any tracks of life around only a few tracks not human more the bandit type just hiding watching us, that bandit will steal our food will have to put it in one of the big coolers before he sneaks around looking for it in the ship.

“Here they Come” Jeff raising his soda towards them
“No One’s around here“ Mike grinning smiling looking at us
“We heard you banging” Jeff smiled right back
“Did you fine anything” Looking up at Mike waiting
“No not really”
“So what did you fine then?”
“Empty Storage Building”
“And it was Locked but we got it open” Mat said grinning at Mike
“Yea dam thing was locked and nothing inside” Mat again jump in before Mike could get a word in, Mike glancing down at him reaching for the chips again taking a handful sitting down looking at a few birds going overhead.

“See you got hungry”
“Ye’ap we did”
“Didn’t leave very many”
“A few more bags and we got company too”
“Who?” Mikes eye looking around surprised
“Raccoon’s” With a frowning grin at him
“Crap” In-between Chopping shaking his head back and forth

Mat holding the box of crackers looking at Jeff with a frown, hitting the coals stirring the dust upward glaring at Jeff, tossing the empty box at him with a tight upper lip over his lower lip even scrunching up his nose like a bull ready to charge his eyes piercing.

“You Crash the ship”
“Me How” Jeff Suppressed looking up
You spilled the soda on the floor and we crashed”
“I didn’t mean it”
“You Never mean it”
“Ok you two stop”
“But he made us crash”
“No it happen ok”
“Yea’ what are we going to do now Shawn sit around wait for help?’
“Now who’s getting smart”
“Were down and were stuck here”
“Well where’s here”
“In the woods again”
“We going to look at it or sit here”
“Fine how we going to get it up?”
“Dig it out”
“Who’s going to dig it”
“All of us!”

Everyone was silent looking it over just laying in the sand door open tracks of sugar sand inside the doorway, where we stepped on the uplifted sand from the bottom, at least it didn’t sink in the ground more or for that madder landing us sideways to crawl out, Mike already was walking around looking for tree branches to pry it upward, tossing a few by the doorway.

Mike stood just looking at the sand pushing one branch into the sand right under the ship, Reaching over pushing another log under his , both of us pushing down moving the ship, Mat hurried shoving a few under each time we seemed to be getting out of the sand, at least we got the front part started, working around the back area same thing with everyone helping it slowly came up that we could see under it, the landing gear never started down , Mike checked out the shell casing, it wasn’t damaged not sure we sat down having sodas looking at it chris cross tree branches holding it upward like a wooden cabin off the ground.


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