4067 Chapter 67 Yellow Jacket Part 2 Dark Trees

Chapter 67 P2 Dark Roadway

Mike trying to find what happen under the ship without any luck, in and out no lights even the door stayed open our ship was dead so to speak till we knew what happen, everything that could possibly have gone wrong we looked at, Mat said it was a good thing he got the door open before we got stuck inside and all died, just what everyone wanted to hear about, Covering it with the tarp blanket that of course left one less seat inside.

Faye started going thru the food checking what we needed to store from our bandit friend, Looking in the cooler Mike had brought along Hamburgers and Hot dogs still frozen and bundled up in wrapping paper, Mike said we could have them tonight if it was safe to have a fire but he would have to check around the area before that would happen, he suggested The boy’s and I go get some fresh water and maybe Jeff could wash up, why did he need to wash up looking over at him playing in the pit, Mat was just as dirty Faye dropped off two gallon jugs to get water and clean clothes  guess I got elected for that job, Mike and Faye were going to check the area and should be back before we got done.

Mat grabbed three soda’s handing them to me to carry, picking up the clothes he started for the roadway, Telling Jeff to Take the Jugs, clanging them together running alongside us heading for the water, looking back Mike and Faye already started heading towards the shed, Jeff running back and forth across the path telling him to walk before he tripped and broke the jugs, he stayed in front of us checking every footprint he could find.

“What type animal made this one”

“Deer track’s, Raccoons” Mat said moving him on

“See any human track Jeff”

“I saw some”


“Just ours”

“I’m going to give you tracks hurryup”

We reach the clearing checking around setting everything down, Mat looked around like a robot searching for its target, Jeff started for the water kicking off his shoes stripping as he went, stopping at the edge checking it with his toe before walking in, Mat right behind stripping also rushing right into the water past Jeff, Splashing him, Jeff back out standing looking at him. “

“Come on it’s not cold” Throwing water upward at him

Sitting on what little grass I could find away from the water watching the two playing in the water Jeff slowly making it to his waist while Mat was all over the water splashing back and forth, laying back watching the clouds gather checking out there shapes but keeping an ear open on them two, soon both came out standing looking at the clothes moving them back and forth.

“Guess what we forgot” Mat said holding the clothes up.

“What you forgot something?”

“No Towel’s”

“Use the tee shirts”

“Jeff you going to get dressed”

“No I want to stay like this”

“Get Dressed nature boy”

“What’s that?”

Mat just throws the tee shirt at him, Jeff put it on reaching for the pants, Mat stopped holding his pants looking at him.

“Boy that was to dry off with”

“Why almost dry now”

“Mat let it go for now”

Hesitating watching him get dressed, swinging his hair back drying it off again with his tee shirt, while Jeff took a soda looking at the lake sitting down both legs crossed, Mat was getting pissed off with him again, sitting down next to me as I handed him the other soda, all three of us sat for a few minuets’ checking out the clouds above.

Mat finishing his soda jumped up taking the jug’s to the water, Jeff watch him almost at the lake turning around looking at us telling Jeff to pick up all the clothes, Jeff tossed his bottle into the trees.

“Now go get it”

“It’s just a bottle”

“Jeff get the bottle”

“What about the clothes”

“After you get that bottle”

Jeff found the bottle bringing it back, before rushing around picking up the clothes rushing them up tossing them down next to me, Mat right behind him set both jugs down standing looking at him then reach out cuffing him in the head.

“You better stop your horsing around”

“I wasn’t”

“Pick them up’ you’re carrying them back”

“They smell”

“What you think you didn’t”

Having to stop them “Ok you two let’s head back”

“I’ll carry the jug’s don’t want him to drop them”

“I won’t you take the clothes”

“Move and don’t shuffle your feet” Mat told him already heading to the roadway, Jeff followed along with me taking just the empty bottles following just behind them, just as we reach the opening we all stopped looking at it everything thrown all over near the ship even the cooler
was outside resting on its side leaking around the lid.

“Looks like someone’s been here”

“Someone or something”

“Maybe that bandit got it”

“Shawn would the coon do this much damage”

“Never underestimate them”

“I’ll kill that thing like a rat in the alley”

Setting the jugs down near the pit looking at the ship, Jeff stayed by the pit while we looked inside holding small logs just in case, Mat tap his log on the doorway waiting, looking inside it was clear.

“It’s clear Mat”

“Dam I wanted a raccoon hat too”

“Ok Mat”

“Jeff come over here”

Checking the boxes inside tipped over finding crumbs all over the floor along with empty Cracker boxes, potato chip bags ripped open, even clothes scarred around the floor, Looking at the council still no lights on glancing at the screen clear showing our tarp, Jeff stood by the door watching us.

“What happen?”

“We were robbed that’s what”

“Who took our stuff”

“The bandit”


“That’s what they do”

“When’s Mike coming back”

Looking over to him, lowing his head resting his head on the side watching us pick up boxes.

“Soon Jeff help us cleanup’ Mat anything missing besides the food”

“No everything’s looks like it’s here”

“Maybe we should go back to the lake” Jeff smiling watching

“Why the lake, you were just there”

“Maybe Mikes waiting for us”

“Mike and Faye went the other direction”

“Oh yea” checking out an empty cracker box

“Shawn the cooler” Mat looking out the doorway tossing the emptys out, Stepping aside of Jeff pulling the cooler upward off its side, shaking his hand off getting it wet. “It’s ok”

Jeff and Mat untied the rope checking inside, everything soaked from the frozen hamburgers patty’s and Hot dogs, Chesses also soggy, Mat held up a few watching them drip.

“Looks like they won’t be much good now” Tossing it in the box closing the lid, Both walked over to the pit area, Jeff held the jug while Mat rinsed his hands off, Joining them looking around.

“Maybe we should go find them two”

“No Jeff we stay here there be back anytime now”

“How much longer?”

“When they get her now stop asking question’s” Mat trying to dry off his hands on his pants

“Mat go find a shirt before you get a cold”

“We better start a fire before dark”

“It’s not dark for awhile”

“Maybe we should get some wood ready”

“We could do that”

“Dam Jeff piss somewhere else not in the pit”

Glancing back to Jeff turning towards the logs pissing on them, he finished turning back sitting down kicking dirt back and forth.

“Hey Shawn look what I found Aluminum foil”

“What you going to do with that”

“We could wrap the burgers and hot dog for cooking them”

“Sound good, maybe we can save them before they go bad”

“If we don’t eat all of them first”

“That’s a lot of food Mat”

“Well better to cook it than waste it”

“True, let’s find some wood”

“Jeff you coming”

“No the bandits out there”

“Let him stay here, maybe he can scare it away”

“Jeff just call out if you see anything”

Mat already headed into the tree lines picking up small branches, Both of us gathered quite a bit if wood, We took the longer ones snapping them in half on the sitting logs laying them in the pit ready to start it as soon as the two got back, all three of us clean up the ship setting everything in place, bringing the trash to the pit sticking them into the logs to help it start, Jeff set all the sodas in one box outside the ship, only good food we had left was in the cooler soaked.

Sitting watching the birds coming down eating the crumbs  from the chip leading into the trees, It was starting to get dark Mike and Faye still hadn’t returned, Mat and Jeff went out on the roadway a few times looking for them without seeing anything, we sat for awhile longer finishing off our warm soda’s, before it was time to light the fire we needed something to distract the raccoons from visiting us during the night, Lighting the fire sitting back watching the flames reflecting from the trees, Mat brought over the cooler so we could wrap the food, keeping it just inside the pit under hot coals, waiting a few came out for checking if they were done and had to go back, we sat having hot burgers with our fingers, letting the others cool down.

Mat and Jeff placed the cooked food inside the cooler after rinsing it out, roping together tightly both were pleased they got it without help, I just hoped the raccoon didn’t know granny knots.

“Maybe we should bring the blankets by the fire”

“Are we staying here the night”

“Looks like it dumb ass”

“I’m not a dumb ass”

“Mat stop just get the blankets”

“I’m I a dumb ass?”

“No your only nine”

“Almost ten I think”

“Go help him Dumb ass”

Jeff smiled rushing to help Mat bring out the blankets and whatever else they could think of, sitting looking at the roadway wondering where they could be it’s dark already maybe they could see the fire, hoping this fire didn’t bring back police or forest rangers, could we explain we just crashed here sorry not likely, Mat and Jeff spread out the blanket sitting on it playing cards keeping them busy for a little while, looking at the trees I could see the bandits eyes glowing at us at least six that I could count not telling the boys just keeping an eye open on them, we all heard something near the roadway.

“It’s them there back”

Jeff stay here wait till they come in”


“No stay”

“Look it only a deer checking us out”

Hoping it was Mike and Faye finding their way back, something must have detain them, maybe they found out we were home and getting help that would be great to get home again sleep in my own bed warm covers and man where are they it’s getting dark less than a quarter of a moon to see with, we have plenty of logs around to keep the fire going, I’ll have to stay awake with them raccoons roaming the boys can sleep by the fire that should keep them warm for the night.


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