4068 Chapter 68 Yellow Jacket Part 2 They Return

Chapter 68 Part 2 They Return

Putting more logs on the fire before it went out, trying my darnish to stay awake, both boys sound asleep under the blankets, sitting here wrapped in a blanket just watching the fire, our raccoons trying a few times to come in, shaking a branch log at them keeping them away for now anyway, Mike’s still not back maybe I’m just getting over worry that something happen to them, one deer walk by just looking at us and walk thru, the night is passing slowly watching the stars and moon sitting on this cold log my ass is getting numb, legs burning being to close to the fire and trying hard to stay awake maybe I should wake Mat let him watch for awhile better just let him sleep I’ll watch the fire.

“We’ll see you’re up” Mat standing over me looking down

“What the fire” trying to look around him

“It’s still going its morning”

“Crap I feel asleep, Mike back?”

“No not yet Jeff making something to eat”

“How long you two been up”

“A little while everything’s still here”

“The Food”

“They didn’t get it”

“Good I chased them a few times”

“No sign of them this morning”

“Ok what’s he making?”

“Hamburgers on a stick”

Sitting up looking over Jeff he had wrapped hamburgers around a stick with foil over leaning them into the fire, I’ve heard of hot dogs on a stick but never thought about hamburgers, walking over to the trees checking out the fallen logs, while watering the logs my noise curl up smelling this bitter aroma, glancing around the ground for that smell seeing a few flies there it was, closing my eyes turning away not to think even about it hurry back to the fire, Those two morons’ were watching me as I return both giggling still holding my noise.

“Funny you two next time cover it”

Jeff fell over the log laughing bouncing now Mat just as bad giggling like a couple of girls on an overnight; grabbing the blanket wrapping around me getting chilled sitting back down, Jeff having himself a good time on my account holding his noise giggling away, Mat now he was trying hard not to giggle so much but not before Jeff smiling saying between his laughs pinching his noise bent over.

“Did it stink out there?”

“No Jeff it smelled like you”

“Your Stick burger on fire”

Stopping his carry on looking at the burning foil with grease fire dripping from it, rush right up to it grabbing the stick shaking it back and forth, till it feel off landing in the pit, Jeff stood over it holding the stick poking at it then stab it in the center holding it up watching it fold around the stick, Mat was quick removing the others before they caught on fire also steaming folding dripping grease.

Sitting all bundled up nice and warm while watching these two was a sight, Mat placed the sticks on one log, looking over to Jeff that kid was trying to pull the burnt foil off burning his fingers.

“Jeff let it cool down before you get burnt”

“It got cooked” Jeff showing the foil sitting down.

“It looks like your turd you left” Mat chuckled

“Got to go’ you go”

“Hope you use leaves afterwords”

“No I used my hand” with a big smirk

“What” surprised looking at his hands

“He use the crap paper” Mat said with a big giggling smile

“Thanks Mat”

Jeff still tapping the foil in-between his giggling again reaching over taking the others handing them out, holding mine away just in case, one hand holding the blanket closed placing it between my knees to hold it while trying to pull the foil back, surprised seeing it was well dark brown well cooked around burnt bark, feeling the foil it was cool enough to handle picking it apart bark in all, they finished already picking at the burnt one.

“Gee if we only had coffee now”

“No coffee but we got warm soda still want one” Mat asked.

“Sure if the raccoons didn’t run off with them”

“They didn’t”

“Raycoons running off with them that’s funny”


“It is”

“Well it RACCOONS not raycoons”

“same thing”

Mat shook his head go to get the sodas; after we finished the boys started picking up the area folding the blankets returning them to the ship, still no lights or any type of power; finding more logs to burn just in case we needed another fire later all of us started finding branches with leaf’s still on them placing them in front of the door and covering as much of the ship as we could making it look more like a fort.

Next to the cooler sat the jugs of water, somehow we used up most of it, they needed refilled before the next fire knowing the boys better get some before that to at least to wash their hands.

“Mat you two want to make a run down for water”

Mat looked at the jugs knotting his head lowering his head walking back from the logs, standing in front of me handing him the empty jugs, he just hung his head holding them.


“We spilled one earlier sorry”

“It happens”

“You’re not mad at us”

“No just go get some more”

“You’re really not mad that we spilled it”

“Just go get some fresh water”

“You’re staying here”

“Better just in case we get visitors again”

“I’ll keep an eyeball on Jeff he’ll be fine”

“Just get the water and come straight back”

“Just water and Back ok’ just water and return”

“Yes now go”

Watching the two of them rushing off wondered me some, hoping they just get the water and come back without me having to go find them, watching the boys walking fast together down the center of the road, till they were out of sight, turning looking up the roadway still no sign of Mike or Faye, where are you two’ dam him anyway.

Wonder if he got lost no doubt never was one for wooded trails that’s for sure, walking around looking for our little friends in the trees without seeing any of them poking an eye at me, Checking the ship under side maybe we missed something setting my hand down to look I felt it moisture in the sand; before I could check what it was something was up the birds just stopped chirping, slowly getting back up looking around the ship with no one in the area, why did they stop something made them stop but I wasn’t seeing anything.

Walking over to the road looking upwards first hoping it was Mike, just an empty road turning looking down for the boys, no boys checking the tree tops not a bird in sight, it must be them raccoons again hearing a Russell just inside the trees looking to see it, the hair raised on my arms even my hair started rising waiting for it to come out showing itself; wholly crap it’s a hog with tusk’s that’s nothing to fool with, rushing over to the logs grabbing one holding it upward ready to swing, slowly it walked out snorting with each step as I waited, it stopped at our cooler noising it a few times before looking around spotting me only a few feet from him holding the log high, with a few grunts it walked away looking back once before crossing the road heading back into the woods.

Relived tossing the log on top of the pile checking the trees again a few birds returning, perking my head up hearing the boys returning back hopefully without any problems, Mat set the jugs down sitting looking at the fire smoking, Jeff headed to the ship returning with three soda’s sitting down.

“We got the water and straight back”

“You did good”

“We we’re good”

“Yes’ you did good ok”

“No Mike”

“No’ do you see him”

“Just asking”

“Shawn maybe we should go look for them”

“Mat’ we need to stay here”

“I could go look for them”

“No we stay here”

“I can fine my way back”

“Mat No”

Mat sat down flipping the top outward sipping, Jeff holding his soda while stabbing small amber’s under burnt logs watching them flare up into little flames, Mat keep looking over I know he wanted to go look for them understanding why but this was no time to go on a hunting trip, we all heard a whistle from the roadway turning looking back.

“It’s Mike”

“Jeff wait”

“Mat go check but don’t let anyone see you just make sure”

“Ok’ I’ll stay out of sight”

“Hurry up”

Mat rush up near the ship slowly keeping low looking between the tree bottoms near the road, Jeff stood watching him holding his stick ready to swing it, Mat squatting low watching the roadway, with a thumbs up back to us, they were back.

“Ok’ Jeff it’s them”

Jeff dropped the stick rushing up to Mat, Following right behind both of them Seeing Mike and Faye pulling a small wagon, cardboard boxes tied on top of it, Mike waved with a big smile.

“Boy are we glade to see you two”

“Everything here ok any problems”

“No we had a interesting night though”

“So did we’ here you Boys take this thing”

Faye was hugging both boys helping with the wagon back to our sight, reaching the ship Mike reached right over taking a soda looking around at what we done pointing to the Fire area, both of use walk over Mike sat down sitting next to him something was up he was looking back at Jeff and Mat with a quick sip “We home”

“What Home what are you saying“surprised more than anything

“Somehow’ we got the Time almost right”

“Wait a second Mike what time did we end up in”

“Ah well its just a few years behind”

“Wait a few years’ how many”

“Let me tell you what happen first”

“I want to know what year were in”

“That better wait here they come”

“Dam it Mike just tell me”

“Don’t worry were good”

“The ships not”

Mike drinking on his soda as the others gathered around wanting to here all about what happen to them last night.

“Faye said you two sleep in a bed last night gross” Jeff frowning shaking his hands back and fourth leaning to one side.

“Two of you in one bed’ what else happen” Mat saying with a big grin, Mike just stared back at them, Mat tighten his lips grabbing Jeff’s leg to stop him, Mike Looked over to Faye with a nod more like telling her it was ok he’ll handle them, slowly turning his head looking at me I could tell right off nothing happen between them.

“So what happen to you two yesterday”

“It’s a long roadway to get out of here”

“So what happen”

“Like I was saying on our way out we found this building”

“What was it?” Jeff asked excited

“It was a mess hall”

“What’s that”

“Dumb Ass it’s a place you eat let him talk” Mat reaching for his leg only Jeff moved sitting on the other side of Faye.  “I’m not”

“Ok the place was locked up tight”

“I could have gotten you in”

“You weren’t with us”

“But I can still open any lock”

“Mat let him finish”

“Ok ok”

Mike went on about the building, looking inside they could see all trophies hanging deer heads rabbits and a few hog heads, having round tables with chairs, they tried all the doors but not one of them they would budge open, after check around they couldn’t find anyone around so they headed down the road way, following a small sign pointing to the main entrance, it took quite awhile to reach the end ending up to a paved road, Only thing they could see was a three row barb wire fence lining the other side of the street, just a bunch of Hay bales waiting to be gathered.

“So how far was it” Jeff asked jovial waiting

“Before the road was a sign telling us it was ten miles to camp”

“Ten miles you walk that”

“Dum ass that’s what he said”

“Mat stop calling him that”

“New nick name”

“No More like getting his attention”

“So this sign we looked both ways and started walking North”

“North how did you know that was the way”

“Jeff let him finish”

“Ok just wanted to know”

“So no house’s anywhere so we started walking NORTH and before we knew it a mail box appeared, so energized rushing up to the door, We knocked on the door a few times hoping someone was home, while I was looking down for a water spout the door open, both of us stepped back looking at this beard man behind the aluminum door staring down at us”

“Creepy old man with a beard” Jeff wide eyed.

Everyone just glared at him, making like closing a zipper across his lips, Faye reach for her soda it was empty Jeff jumped up talking her empty getting her another, and we just watch him sitting back down again zipping across his lips waiting.

“What was I saying”

“The Beard man was at the door”

“Yea ok so the guys standing looking us both over and ask what we wanted, I was more ready to run back to the road than having to ask him for water he was scary just looking at us like never seen kids”

“So did you run or what happen” Mat asked inpatient

“Faye told him, we were thirsty and asked for a glass of water”

“So did he get you water”

“Yes’ he open the door and invited us in”

“You went inside”

“Yes we went inside now let me tell it”

“Ok’ but get to the good part did he try to kill you”

“No’ he just got us water in the kitchen”

“You went into the house”

“You want to hear about it or just interrupt me”

“Ok just go on”

“Thank You’ now we were sitting at the table and its getting dark outside already he ask where we came from, we told him we gotr a lift and were dropped off here on the road”

“Why someone drop you off on the road?”

“No one dropped them off that’s what they told the man Jeff”

“Ok I got it”

“Jeff let him talk”

“Ok but I just asking”

“Mike what happen after you told him”

“He looked at us frowning, saying it’s a good twenty miles to town and no cars come out this way till morning, so he could take us into town in the morning because he doesn’t drive at night”

“So that’s how you ended up in the bed room together?”

“Yes Mat we stayed in the same room, after he made us something to eat, placing a chair under the door knob just in case”

“Chair under the knob what for?”


“Sorry but a chair?”

“The chair was to keep him out just in case he tried to come in while we were sleeping during the night”

“Did he”

“No Faye feel asleep and I tried to stay awake watching the door”

“That’s what Shawn did to he fell asleep watching for raycoons”

“When we woke up walking out of the room we didn’t see him anywhere around, Three plates set on the table with only a fork next to each, on the stove was a coffee pot alongside three cups, so Faye made us coffee while we waited for him”

“Did he come back or leave you?”

“He came back with a small basket of brown eggs, said good morning and asked if everything was ok in the room, he made himself coffee while the brown eggs were cooking in this big black skillet, sitting down we just watch him getting up a few times checking on the skillet, let me tell you those eggs smelled so good I could have eaten the all of them, He brought it over scooping some out we both just looked at each other, runny yellow yoke with bread slices soaking the yoke, scooping his egg with bread he said in-between bites “Dig in when your done will get you two a ride to town” when we finished he just took the plates setting in a pale of water in the sink saying come on if you want a ride to town heading out the door, we followed right behind him,  this old truck was sitting by the door we drove past the camp sign and followed the road to town only seeing one car going the other direction, so he pulled in front of this hardware store and said here’s town far as I go you two come back anytime, looking around we didn’t know where to start looking, Faye pointed out a service station so we went inside looking at this map to find were we were and the mechanic asked if he could help us find a road, we just told him we were new in town just looking, when we came out the old man and truck were already gone so we went over to the store and bought some stuff and a wagon to haul it back”

“Ok now tell us where we are and what year it is”

“I’m getting to it”

“Well now be a good time to tell us”

“Where in a town and its nineteen you ready”


“Nineteen ninety-four”

“Hallelujah Were home Shawn Home”

“Mike did you call anybody telling them were here?”

“No just kinda called my house’ and guess who answered it”

“You’re Mom”

“No it was me”

“You’ how could that be you’re here” Mat said confused

“Shawn were you going”

Having to just get up my heart was beating so fast thinking we made it back home, to find this out was more of a shock, we gotten so close and we missed home by a few years how could we tell them what’s going to happen, not to go camping a blizzard coming in a few years I’m only Ten years old now’ so what I’m my own big brother to myself how’s that going to go over, not so well sitting on the doorway watching them talk sure they were all excited about it even Mike.


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