4069 Chapter 69 Pt2 Yellow jacket Fallen Ship

4069 Chapter 69 Fallen Ship

Kicking the ground around sitting in the doorway giving myself a little time away from all the excitement they were having being home, sure missing it by a few years, Mike talk to himself on the phone that must have been strange, if he answered the phone then I would be here also, can’t help thinking what if I never saw my family again we should have just stayed with the others on the farm maybe we would have been better off, dam I’m missing them already and I know deep down will never see them again.

Josh was a good kid, now its Jeff and Mat what’s to become of them and Faye how can she go home, Looking up hearing the leaves rustle seeing Mat heading towards the road heading down to the Lake, glancing over towards the Fire pit they seem to busy talking to one another, Jeff always tagged along with him something’s not right maybe Mike said something, walking right up to them stopping Mike, just looked up at me.

“Mike did you say something to Mat”
“No’ where is he?”
“He took off down the road” With a glance over pointing behind him
“We we’re talking that’s all” Jeff quickly said getting up
“You must have said something” Dropping my head looking away
“No’ Jeff why did he leave” Mike standing up looking towards the road asking Jeff
“I don’t know but I’ll go get him”
“No’ No Jeff I’ll get him you stay here!” Getting aggravated with them
“Shawn’ he just got quite that’s all, no big deal”
“Think about what you said’ you said something?”
“Nothing’ Where home and just talking about our town”
“Home Mike’ really this is it home now” Mike know I was getting upset just waving his hand sitting back down looking at the fire
“What’s’ that mean we’re home” Mike said moving the ambers around
“You guys just stay here“walking away from them I had enough Mike just not understanding were just another stop along the way.

Looking down the roadway with no sign of Mat anywhere, hurrying down hoping to find him before he took some side path into the woods somewhere, just as I made the curve seeing him sitting on a fallen log crying, he just looked up at me wiping his tears away looking up at me.

“Mike said this was it”
“Mat let’s walk to the lake ok?”
“I just want to go home”
“Mat come on let’s just walk ok”
“No just go away”
“Come on before they come looking for us”
“They don’t care about me”
“Mat I do come on just you and me ok”

Mat wiped his tears away looking up, holding my hand out for him, reaching up pulling himself up from the log wiping his rear off from the bark standing looking up at me all watery eyes started walking, reaching down taking his hand without resistant seeing a little smile from him as we walked, reaching the lake Mat let go of my hand we stood by the water edge looking outward.

“Mat what’s going on What did Mike say to you”
“Nothing ok”
“Alright I’ll be over by the tree”
“Fine go then”

Sitting on the grass watching him kicking the dirt around, glancing back at me a few times, making like I was just watching the birds in the trees, looking back at him walking over sitting next to me trying not to look at him looking to the water ripples in the low wind.

“Why we stop here”
“It happens we just land sometimes”
“The woods what happen to the city”
“The city you miss it don’t you”
“It was my home”
“I must be hard”
“Can’t we go back” Mats head slowly raised up looking from the corners of his eyes; lowering his head back down seeing a tear fall from his cheek.

In a way knowing what he was going thru just as we did after leaving the mine shaft finding ourselves in another place and time, reaching over pulling him into me holding him tight; Mat’s arms seemed to wrap around me with his head leaning into my chest sobbing, it was kie holding Joey after he fell in the driveway after trying to ride his bike on his own without training wheels, rubbing his back side just watching the water till he could control himself one could sob and he sat up.

“He said we were home” wiping his tears away
“No not home Mat’ just another stop along the way”
“Will we get to your time?”
“As soon as we can”
“But the ship broken’ Mike said we were here”
“Will fix it we did before don’t worry ok”
“Can we go back to the alley so you can drop us off”
“Drop you off why” wiping his chin off waiting
“I want to go back”
“We so closes now just one more flight”
“But’ But it’s your” Stopping before he could finish crying again
“Come on Mt will be ok’ beside you have to met my family”
“But what about Jeff’ we know the streets that’s home”
“No more streets for you two ok”
“But what about Mike he wants to stay here”
“Will leave as soon as the ships ready ok”

We must have sat there over an hour just talking about everything in nineteen ninety-six, fishing on the pier watching the boats going down the Thames river heading out to sea, even the amusement park with all the rides and how we always got in, he was real excited about seeing our park never been to one before.

Mat enjoyed hearing about Joey how he bother us wanting to go everywhere we went, of course we took him to many places when he was too much trouble for Mom to handle needing a rest from him being so active as he was, Mat giggled a few times cheering him up, asking about Mom a few times how she was as a Mother how do you explain she’s Mom to everyone just always happy to see us kids having a good time making sandwiches’ or cookies for us, Mom like cooking meals just to watch us eat was her biggest joy as long as we were hungry we were fine she always said.

He sat with a smile that made me feel better seeing him relaxed not crying, then his grin went low dropping his head raising his eyes to his eyebrows asking “What about your Dad does he beat you?”
“What Dad no’ Not Dad he just raised his voice”
“He punch you or throw you around”
“No Mat never”
“What’s that like not to be hit”
“Mat what happen to you”
“I can’t go with you”
“Your family now”
“But your family not mine”
“Mat I love you and everyone home will love you”
“Love Me why”
“Because your so cute”
“Cute what’s that”

Mat started grinning again then started talking about the two of them on the streets, it was hard thing to hear about so much this kid went thru the years went by so fast and sometimes seem to take forever just to get thru one night, sleeping in alleys sometimes having to run from the police almost getting caught a few times, Jeff got caught once and Mat made the policeman chase him around a building, running faster than he was getting back to Jeff just in time, they both ran down a few alleys with the cop chasing them going right by them hiding in a dumpster the whole night.
Mat seemed to com down a few times holding back his tears talking about the street life feeling more at home about it, it seem like he was telling me his whole life was all about him and Jeff holding on to the street and everything around them everyday new another start.

We headed back more relaxed making some jokes along the way, Jeff came rushing out to us hugging Mat asking why he went off without him, Mike and Faye also came to the roadway waving at us.
“See Mat everyone was worry”
“We saved you some stake and tadders” with Jeff’s gleaming smile
“Good I’m hungry already”
“You too Shawn we save you some”
“You didn’t eat it all”
“No Mike cooked plenty” prancing ahead of us
“Everything Ok Shawn” Mike asked walking back
“I’ll tell you about it later”
“Jeff told us about the raccoons”
“You two go sit by the fire”

Mat looked up at me moving over giving me a quick hug, returning to Jeff rushing over to the fire pit, Faye walk with us over to the ship pointing to one box near the ship they brought back with them, waiting for Mike knotting to go ahead and open it, inside small packages of batteries along with two flashlights and a small Red radio, Faye reach in pulling out a brown bag folded over on top handing it to Mike, he held it out to me, taking it looking at the two of them both standing smiling at me waiting to open it looking inside seeing small plastic box pulling it out turning it over seeing a Timex watch.

“You always wanted a good watch” Mike said with a huge smile
“Thanks Mike” he always seemed to know I wanted a Timex watch water resistant and even had a night light, pulling it out placing it on my wrist.
“The time set even has the month and day”
“Thanks’ you two but you didn’t have to”
“Got another Little surprise for you”
“The ships up and running”
“What you got it going” Surprised moving closer to the door.

Looking inside the lights all lit a few flashing looking down at the floor panel Mike was pointing too, ready to open it waving my hand no.

“Faye spotted the problem”
“What how”
“This bar under the seats lifts up, and she lifted it up and found that the soda that fell on the floor seemed to gum up a few things below, so we clean them off and just a big glob of goo laying around this other thing so we clean it off then this bright light started flashing, we both jumped out looking in and of course we didn’t know what was going to happen maybe take off or something then the lights came on we just placed the cover back on its working”

“So when do we leave?”
Mat spotted the lights or Jeff told him about it he came rushing over jumping up inside standing behind the seat looking at the three flashing lights, turning around checking inside smiling seeing everything stacked up ready to go.

”It’s working’ Jeff told me we can go back home now”
“Mike’ we need to talk”
“We can leave first thing in the morning ok”
“What stay here another night with them Raccoons” Mats eyes wide
“Yes don’t worry Mat’ will be inside tonight” Mike said to him
“Faye please’ take them over I need to talk to Mike”
“Ok’ Mat’ Jeff come on let’s go check them steaks”
“What give’s Shawn” Mike lean on the ship looking at me
“Mat unsure about going back with us”
“Why I thought he wanted to come with us”
“It’s the time thing he thinks he be better off on the streets”
“I’m not going back we’re going forward to our time not back”
“I understand just don’t be so hard on the Boys Mike”
“Hard I’m not hard on them two”
“Mike they don’t understand what’s going on”

Mike just realized what I said sitting down in the doorway, looking out at them at the fire sitting down next to him holding his head low, maybe this made him more aware of thing not just about getting home or being home it was about all of us here together as a group, even Faye wasn’t worried about where we ended up she also just wanted to get home to her family.

Mat looked over from the log holding a soda up waving me over, Faye was already placing it on paper plates waving us over, Mike looked up seeing them “I’m sorry Shawn I was just hoping we were home”
“That’s ok will get there yet come on before they eat it all”
“Will go at dawn ok”
“That’s fine come on will talk about what you did in town”
“Yea that was something”
“Soda cream or Coke” Faye asked
“Cream Soda”
“Looks like the steaks are well cooked”

Enjoying our food sitting around the fire as the darkness slowly came over the trees, empty plates into the fire, then all of a sudden we heard a sound all of us looked over to the ship it was moving upward logs falling from the bottom, we rush over Mike jump inside before the door closed hitting the lights holding the door open logs falling down rolling away from it, holding back Mat and Jeff watching the ship moving back and forth before it stopped, Mike stood in the doorway scared looking at all of us.

“Guess it working Shawn”
“What Happen?”
“Look the landing gears are down” Faye said pointing to the bottom
Mike bending over trying to see, it was true the landing gear did come down rest the ship even, all the lights on the dash inside went out only a small light outside the door was on we never seen this light before, Mike looked at the light reaching back pulling a box to the doors blocking them just in case they closed jumping down.


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