4070 Chapter 70 Pt 2 Yellow Jacket Get the Coal

4070 Chapter 70 Pt 2 Yellow Jacket Get The Coal

It’s Short but more is on the way, Thank’s everyone.

Mike and Faye walking around the logs looking under the ship, Mat held onto me with Jeff at my other side waiting their return from the rear, Mat pointed to the left side, looking over walking back Mike shrugging his shoulders upward jumping inside again, Faye stood at the doorway looking in.

“Hey Shawn did you see that”
“We all seen it Mike”
“That was cool and look we have more fire wood now” pointing around at the logs around the ship.
“Great what about the ship”
“It seems fine must have been a quirk or something”
“Quirk or Something”
“What else could it have been?”

Checking out around the ship having to walk over most of them before we all started moving them aside so we had a path around the ship, Mike said we needed to find tree branches to place around the bottom with green on them not just logs, all of us when breaking branches off returning letting Mike and Faye place them around. Mat and Jeff sat down after pulling quite a few from the woods joining them sitting down making sure nothing crawled inside our drinks.

Mike and Faye finished sitting down with us just when everything seemed like it was fine again sitting watching the ambers glowing, Mat started spitting on the ground choking grabbing sodas trying to wash out his mouth spitting it out on the ground, rushing over looking at the ground it wasn’t food he ate it was all brown yellow goop.

“What did you eat” Mike keep asking

Looking over at Jeff now starting to do the same thing, Faye held him from falling over choking and spitting up, after giving them more soda washing out what they had again we asked what they ate, Jeff handed Mike chunks of something shaking his head back and forth with closed eye’s, this wasn’t good at all I knew that look these two eat something they shouldn’t have, after looking at it we just looked at each other, Mike pointed to the ashes handing me a empty cup, bending down scooping ash into the cup handing it back to him holding the water jug, mixing it together handing it to Mat.

“Mat you got to drink some of this to get it out drink”
“What is that” Faye asked looking over
“Faye it will help them”
“Why what they get into”
“Ok’ Mat I know its bitter but just a little more”
“Save some for Jeff”
“Ok’ Mat just relax get spitting’ Here give him some”

Jeff didn’t want to drink it, Mike walked over holding his head back while Faye held his arms from trying to knock it away, getting it into his mouth wasn’t easy most rolled around and down his shirt, we got the rest in him moving away letting him spit it out, Faye pointed back and forth between us three

“No Faye were good”
“What they get into’ what’s that” Faye asked
Mike showing her the broken chucks of yellow “This is what they ate”
“What is it?”
“Shelf growth”
“English Mike”
“Tree Sap”
“Why they eat that?”
“Mat can you tell us why you ate this stuff”
“Jeff said it was rock candy”
“You two just keep spitting have some more water”
“Rock Candy they ate all of it before”
“They must have seen it on a tree”
“They ate it grouse”
“The coal ash will bring it up”
“Next time ask before you eat stuff from the woods you two”

Glass after glass of water watching them both before getting it all out of their systems including everything they had before, Glade that was over now we have to deal with the Raccoons’ poke their heads out at us even if they were staying in the woods, well they can clean this stuff up moving both of them into the ship for the night.

Did you think I’d make them sick Yeap I would !!!

Sap is sometimes called the blood of a tree because it circulates inside a tree, carrying nutrients and water throughout the tree. The sap is basically a nutrient transport system inside the tree; a tree would die if sap didn’t circulate inside it. Sap is also a nutritious food eaten by many forest creatures such as squirrels.

Tree sap not only benefits the tree, but it also people. Tree sap is extracted and used to make maple syrup, latex, resins, hair removal and other products. Tree sap is sometimes added to natural soaps and bath care products due to its nutrient contents.. The sap also helps to hold things together. Fossilized resin from tree sap is made into amber jewelry. Scientists have also found mosquitoes and other small insects inside fossilized tree sap.

Tree sap can cause damage when it becomes stuck on a vehicle for long periods of time. The sticky substance dries and acts like glue, which can scratch the paint. Don’t attempt to remove the sap with a damp cloth. Instead, use fingernail polish remover or a water-soluble paint brush cleanser, which can be found in the hardware section. The longer the sap has been sitting on the car, the more difficult it can be to remove it.

Some people like to collect tree sap in order to make homemade maple syrup. You will need to use a drill and other special equipment, so be sure to use caution, and don’t do it alone.

Tree sap has a great deal of potential for future uses. People are continually finding more things they can make or do with the sap. Tree sap ornaments and other fun products are being produced. Tree sap also has the potential to fossilize anything that we would like to save for future generations. This process happens naturally as well as in laboratories.

Did you enjoy that bit of Learning that’s what we do look for stuff.


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