4071 YellowJacket Chapter 71The Storm

4071 YellowJacket Chapter 71
Chapter 71 The storm

Night was fallen on us fast one second were all sitting watching the fire next thing the wind started blowing the trees, seeing the raccoons running right in front of us not even looking just hurrying to the wooded areas, winds blowing the trees around sending branches from the higher trees breaking off falling close by us, all of us stopped what we were doing looking to the sky the clouds’ were getting very dark moving fast, Mike and Mat doused the fire before hot ashes reach the trees tossing dirt on top making sure it was out, all of us join together placing branches in front of the door everything Mike was doing; still unable to get the lights working finding a log pressing hard crossed the jams not knowing if we could get the door open for that matter if it would even shut without power from the lights, it was agreed we couldn’t take that chance being lock inside not able to get out, getting inside together watching the blanket blowing inward that Faye place in front with boxes on the bottom holding two branches for the blanket wasn’t holding, winds just got heavier and faster whistling more rushing among the forest, bellowing winds rushing in sending shivers to all of us watching it with Flash lights to the blanket.

Mat, Jeff and Faye all bundled up under blankets while Mike and I went back outside checking the weather. Heavy Storm clouds passing overhead were in for one big stormy night, no sooner did we get more branches leading on the ship they were being pushed right back over us no sooner try again and gust tossing them down Mike just started getting mad tossing them to the side shoving them under the ship before getting cut only then he stopped looking at his hand bleeding, thunder cracking all around us looking at each other turning to the door hearing them inside crying scared with every running rumble; shivering cold Mike and I tossed a few more under it seeing that the ground was getting much softer shifting the ship downwards more, Mike stood back looking at it somehow he wanted to say something but held it back just waving to get inside, looking at the bottom logs the ship could not substance much more
“Mike what about that building is it safe?” rubbing my hands together asking
“I don’t know if it’s any good alright” Clasping his hands breathing on them
“I can run up and check’ why don’t you go inside with the others”
“What you leave this ship our only way back’ what the hell Shawn”
“Look at it Mike it’s not safe” Pointing behind it at the trees bending over top
“We can’t just leave it here”
“Ok’ Mike what can we do hope that tree stays up and not come crashing down on us crushing all of us inside, then what maybe will live”
“Alright maybe that club house we could make it in no time” Brushing leaves from his hair
“How far down was it?” Looking towards the path getting darker
“It’s aways past the small building but they’re signs posted to it”
“So we could make it”
“Maybe if we hurry’ what about them”
“What Mike’ they’re all coming”
“I didn’t mean it like that’ How they going to make it in this weather”
“Blankets to cover them and the flashlights that’s all we need”
“Maybe we can wait till this passes, let’s just get inside”
“Mike you go inside I’ll be right in” nodding my head to one side towards the door.
Mike shivering slowly walked to the tree branches looking back before stepping inside, it was up to me to find a safe place for all of us, pulling my shirt around with both hands in pockets rushing down the pathway, hearing the wind behind then I had to stop hearing something faint in the woods or behind me keeping my head low looking to the lower branches hoping it wasn’t that hog coming back for me, only hearing it again now more behind me someone was running turning see Mat hold a jacket and flashlight heading towards me.
Holding the jacket outward bending over grabbing his knees getting his breath looking up, quickly putting it on looking at him “Man you walk fast”
“How you know I was here?”
“Mike said you profusely went looking for a safer place for us, so I grabbed a flashlight and your jacket and here I am”
“Mat you were better off in the ship”
“No’ besides I got the paper clips this time” Smiling showing me three of them
“Ok come on will find us a place” Mat surprised me reaching over taking my arm with a smile.
Avoiding swirls of dirt on the path avoiding flying tree branches before it started it raining staying to the edge walking faster with it coming down harder on use stinging my ears pulling the collar up getting hit seemed just like small bee stings, glancing over Mat doing the same keeping up the pace rushing more hitting the dirt in front of us lifting it almost two inches, looking past the collar seeing the shed just ahead lifting my head up tapping Mat pointing to it and was just watching the ground, it was a mad dash to it standing by the door away from the winds relaxing now.
“What is profusely anyway’ Mike said you were doing?”
“Its Mike way of feeling older with big words that’s all”
“So what is it then?”
“Doing it freely like doing it on your own without someone telling you to do it”
“What’s wrong with him anyway”
“He’ just Mike what can I say that’s the way he is”
“This things creaking maybe we should check out the other place”
Mat was right this building was moving or it was just the wind making itb feel like it was, looking around the side not sure if we should chance it or go back, it was raining to much to try and find that sport cabin, Mat was still shivering standing with me we had to go back and wait it out maybe Mike found what was wrong by now.
“Were going back to the ship it to far to the cabin”
Looking down Mat covered in his jacket only seeing his hair around the front soaked dripping down “Come on we’ll make a run for it see who gets back first” seeing only his head knodding down starting out pulling his hair back placing both hands in the pockets walking back not running, staying with him knowing he was cold and wet as I was this was a bad move on my part hurry back seeing the ship covered more with trees that had fallen just like I had seen before that it would happen it did, rushing up to the doorway looking inside, Mike just smiled almost wanting to cry but he was holding it back rushing to the door helping Mat up, Faye quickly placed a blanket around him, Mike hug me for a second reaching down getting a blanket wrapping it around us walking to the others bundled up on the side, sometime during the night all of us fell asleep together under the blankets behind the boxes.
“Anybody in here Hello”
Lifting the blanket up looking outward seeing Mark of all person looking in, Waking Mike up curled up next to me, we slowly all stood heading outside, Mark smiled as he was glade to see us now no rifle this time.
“Boy you guys had a rough night here surprised you were even still here”
“How did you find us?”Mike asked looking around the sight
“I had to make sure you were ok”
“Mark right”
“Yes just me’ let’s get a fire going and sometime hot in you guys”
“Fire everything’s wet”
“I brought coco and coffee for you”
All of us worked together building a fire, Faye found the pots and cups, sitting on the logs watching the fire feeling the heat, the sun shining down clear sky above, branches all around the site and looking at the ship covered with trees, no one would know it was a ship, Mark didn’t say much helping us this time, Mike even keep his tong with him, Mat and Jeff stayed together bundled in a blanket holding there coco while we had hot coffee for a change no milk but we had sugar, Faye stayed with the boys and Mark sat with us sipping on his coffee.
“So you guys didn’t see your Father anywhere?” Mark said looking at Mike
“He went for help last night”
“Look I don’t know what you kids are doing out here but I just want to help”
“Help us why” Mike said bending down looking right at him
“I feel I owe it to you for what we did” Reaching down filling his cup again.
“You don’t have to we find”
“Why are you hiding out here”
“We have to”
“You run aways”
“No not really’ we can’t explain it”
“Look I’ll do what I can to help you, please let me just help whatever you need”
“Yea you going to get us back home” Mat quickly said standing looking at him
Mike reach out stopping him before he moved closer towards Mark, getting up resting my hand on Mats shoulder looking down at him, he just looked up moving his lips back and forth looking away, Mark sat back watching him and checking all of us over, reached down holding the pot seeing is anybody needed more, Mike was first With Faye, Mat turn back away from us walking back to the ship along with Jeff tossing the blanket following him.
Mike just looked up at me knowing I would go to them tilting his head towards the ship, Setting my cup down seeing the mess around then there it was a glowing from the top of the trees stopping me in my tracks staring at it, it was working rushing to the ship pulling the tree away infront of the door looking at the top grinning watching it blinking we had power, Mat and Jeff stuck there heads out Jeff pointing back at the seats looking back inside the lights flashing.
“Mike it’s working the Lights”
It was like a mad dash for the ship cups went flying Faye and Mike came running over all smiles jumping up and down, Mark walked over looking at us he was even smiling, Mat jumped out looking under the ship and running around the brush, Mike stepped inside sitting at the seat looking at all the lights inside golden lights on the wall, a few new ones that we Haden seen before where blinking, Mark looked inside stepping back unsure what he was seeing looking at all of us, Smiling at him standing back scared for some reason.
“It’s ok Mark were going home”
“What the’ are you’ what is this?”
“Its our ship and were going home” Mat quickly said smiling at him
“Mark it a ship were from another time”
“What this is real’ you’ you”
“Were from Earth just like you” Mat said grinning
“It’s ok it won’t harm you”
Mark stood looking at Mat then quickly looked at me turning running as fast as he could down the pathway, Chasing after him Mike stopping me turning around “Let’s get it out and get out of here”
“Good lets go”
Rushing back Faye and the boys already pulling the branches aside, Gathering our things, Mat trying to get the wagon inside with Jeff after emptying the water out of it seeing us “Scared the crap out of him this time” Mat said smiling lifting it in grabbing more branches aside.
“Never mind the trees it will push them off lets go”
Faye came rushing over with the blankets and water pot setting them inside, Mat tossing the empty boxes outside and ready to go, Everything was set, Mat went to remove the log.
“No Leave it for now” Mike stopping him
“Ok Faye lets go leave that stuff” Turning seeing she was folding one of the blankets, turning handing it to Mat sitting down.
Mike sat smiling back at us turning and looked at me with a nod placing his hand over the lights the ship was moving feeling the vibration of trees falling off it slowly it was rising upward.
“Wait the jugs” Jeff said ready to jump out the door.
Reaching back grabbing him just in time we we’re already to high off the ground, slowly moving the ship over the fire area and towards the pathway keeping it just above the trees moving forward to the lake, looking out the screen window it was wonderful all of us together watching the water ahead slowing down just before the water lowering it.
“Mike what are you doing?”
“Find something to put water in” Lowering it just a few feet from the ground hovering still.
Mat and Jeff found bottles and the pot, stopping at the door looking back, Quickly it took the pot and headed down with them filling everything we could taking it back Faye waiting at the door, inside again and holding on this was it we said goodbye to the camp and were on our way again, up and over the trees this time heading in another direction.


2 Responses to “4071 YellowJacket Chapter 71The Storm”

  1. pat watson Says:

    A New adventure awaits! The storm sounded really bad, but at least the tree hitting the ship got the power going: I feel sorry for mark ,that was a lot to take in thinking they were aliens, would loved seeing the other guys faces when he told them! good chapter. they are getting more intense! pat

  2. max Says:

    This was a big lift on all there part, Poor Mark he got his. Thank’ Max for that part.

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