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December 5, 2015

Holding Eric Part 4 Promo 2nd
(Eric PG59 to 70) Dec 2015
All the other kids watching Eric looking out the corners of his eyes headed for the back section of empty Desks, Sitting down looking around the room with world maps and timeline history charts.
Snapping her wooden stick on the desk getting everyone’s attention back to the front, after talking with Jon now walking back sitting in the next desk placing his hands on the desk looking forward, Eric still looking over at him waiting.
“Better pay attention up Front” Jon said looking over
“Sure just checking to see if you were going to fold your hands also”
Jon shook his head not to be bother with Eric’s remarks, checking over drawing on the desk glancing over at the others not paying any attention to what she said about the civil war, moving back and forth pointing at the chalk board map, Eric smiled looking at the Chalk Board behind her desk checking out how they put it up, placing square screws with big washers around the top and Bottom even an old metal soap tray holding the eraser, tapping getting everyone attention again.
“Pay attention will you” in a low voice pointing forward.
Eric responding to Jon’ looking to the front with his hands resting across each other, glancing to Mrs. Darvan raddling on holding her book still pointing at the map, Leaning to one side checking out her desk spotting the name plate for everyone to see, someone made it in Old English type printing with her name, Leaning back grinning trying not to laugh at how the name was spelt, Mrs. Devan.
Lifting up in his seat after she heard him moving about looking right back at him before continuing tapping her stick on the board. Eric resting his chin on his hand looking out the window checking the green leaves and branches mostly blocking the view beyond them, the small kid in front of him blocking the view towards the Brown Paper covered door, sitting back upward when his eyes gotten wide knowing that feeling coming on reaching down holding his stomach trying to sit straight upward before it could start, just a second to late with sounds of hunger echoed throughout the room disrupting the whole class, everything just stopped it was total silence with everyone looking back at Eric’s gurgling stomach sounding again and again before stopping, Embarrassed looking down at his desk ignoring the stares trying to rub his belly again the sounds overwhelmed the room.
“Eyes front” Mrs. Darvan said outward and right back reading, attempted to catch rhythm to whatever lesson she was blurting out, when another big one started it was a long echoing sound that again turn everyone’s heads backwards. Eric sighed and dropped his head to his desk trying his best to ease the sounds taking slow breaths. Mrs. Darvan started talking again as if nothing had happen.
Eric raising his head only to see a young boy looking back at him. “Hi” boy quietly said smiling.
“Hey” replied Eric, trying to dismiss the acknowledgement and return to his own seclusion.
“I’m Scott” Saying it to him before turning back looking to the front, tilling backwards “She’s always been a wordy one, huh’ never seems to shut up till now” he snickered softly with a quick look back. “Your name’s Earaick?”
“It’s Eric ok”
“So why you here?”
“Shh!” Eric hissed raising his head, “You’re going to get us in trouble” his eyes whipping back across the room towards Mrs. Darvan, then to all them oblivious except Jon. Feeling it coming on again reaching down holding his stomach, this was a much higher gurgling sounds of hunger that just echoed throughout the room, Eric rolled his eyes nervously trying not to look up hearing total silence knowing he was disrupting her class, looking upward past his eyebrows watching her closing her book setting it down on the desk looking back.
“Jon would you mind taking Young Eric to the kitchen’ maybe help him out with his problem” Mrs. Darvan said outward while pointing back and forth at the others just scarcely holding back the giggles.
“Yes Mrs. Darvan right away’ Eric come with me!” Jon said Getting up keeping his head low heading to the door.
Eric scooting out almost knocking his desk over hitting the edge, being more embarrassed with his stomach gurgling followed by some whispered and giggles while walking to Jon, Mrs. Darvan cracked a small smile to Eric turning back to the others tapping her pointer on the desk. Jon already walking way ahead of him towards the stairs, Eric hurry up just behind him going back down stairs following Jon into the kitchen, Jon opening cabinets turning back pointing to the chairs then continued looking stopping at the refrigerator looking over at Eric scraping the chair from the table on the floor sitting down with more of his gurgling again.
Jon stood by the open refrigerator looking back asking. “When’s the last time you fed that thing?”
“Last night sometime I think?” Eric said resting his hand on his chin checking out the Matching red creamer and Sugar set, placed even on a folded Red towel near the back side of the table, around the table all the chairs even tucked in close with only wooden back showing.
“You Think’ you had something or you don’t remember what you had?” Raising upward looking over the refrigerator door asking.
“Maybe sandwich …. Yesterday?” looking away towards the window and cabinets
Jon holding the door shaking his head back and forth for a second looking back inside pulling a draw out ward looking inside closing it looking back over the door asking “What do you want to Eat?”
“I don’t know anything’ have any coffee or something to drink?”
Jon stood for a second looking at him “Ok’ that might explain why you were drinking the shower water” Reaching Down grabbing two Sodas.
Eric surprised looking up at Jon standing handing him a Soda setting the other one on the table “You seen me? I just needed something to drink” returning to the refrigerator opening the door, again his gurgling rumbled Eric quickly held his stomach looking back at the table.
“Next time just ask’ don’t drink from the shower that’s just gross”
“The Airport had vending Machines’ but we didn’t stop, just keep rushing through terminals getting to our planes” snapping the lid with a big his outward before guzzling it, letting his eyes water before setting it down with a big watery eyes smile of relief following a long Burp.
“Baloney ok’ Mayo or mustard?” Jon asked smiling at him waiting watching him blinking his eyes trying to see everything holding his soda away from him.
“Mustard good the spicy Brown if you got any, you won’t get in trouble will you?”
“No of course not I do it all the time, what did you do anyway?” Jon asked walking to the table seeing his gleaming eyes clearing, Setting down a White wrapped package along with a half bag of bread, to the cabinets opening a draw pulling out a paper plate and Knife holding then returning to the refrigerator getting Spicy Mustard, closing the door with his foot before go to the table sitting down, Jon looked over at the bread still on the table asking “You Hungry?”
Eric nodded his head smiling looking at the package holding his soda, Jon reach over taking the bread seeing Eric wasn’t making his own sandwich making him one, cutting it in half pushing the plate over. Watching him tear into it as it was his last meal pushing the lower part in puffin out his cheeks as chipmunks do eating walnuts. Eric heard a sigh creeping from his throat stopping swallowing hard, checking his soda can seeing it was empty frowning.
“Easy man take it easy I’ll get you another soda slow down” Jon getting him another soda sitting back down, Eric flipped it open taking a swallow clearing his throat reaching right down for the second half “You must be hungry do you want another one?” Asking watching him chew holding the last half ready to cram it in. Eric nodded yes gasping air as he push the last half in with his pinky.
“Yea’ They didn’t give me anything at the Family Center’ handing me over to Officer Nolan’ he’s such an ass he thinks he’s a big shot around us kids, we just avoid him hell he wouldn’t even get me a soda or let me go to the bathroom, afraid I’d jump out the window and make a run for it”
“Would you have?” placing four slices of meat on the bread this time with a quick dash of Mustard in the center pushing the plate over to him after cutting it in half like before.
“Sure anything to keep him from grabbing me, Thanks for the Sandwich” Already biting into it seeing the mustard on the side of his lips.
“Slow down you don’t have to rush” Jon returning everything back in the refrigerator grapping himself another soda sitting down flipping the lid watching Eric, finishing it off licking the sides of his mouth, then wiping it on his shirt sleeve, Jon frowning over seeing Eric taking his soda can rubbing its moisture over the sleeve.
“How long you been here?” Eric Asking taking a swig wiping his chin looking at his fingers
“Two years and three months” Jon spotted the knife slowly retrieving it towards him.
“What you do anyway ending up here for so long?” Sitting upward letting everything settle
“Fighting’ home problems that had nothing to do with me and a few other things, so yours?”
“Went to my Aunt’s in Denver thinking it be better!”
“Denver’ Wow that’s a Ways from here so what’ your just a runaway, is that why you’re here?” getting up taking the knife and empty paper plate, tossing the plate leaning over setting the knife in the sink glancing out the window, seeing his reflection in the glass also Eric turning back watching Eric wiping his mouth again on his clean sleeve.
“No’ My Aunt brought me back’, next thing I’m ending up here”
“They do That! Tell you one thing and do another all the time”
“Well I’ll be outt’a here tomorrow! Going to my mother’s funeral” gulping his soda down.
“Funeral sorry’ Wait a second something not right here, (Leaning towards Eric over the table) you say your Aunt took you to the Family service’s and then you ended up here, it’s just not adding up there’s no way you’re going anywhere let alone your Mother’s Funeral!” Jon adjusting sitting down watching Eric reaction holding the can squeezing it letting the moisture drip on the table.
“It’s My Mother they have too!” setting the can down hard glaring over at Jon
“No they don’t, she cast you off … she dumped you” nonchalantly sipping his soda looking over
“My Aunt will come get me” Reassuring himself nodding his head yes following with a big guzzle along with blurting outward and another long Burp raising his head back smiling amazed himself how loud it was smiling.
“You better stop that’ Not so fast just drink it slow’ hey when Nolan brought you here did he say how long it was for? And why didn’t they just take you to your Fathers or do you even have one”
Opening his eye’s wide looking over “Father’ why you think I ran away’ he killed her and I’m next” Finishing off the soda clicking in the sides holding it, looking around Jon at the doorway.
“So what happen to him?”
“They took him away’ maybe if I stuck around she’d be alive!”
“Good thing you got out when you did or you might also be dead” Jon said looking to the hallway hearing someone walking glancing around not seeing anyone turning back watching Eric playing with the empty can in the wet spot on the table.
“Maybe I just had to get out it was … (looking around Jon) who this standing behind you?”
Jon turning around “Get in here’ you know better than sneak up on anybody”
Eric watching the young girl walking in standing by the counter looking back and Forth
“Eric his name, this is Tiffany she on Medical break from school today”
Eric returning a nod watching her holding her puffy cheek with a small icepack
“She went to the dentist, had an eye tooth removed today!” Tiffany Squinting back with somewhat a smile hurry back out the door “Bye Tiffany” Jon stood up grabbing a towel tossing over to Eric, Eric wiped the table off.
“Bye’ Tiffany’ better her than me” Eric said wiping the table off
“Come on lets go’ put your empty can here in the box” Pointing next to the refrigerator pushing in the chairs, the two headed down the hallway back into the bedroom. Jon stopping at the desk thumbing from side to side in the desk draws. “Yes here it is” Handing it to Eric sitting down next to him on the bed. “We have to follow rules … I’ve got a copy here, you did look at them right?”
Eric looking over the paper surprised at what he was reading “You got to be kidding me”
“You’ve already started breaking them talking back’ it’s being disobedience’s see right here” Pointing to the number on the paper sitting more on the edge of the bed looking at him, watching his head moving back and forth on the paper as if he was speed reading it.
“Right nice rules they have … Dressed and ready for breakfast at seven, till eight and school starts at eight that’s lam” Taking his finger going down the list “What’s this Chores’ me do chores what wash the floor and windows’ not me that’s for sure they can wash their own windows” Frowning handing him back the paper laying down on the bed adjusting the pillow to his head. “What type of discipline do they have here?” moving to his side more.
“You don’t want to know what type of discipline they have here’ just try and follow these rules before you get me in trouble”
“Sure I’ll follow along anything else I should know about this place?” stretching outward
Jon got up walking over to a large dresser opening a few draws moving a few things to another draw “You’ll put your stuff in here for now, nothing gets left out, all dirty clothes go in the basket in the corner and make sure your bed is made before you leave in the morning understand?”
“Sure I’ll play along for one night” getting up scooping his plastic bag stuffing it in the draw closing it looking at back over at Jon now sitting on the chair shaking his head back and forth. ”What I put it in the draw didn’t I?”
“Look Frank shares this room also! He’s not all there in the head if you know what I mean, so if you say anything around him he might just take it the wrong way and you’ll be in some big trouble”
“Sounds like Frank trouble around here, had a few in school like him before”
“Just ignore him the best way, Dinner will be ready at six sharp just make sure your hands are clean and hair combed before you go into the dining room … whatever you do don’t sit down before Mr. Blanton signals us to sit down … you’ve got to remember that … it was one of the rules!” getting up from the chair checking the hallway
“Damn Rules” Eric’s eyebrows curled seating down in the chair “So what do you do around here anyway for you know like fun stuff?” inquired checking out the draws looking inside them.
“I’ll be back in a few just stay here and read that paper” Jon said heading into the hallway
Eric looked around the room before laying down, looking to the doorway thought for a moment of confusion and restless feeling his stomach bloating outward with a few gurgles going on, making himself burb while laying down on the bed, staring at the top bunk boards, following each little knot form in the wood as his mind began to wander in an attempt to piece together what was happening to him, his hand hit the paper picking it up next to his side reading outward in a low voice what was required to stay within their rules.
“While your here you will be required to follow the rules of the house with no exceptions, if you do not follow the below rules that are here you will have a punishment to the offence.”
“Mr. Blanton in charge of the Halfway house and will be address at all times as Mr. Blanton.”
“Children living here will be only address by their first name only, you will get along together without any arguing back and forth at any time, any arguments will be handled by the person in charge.”
“School hours will be strict so be on time for class, start time will be Monday Through Friday eight am till four pm, you will however have an hour for lunch that will be in the dining room.”
“Dinner will be at six PM sharp, you will be required to stand behind your designated seat till your asked to sit down, During the meal you will eat everything that has been prepared, if you do not like a one type of food that will be on the menu for that week you must fill out a form as why you cannot have it before the next meal.”
“The Bedroom that you will use will also be occupied by two or more persons, you will be responsible for its wellbeing keeping it clean at all times, School work will be done at the desk not on beds, you will keep the bed neat at all times when not in use, after you get up in the morning you will make the bed with all four corners tucked under the ends and pillow placed at the top, any extra blankets will be folded and placed at the bottom. Wear the proper pajamas to bed wake up time is six AM.”
“The Bathroom is for cleaning yourself and other personal needs, shower when you get up in the morning, washed your hair and keep it combed or brushed at all times.”
“Television will be in the study room and will only be on during the hours of six and eight pm, except weekends then only till eleven PM.”
“How lame is this” tossing the paper aside adjusting the pillow relaxing knowing something that always assured him that he was meant for so much more, smiling slowly closing his eyes to that place he’d always go that special place where he belonged, this time he was wondering about his new friend he made in the big green truck, then in a instant it changed to back to his last time sitting on the porch holding his hands over his ears, hearing his mother screaming at his father to stop while he was tossing things around the room, he was screaming angry at her for not buying him his Beer only bring home grocery’s storming in the other room tossing aside anything in his way, empty beer bottles pickup smashing them at the walls, Eric cringed in fear and frustration knowing what he was doing inside, sitting with his head between his legs holding them tightly to his ears, trying not to hear the screams while his tears rolling down his chin, waiting for them to calm down before going inside.
Eric staying at the side of his bed trying to hide watching the door with his heart pounding, as his father busted thru it, burring his head into the mattress closing his eyes waiting, feeling the pain unable to stop his tears rolling down along his face slowly to his chin, tasting the saltiness of it with his tong, before turning seeing his Aunt nodding it was ok, it wasn’t ok he tried pulling away from Nolan struggling hitting him, only seeing it wasn’t Nolan it was his Father grabbing him, Eric grabbing anything in reach to fight him off swinging at him, Eric tried opening his tighten eyes only they refused to open, his breathing became rapid harder each breath feeling the pain and his wet face.
Jon walked into the room looking right at Eric rustling with the pillow moving towards the bed scared looking down at the floor reaching over shaking his arm “Hey’ are you okay? Crap Eric!”
Eric opened his eyes wide pulling himself back away from a figure trying to hold his hands in front of him, Jon leaning over watching him staring at him, Turning his head to the side seeing another figure next to him again trying to focus blinking his blurry eyes a few times before making out the figure of a small boy “No o” he groaned dropping his head back on the pillow.
“Okay’ don’t move’ you’re going to be all right’ Watch him Scott”
The voice fainted away Eric holding the pillow trying to focus while Breathing deeply reaching upward rubbing his face and eye lids with closed knuckles, slowly moving upward stopping reaching over holding his arm again sitting upward his eyes seeing the figure of the small boy sitting in the chair not saying anything, still not able to focus blinking looking around slowly coming into focus looking down at the floor, focusing on a scattered array of blood and broken broom handle, he felt weak lying back down looking to the boy again before closing his eyes.

Mr. Blanton stop only for a second at the door looking in, hurrying to the bed bracing himself with one hand on the top bunk while bending down, while seeing his arm slowly lifting it placing it on his stomach feeling Eric sweaty forehead overlooking him, “Eric’ Eric wake up son Eric” Calling his name watching for his reaction, Eric slowly stirring opening his crusted eyes focusing on who was standing over him, fear struck right away thinking it was his Father squirming backwards away from him pulling his crossed fist upward to his face to protect himself.
Mr. Blanton back away quickly watching him, Jon fearing with Scott standing back watching him Squirming in the bed hitting the back wall his hands moving muttering “No more’ No more”
“It’s ok you two I’ll take care of him’ Eric ‘Eric it ok son Eric!” raising his voice pulling at his Wrists towards him pulling him away from the wall “Your safe Now no one’s hurting you Eric!”
“I only left him a few minutes” Jon Said holding Scotts trembling hand.
“Jon it’s not your fault you did right getting me” Holding Eric’s hands still trying to keep them close to him, Mr. Blanton waited watching his tears falling around his face blinking looking right at him the tears of hurt afraid swallowing hard sniffing with each tear closing his eyes feeling weak “Eric’ Eric wake up Eric stay awake son” Eric went limp falling over into his arms crying.
Eric releasing the resisting his chin shivered feeling uncontrollable trembled in emotions that he lost everything his chest felt as if his heart just racing to get out pushing on his chest slowly looking up at him leaning over him, “Eric breathe slowly’ take it easy try sitting up and breathe slowly relax you had a bad dream“
“It hurts so much! It was so real” he tried to say between tears sitting upward with Mr. Blanton helping him sit upward moving more to the bottom area, Jon Handed Mr. Blanton a small hand towel to wiping Eric’s Reddish Wet face with, lifting His shirt damp bloody sleeve upward while Eric looking down looking at it “Bump it I guess” looking over seeing the two now standing at the door watching.
“Relax you’ll be alright’ little better” Tapping his hand on Eric’s Leg smiling waiting
“I think so did I do that?” Looking over to the floor, tighten his chin in a backwards frown
“You must have had some dream’ you get them a lot?”
“Sometimes at night”
“Well you feel up to walking, Maybe we can get you fixed up?” wrapping the towel around his arm, standing up holding one hand down for Eric to take helping him up. “Jon can you and Scott take care of this please, I’ll take him to the office and nothing to the others!” Looking at both of them nodding yes, Eric slowly stood up almost falling back when Mr. Blanton reach around him holding him till he was stable “You set?”
“I think so” Raising his head to the door, slowly walking with him down the hallway.
Scott watch from the door seeing them slowly walking together, returning back at Jon pulling the blankets off the bed tossing them on the bloody floor, “That’s was scary what happen to him anyway that made him do this?” Scott asked swirling the blanket around with his foot.
“Hard to say’ let’s hurry before the others show up” pushing hard down swirling
Scott seeing that it was dried and not all coming up “I’ll get the wash bucket” turning rushing for the door before Jon could say anything to stop him only Hearing Jon “Sure Just hurry back” rolling the blanket up tossing it in the basket.

Mr. Blanton helping taken Eric shirt off after a few hold backs before letting him help him, seeing his bruised markings up and down on his arm slowly pulling it down the other arm Eric moved sideways trying to avoid it sticking to the dried bloody area peeling it open squinting his eyes, Mr. Blanton turning to Eric more seeing his back while slowly removing the shirt asking “Who did this to you?” Looking at his back bone and upper arms purple and spots orange yellow, slowly running his hand over Eric shoulder, Eric quickly shying away turning himself around to look at him not wanting to be touched again, “Eric tell me who did this to you!” Pulling the smaller chair over for him to sit down, Eric just looking at the floor not wanting to say anything reach to his arm keeping it to his side.
Mr. Blanton slowly opening a bottle applying some to his arm, Eric trying to control his reactions from being touched “My Father” pulling his shoulders inward towards his body watching him dabbing the colored cream into his palm, Mr. Blanton slowly placing the cream on his arm moving upwards, Eric watching him feeling its coolness caressing his skin, “I can’t even remember when it didn’t happened, even coming here it was the same as always with him”
Mr. Blanton absorbing what had been said` letting Eric relax more, allowing him to was the dried Blood off and cleaning his arm, watching each dressing being placed cringing trying not to shake so much, “You don’t have to fear anything here’ You’re in a safe place” sitting in front of him looking at his watered face, keeping his voice low and unthreatening “I just want to understand what happen to you?” holding his hands looking up at him.
Eric sat looking at him slowly his eyes started watering no matter how hard he was trying to hold back his tears only to see Mr. Blanton still kneeling down holding his hand, tears sliding down his cheeks when he realize he couldn’t fight this any longer, reaching up trying to wipe off the tears with his shoulder opening his eyes feeling Mr. Blanton wiping his face off with his handkerchief handing it to him, taking it wiping down each side as his breathing slowing came back became to normal looking up to Mr. Blanton “What did I brake in the bedroom?” holding out his handkerchief to take back.
“Somehow you must have broken a bed railing without you knowing it?” taking the handkerchief setting it on his leg trying to look at his chest area again hoping to see what he was hiding.
“You can look if you want” Eric said standing up with a chill shiver taking a deep breath.
Eric felt it would be ok he seemed to care about him the only other person that even cared about him was his mother, she always would come into the bedroom after a fight to make sure he was ok, his cold hands slowly moving over his bruises stopping a few times looking at his arm, carefully not to make Eric nervous, slowly touching his side just under the yellow bruised colored rib cage, Eric took a deep breath in pain “AH!” trying to remain still, Mr. Blanton pulled away looking at his face, both eyes closed tightly again taking a deep breath gasping “It’s ok go ahead” Mr. Blanton reaching up with his hand placing it on his shoulder “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt…” Eric now was leaning to one side in pain holding his ribcage “Relax breath slowly go ahead and sit back down” telling Eric watching him slowly sitting back down still holding his side frowning in pain, Mr. Blanton turn away from him, Eric looked up holding back his hurt trying to forget it watching him walking over to a cabinet pulling out a package shaking it returning opening it handing it to him.
“Here place this on it’ it will help ease the pain” Eric took the blue folded pad placing it on his ribcage making him straighten upwards with a shiver, again his eyes uncontrollably filled slowly running down his cheeks, Mr. Blandon looking down at the floor spotting the handkerchief Eric must have dropped picking it up handing it to him, Eric bent over holding the Handkerchief and Pad closing his eyes.
Returning to his desk standing for a second looking over at Eric bobbing back and forth a few times, Mr. Blanton looking back at his desk pulling over the file opening it while picking up the phone dialing outward, stopping when hearing the knock at the door as it opened, seeing it was Jon and Scott coming in Setting the phone back down.
Jon and Scott looking over at Eric bent over not saying anything.
“Jon I need you to stay here’ Scott you better come with me” walking around the desk glancing to Eric before walking out the door with Scott closing it behind them.
Jon puzzled standing looking back and forth. “Holy crap what happen to you?” Jon asking’ pulling the small rolling stool over sitting next to Eric watching him slowly lifting up holding the pad.
“I’m in big Trouble’ I’ve got to get out of here!” Eric said wiping his tears leaning back looking to the door, spotting his shirt trying to reach for it stopping in pain holding the pad.
“You can’t leave! Look at yourself you need help” Jon holding his hand outward to stop him from getting up, Eric sat back down holding the pad outward looking at his swollen chest area.
“Look I’ve got to get out before he comes back’ he knows what happen now” Moving himself sideways reaching for his shirt holding it, Grunting trying to maneuver it while his hand was shaking holding the pad’, than opening his eyes wide with a strange pressure that just consumed his chest area, dropping the shirt “Jon!” gasping for air dropping his head and body starting to fall.
“Eric!” Jon screamed sending the stool flying behind him grabbing Eric, just as he was falling off the chair “Please Eric don’t Eric’ Eric’ Help someone we Need help in here” Eric could hear Jon’s fluttering voice pulling him upward, Jon trying to hold him steady sliding off the chair helping him to the floor watching his eyes closing, Jon Hollered again “Eric’ “ in a broken voice feeling he lost him “Help somebody” again hollering outward holding Eric across his legs watching him shaking in his arms.
Jon reaching over taking the shirt rolling it in a ball sticking it under his head looking back at the door again hollering outward “Help anybody Help!” feeling his own tears starting looking down at him “Anybody” in a low voice as his tear slide down onto Eric’s chest. Raising up looking to the door hearing someone rushing down the hallway Jon with a broken holler outward “Help someone Help” watching the door as it open seeing Mr. Blanton and Mrs. Darvan hurrying right in. “He just went out’ I didn’t know what to do” Jon Said holding him.
Mrs. Darvan down on her knees helping move him to her letting Jon free, Staying still watching her checking him over stopping looking at his stomach discolored and bloating rumbling sounds before spotting his ribs and pad laying on the floor, Reaching over placing it on his ribs lifting him upwards more looking over at Jon crying. “He’s going to be fine Jon’ you did right here” holding the pad on his rib area while keeping his body sitting upwards.
“Keep him still’ Jon hand me that bag over there” Mr. Blanton said walking around Mrs. Darvan kneeling down while pointing to a black bag near the cabinet, Jon retrieved it handing it to him standing looking down, watching him it taking out a small bottle checking the label shaking it while reaching in for a package ripping it open with his teeth showing he was getting a needle, pocking it inside the bottle slowly watching it fill, holding Eric’s arm up sticking it in looking back at Jon.
“He say anything before this happen?” Holding his chin upward lifting his eye lid up shinning the light in, with the bright light flashed into his eyes “Jon what did he have to eat?” Eric only followed the light with whimpers of someone crying, it was someone familiar he knew that voice it was his Mom calling him, more flashing lights blocking him from seeing her clearly standing over him.
“Just two bologna sandwiches with mustard nothing else!” Jon said in a broken voice
“Mom?” Eric tried to speak, only found himself unable to even lift his arms to her becoming motionless again blacking out dropping his head in her arms.
“Anything else that might have caused him to go out?”
“He tried to get up for his shirt looking at the blood on it and it started” reaching down picking up the stool “That’s what I was trying to tell you about” watching Mr. Blanton checking his chest area more while Examining his breathing very slow, opening his mouth looking inside for anything that might be stuck or blocking his breathing, not seeing anything waving to lower him down, taking the pad off checking him over “keep his legs up’ he’ll be ok” Jon quickly empty the little trash can handing it to Mrs. Darvan.
“Should I call for an ambulance?” Mrs. Darvan asking taking it setting his legs down pushing his shirt aside. Waiting on Mr. Blanton closing his bag setting it aside.
“No I did already but he’ll be fine’ he’s very weak’ I’ll cancel the ambulance”
“Should we take him to one of the rooms?” checking over the bruises Mrs. Darvan. Pointing out the old ones just clearing from the newer ones “Poor Child”.
“Jon you doing ok?” Mr. Blanton asking holding the phone.
“I’m ok just worried about him’ I never seen anyone go out like that before”
“Jon come sit with me he’s going to be fine” Mrs. Darvan said
Eric was out of it laying on the floor totally lost in his thoughts of all the times that he wished he was in a happier home with loving mother wishing he had a Mother and Father that were like other parents, knowing his Mother could only do so much to help him keeping him out of harm’s way sending him to his friend’s house when she could for long weekends, somehow it didn’t matter anymore, their fighting just seemed to be every night lately, recognizing deep down he would never see her again feeling sadden, turning himself to better times when she always made sure he had a birthday cake, even if it was only a single cupcake with one candle that they’d split together, only here it was tomorrow his birthday and she wouldn’t be with him no cupcake or smiles no hugging and kisses tears fall only seeing her knowing her funeral was on the same day now.
“Eric’ Eric come on son wake up” flashing lights again blocking his view, slowly the light drifted off to the side’ clearing his view blinking a few times focusing with Mr. Blanton and Mrs. Darvan over him, shivering feeling chilled raising his head backwards, “Easy now” Helping him to sit-up more on his own. “How you feeling? Any pain?”
Eric shook his head back and forth taking a deep breath, Mrs. Darvan waving Jon over, while Mr. Blanton was helping Eric in the chair “Ok feeling a little better?” asking him handing him the pad.
“Ok I guess’ did I do something wrong I’m sorry” Eric stumbled looking at them

Thanks to our new readers for Viewing Holding Eric’ Revision here is only a sample from part 4.
It’s new Acknowledgement bringing the story back, in a much different formatted motivational moments that seemed we left out before when it was first published in 2012. Thanks again Will.