4026 Chapter 26.Yellowjacket

Chapter 26. Red Flower

Donna had been walking near the edge of the road for awhile white-hot sand burning her feet trying to stay in the more shady parts while walking, a few cars went by not even slowing down to ask if she needed a ride, then she turn looking at one slowing down, red ford convertible with two people in the front seat. As the car was slowing down next to her she again at it stopping just in front of her, she at first thought it was two females only to see the driver with a beard, she smiled at them knowing they were the free and easy hippies cruising around.

Bouncing his head up and down to the music playing tapping on the steering wheel at the same time, the passenger door open as the female also bouncing with the music made a gesture to get in “Hey Red Flower, need a ride?” The driver asked giving her a glance then back to the road; Donna nodding her head yes, then quickly spoke out “Yes, Nice ride you got” Quickly the young blonde hippie jumped out, pointing with a big smile beaming off her flowered halter top leaning on the door.

Donna scooted inside next to a whisky hippie wearing beach thongs almost falling off his feet, with cut off jean shorts and of all things a flowery tie dye bright print shirt, scooting into the middle seat next to him watching her get in with a big smile, as she was getting in with a glanced at the back seat only for a second seeing an eight-track radio to one side with a small open case’s of eight-track tapes just next to it feeling the old tones trying to remember the song as the door closed and they drove back onto the road, tossing her hair in the cool wind.

“Where your thongs Red Flower?” he asked bouncing his fingers on the wheel with each beat, Donna look over at him like a dog in the window of a Chevy bouncing his head every way possible.

“The Name’s Donna, Not Red Flower” snapping back.

“Well, you sure look like one, a bit red babe” he looked up and down her seeing the baggy cutoff pants and wrinkled tee shirt tucked inside the pants, with his eye catching the loops tied with bailing twin, her bare feet rubbing back and forth on the carpet.

“Bare Feet not good on the sand”

“No Thongs” The girl asked.

“I don’t wear thongs!“

“Everybody wears them and you need some new threads?”

“You know Flip Flops”

“No I miss placed mine a long time ago”

He looked over at her as the wind blowing her hair back remarking more smiling at her “No Bra – well band the bra babe”

Donna quickly looked down pulling the shirt outward a little.

“That’s ok I don’t have one on’ don’t like them anyway”

“It’s much cooler without” Donna said knowing she wasn’t the only one, being carefree relaxing with the cool air blowing off the windshield rolling right back down on her face and blowing her hair behind closing her eyes enjoying the fresh air.

“Big wave’ he’s a blast he feels every girl should go bra less”

“So where you two heading?”

“Just hanging out riding around you know”

“Hey Donna I’ve got so threads that should fit you good”

“I’m fine”

“Jen’ always got extra threads and sun block, before you burn”

“Donna, what beach did you get so red? Wow”

“Not around here’ that’s for sure”

“To much sun babe”

Wave beeping his horn at a car approaching all four smiled with tie dye shirts just as bright as Waves, bouncing to the same music station on the radio slowing down showing two fingers in a peace sign to them; Wave and Jen doing the same back, Donna quickly followed along,

“You looking for a pad, Flower ah Donna”

“A what?”

“Wave means you left home and you’re looking for a place to stay, like We’re all crashing together in this pad you know, like small house all together”

“Yes, ok”

“Ok, Donna cool that’s cool”

Passing by large houses with big front lawns, slowing down Wave turned into a driveway staying to the left passing four parked cars along the driveway leading up to the house.  Hanging in the front window sideways was an American flag.  Following them curiosity inside and couldn’t believe her eyes, looking around the walls of posters: One poster of Nixon showing two peace signs, another with two birds flying with a caption just under it Fly United, under the posters were big beanbag chairs. Donna only seen these and always wanted to seat in one now with a big smile over her face sat down on one looking around at a few group of Hippies sitting crossed leg all over the room, some smoking the wild wood weed lingering in the air Donna relaxing sitting watching everyone being mellow.


Mike and I still looking outside just watching the roadway seeing only a few cars go by but none were slowing down looking up, Brian came up to the doors standing looking at both of us “ Well anything yet” “No just cars going by” It looks safe to open the door” “Ok Shawn you watch and will get those boxes” “Go for it” Mike slowly pulled the board away just dropping it on the ground, Both of them ran out as I held the door watching the other door slowly moving outward, they both made it inside before the door open all the way out, pulling it back and setting the board back across the handles.

“That was a close one!” Mike remarked waving Brian ok.

“Wonder why she tapped on the window?”

“I want to know what’s in the boxes.”

“It looks clear so far”

“Brian you want to rush out with me”

“Ok will get them quick and get them inside”

“We got to be fast”

“I’m ready”

Everyone was sitting on the hay bales looking at the two boxes, one cooler and one cardboard box both the same size, Mike brought in the cooler slowly unlatching flipping the top backwards; everyone rushed around looking what was inside, standing just behind Brian seeing it pack with ice chunks, almost to the top around the edges were metal tops of soda bottles.

“Look at all the sodas” Lisa said out with one hand on the edge feeling the ice, Mike pulled one out handing it to her “Who’s next” Pulling them out handing them around, in the center top of just above the ice flowering plastic from something tied below.

Brian pulled on it seeing it was a bread wrapper with little baggies inside, holding it up looking inside” What is it”

“Small sandwiches” Pulling them out handing them around to everyone, Mike pulled out another wrapper just under that one seeing the same thing inside setting it on top of the ice, opening his soda checking around making sure everybody got a cold soda, Brian handed out sandwiches’ to all of us, we all sat down pulling them from the wrapper looking between the bread.

“Look it not peanut and jelly’ its meat and cheese”

“Ham and Cheese on white” Faye said taking a big bite with a smile. “What no rye bread’ what a jip” Lisa said outwards slapping it back together, but she sure put in her mouth in a big hurry, Wow this tasted so good better than those crackers, who ever made them sure wasn’t sure how to make them because none of them had any mayo or mustard.? But that’s ok with me at least it won’t stick to the roof of my mouth, it even isn’t to bad at all cold yellow cheese and square folded over ham even the bead was still stiff not soggy from sitting.

Faye and Lisa finished off them before Chris even got his unwrapped, Lisa reach over taking it an unwrapped it handing it back well at least she didn’t eat it to, Mike already on his second and Brian also looking over to Josh just sitting looking at it holding the sandwich near his lap peeling it apart and back again placing it on his lap picking up the soda and drinking it, his eyes moved around at everyone stopping looking up at me sitting just a few feet away, giving him a nod to eat he brought his head down setting the soda back down in front of him picking up the sandwich again taking a small bite making a face.

“Shawn want another” Mike asked reaching over the cooler to me. “Thanks’ How many are left?”

“We still got a few” “Good” Mike held the sandwich just looking up at me not letting it go till I look him in the eye taking my eyes off Josh, Mike looked over remarking “Don’t worry he’ll eat”

“He only took one small bite” Now everyone was looking over Josh turn his head away from them looking away.

“There’s enough for two or more each” Brian said out handing Chris another one unwrapped this time.

“Good! I’m starved I’ll take another one” Lisa Remarked opening her second soda bottle.

“Mike another sandwich” Brian asked holding a soda bottle just under for Mike. Mike reach around taking it looking back to Josh slowly looking back if anyone was still looking at him, Just me and Mike.

“Everyone got another sandwich?”

“Must have been for Donna’ two bad ours now” Faye said biting into another sandwich in-between a big guzzles of soda.

Josh slowly turn around picking up the sandwich and trying another bite getting the cheese and ham this time, quickly setting it down taking the soda bottle taking a big drink most running right down his chin., Both eyes closed with a swallow sitting straight up trying to place the soda bottle between his legs pushing down on the shirt raising his head back, pulling the bottle right up spreading his legs open feeling the coldness then closed them placing the bottle on the ground in front of him.

I looked away for only a second to see the others finishing off theirs with wrapper laying down in front of everyone, Brian was pushing them together in a little pile then I heard him grunt Josh’ quickly looking over seeing he was in pain again with his arm holding his chest trying to reach down for the soda as the sandwich fell off his lap his eyes squinting in pain starting to shake as he graced the bottle taking a quick sip only turning and spitting it out along with the few bites he took.

“You ok” “just hurts” “Take it slow and try another bite ok”

“I don’t like it” “Try a little more just a little”

Lucky the sandwich only fell on the paper not in the dirt or hay, Slowly picking it up for him handing it outward, he slowly took it “Ok try to eat the meat or cheese without the bread” picking up the bread pulling a small slice of cheese out and taking a bite, watching him and nodding up and down like a dog panting he took another slice leaving the ham and bread, that was a good sign if anything he was hungry.

Faye and Lisa both started giggling watching him make faces with every bite; the giggling got Josh attentions stopping just looking at them holding the cheese inside not chewing it then he swallow it again reaching for the soda. Dam them girls but that must have it the nail on the head with Mike throwing his empty bottle to one side clanging off the wall getting up with a harsh tone to them. ”What’s so funny he can’t eat’ Layoff him”

Walking over in front of josh his back towards the others, slowly bending down in front of Josh “It’s ok Josh you’re doing good” He smiled at Mike and looked over him to me holding his sandwich seeing he only took three small bites and the cheese.

“Try a little more Josh”

“Just give him a pill” Lisa said with a giggle.

“What about when he’s out?” Mike snapped right back to her, looking over his shoulder with a hard look that he hardly gave anybody, holding the sandwich pulling the top off showing him more cheese taking it off handing it to him. “Just a little more ok buddy” Josh open his mouth mike slow placed it in. “Gee why don’t you get some baby food for him” Lisa said outward Brian trying to hush her without any luck.

“What’s the matter with you”

“Mike let it go”

“Baby food I’ll give her baby food right in her face”

“Mike’ Mike” He turn back to Josh as I reach over holding him from falling off the bale as he started throwing up, Mike turn hold him patting his back side rubbing him, we both just held him slowly bringing up the soda and cheese.

It only took a few times and he sat back up crying Mike held him with a nod to me to his arm, blood was coming out the lower part we needed to change it as soon as we could. Mike motion to me to take him; Taking over as Mike got up holding him close letting him drink some soda and com down he was breathing way to fast and sweating. Mike walked away I wanted to see what he was doing but Josh needed me at this point.

“Who where they’ Mike” Brian asked picking up the empty bottles setting them aside. “I really don’t know but right now I wish they were here” standing in front of the cardboard box pulling the flaps back reaching inside pulling out clothes looking at them, Faye quickly helping him go thru them pulling out a dress; Mike stood back shaking his head walking away when Lisa walk over looking in the box now holding up a dress. Faye pulling out a small one for a young girl, that must have been for Chris but they didn’t know yet, Brian now had to go look himself reaching in pulling out a shirt and then blue jeans holding them to him outward I was able to look back a few times seeing they were the old bell bottom jeans type like the coast guard wore.

He looked right over to us giving him thumbs up pulling out another pair and another, Lisa holding the dress showing it off, Chris stood next to Brain checking out the size of two smaller jeans placing it in front of him see they would fit.

“Wow even got kids some that should fit them”

“That old woman knew something”

“Yea’ that we needed food and clothes”

“No she tapped on the window”

“Right to get our attention”

“Look, they know we’re here right”

“Who were they?”

“Shawn you can get into these and clean shirts too”

“Good we all need clean clothes”

“They must have guessed our sizes”

“But how Brian’ would they know that”

“They did somehow”

“Let’s go try them on Lisa”

Both girls went inside the ship, Brian set the pants and shirts out on the hay, pushing the empty box near the bottles and trash.

“Where’s Mike he should see this”

“He went around the ship”

“No whities” “Whities” “No under clothes?”

“Like we need them” “We have plenty in the ship”

Josh sat looking over also feeling a little better, holding his soda leaning to my side, looking at his arm the bandage really needed change but “Josh, Josh, you ok? Josh what’s wrong”

Sweat started rolling off his forehead again, turning pale flush color. Mike came rushing right over “Let’s get him back in the ship Shawn” Quickly we pick him up together, Mike held his head wiping it off before as I took him over to the ship, both girls jumped out hearing us coming; laying him down, feeling on his forehead sticky and wet Mike stood by handing me a damp shirt, slowly wiping the sweat away.

“Where’s that soda’ He’s burning up”

“Drink some of this’ Josh!”

“I’ll get some of that ice” Brian said out rushing back to the cooler bringing the whole thing by the door.

Josh made a groaning sound pushing away the bottle turning his head to one side-then up chucked again mostly wet with some sort of chunking stuff all over the ships floor, holding him upright while holding him still. The others stood outside the ship watching until he was done. “Come on Josh try to drink a little bit of this!” holding the bottle near, slowly working the bottle on his lips as he took a little mostly on his chin as the other’s just watched, wiping him down with the ice inside a rag.

“Shawn clean him up a little that’s grouse” Brian said moving away with Chris. Motioning to the others to follow back to the hay bales, Mike stayed next to me trying to clean the floor with another rag moving it to one side, some got on his shirt but not too much, Mike wiped as much as he could.

“It’s too hot in here for him, I’ll take him over near the side door it should be a lot cooler by now.”

“I’ll clean this up you take care of him ok?”

“Ok’ one of the girls can clean it Mike”

“No I’ll get it, get him over there”

Taking him outside the ship over by the door As Faye followed holding another soaked ice cloth, as I laid him down Faye handed me the cloth wiping his forehead and face. Mike right behind her looking down at him still sweating, Mike reach over opening the door just a crack feeling the small breeze coming in remarking. “Maybe we should get him into the house”

“Why” “We can get him in the tub to cool him down”

“O Crap our cloths are in their” “Dam”

“Bet they found them, when they were in the house for so long”

Just then Josh broke it between us saying.

“I feel funny” “What way do you feel funny Josh?“

“Just – I do not know” “You’ll be ok” “Food’ I never had that before!” “Will try some a little later ok” Josh knotted is head yes.

Faye pointed down to his arm, looking over blood was soaking thru starting to running down his arm; Quickly picking the damp rag wiping it off before Josh could see it running down his arm, Josh pulled away hurting but not seeing it before it was quickly tied around. Chris was behind us watching eyes dropping closed and back open looking up at Chris walking around sitting next to him.  Mike just behind me nudging holding his hand outward closed, opening it just a little showing four small pills stuck together, Mike closed his hand putting them back in his pocket looking over to Josh and Chris giving them both a smile before walking away we could see he was getting very weak.


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