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Holding Eric part 25

May 9, 2015

Holding Eric part 25

Hello Reader’s due to request not to end the story at part twenty five. We thank all our readers who like the story so will keep it going just a little longer and so many thank you too everyone’s emails. It’s odd so many have found it on the web channel more so, its two years with good response back.

WordPress is still holding’ we will keep both sights also, so don’t worry WordPress readers the story will go on just as it did before’ Thank You again Will.

Holding Eric part 25

Dora standing on the porch having a cigarette checking out the horses being walked around when she spotted Jacob sitting on the bench talking on the phone, Jake standing in front of him, raising her eye brows with a smile tossing her cigarette in the sand headed inside gathering her things together.

Jake stood watching his Father on the phone, David called Jake away letting Jacob finish talking with Penny, Jake did get his attention once again before leaving the benches “Dad tell mom we want to stay till Sunday for the big event’ Please” pleading more or less to slowly making his way down the benches watching for a reply’, nodding back holding the phone away from his ear with Penny not so happy he wasn’t there, David reach up taking Jakes hand pointing to the Hotdog stand, Jake looked back rising his voice “Dad were getting Hot dogs hurry up!”

Dora headed straight over to the Hot dog stand with a quick rub of Jakes hair “Hi doing better?”

“Fine you want a hot dog’ my dad’s here”

“No maybe later’ talking to your Mom I’ll bet” smiling over at David.

David smiled back “She giving him an ear full, sure you don’t want one?”

“I’m good just thought I’d say hi to Jacob before I go”

“Good timing here he come’s now”

Jacob eyes wide looking at the three together “Hi again Dora you met my Father and Jake?”

“Yes in the First Aid earlier” Dora watching Jake with his hot dog

“Thank You for looking in on him”

“That’s what Mother’s do, did she chew you out?” Smiling over Jakes head

“Somewhat” Looking down at Jake ketchup on his chin “Jake napkin”

David reach over to get one Dora already pick it up wiping his chin off

“Little cowboys love these dot dogs” Dora said handing Jacob the wet napkin

“Hope he still has room for dinner we were heading out to a nice place tonight”

“Nice place not fast food what you have in mind?” Dora asking while David rest back on the counter looking back and forth at the two hitting it off together, censing what she was hinting up to.

“Pizza Dad?” Jake asking. All three just looked down at him tilting back checking them.

“We have a few nice place’s here what type of food you guys like?” Dora asking

David and Jacob surprised looking over, Jake finishing his Hot dog looking upward at her.

“We have Pizza or a nice family type?”

“We’ve got a rental so it doesn’t much matter what would you suggest?”

“Nice Family type” Looking at Jake licking his lips off, then wiping with his sleeve.

“Really and where would that likely be?”

“Not far I can show you I’ll be going myself after picking up my two at the park”

Jacob was taking back not expecting it, Nodding yes only glancing to David Smiling back.

“Ok so what do you say want to make it us six together?” smirking looking sideways to Jacob while reaching for another napkin handing it to Jake.

“We could do that’ our cars right over there will follow you ok?”

David started walking with Dora, Jake taking Jacobs hand walking behind them

“By the way Jacob your wife said hi” Smiling walking over to a blue compact car.

Jacob face dropped watching her, Jake pulling his hand towards the Black Buick.

Eric was excided entering Texas more relaxed leaning on the window slowly he fell asleep being awoken with the truck stopping, opening his eyes looking around seeing they had stopped in a rest area.

We stopping?”

“Yep you’ve got to get a ride from here”


“Yea’ look I’m on a tight run and I just can’t make any Detour so this is it”

“Were are we?” Stretching outward

“Texas just outside Dallas”

“Dallas?” Frowning opening the door “Well thanks for the ride”

“Maybe you better call home and have your Dad pick you up”

“That’s sounds like a good idea to me’ I better call him” nodding his head holding the door while stepping down, avoiding the small lights on each step, before the last step closing the door hopping off stepping back so he could pull out, adjusting to the low lights around the lot, as the semi slowly pulled forward away from him tail lights slowly blending with traffic on the highway.

Eric walking to the sidewalk pulling his jacket together spotting a few cars near the building, looking over one person resting on the window for the night, glancing to the other car not seeing anybody, walking around a green trash can chained next to the building “Chains who going to seal a trash can?” checking the worn Welcome Center sign missing it glass front, Open eight AM to Six PM. Looking to the skyline unable to see much with the street lights glaring around the building, Restrooms one side female the other males staying close to the building walking to the male side stopping at the entryway for sounds not hearing anyone curiously entered around the wall into a dim lit room, right away reaching up grabbing his nose from the stench aroma lingering.

Only one other area smelt worse than this place did that was an old outhouse after you lifted the board up hoping no flies were waiting for you to sit down. Looking stalls all without paper, walking into the last one just in case someone came in he could always hide and wait for them to leave, checking behind him glancing at the mirror showing the other stalls, wondering where it all was coming from taking so long. Standing relived leaning inward into a faded mirror at himself, hair messy sticking up in a few places with a frown brushing it over with his hand before someone entered hurry back outside, stopping trying to make out the torn Map on the wall to where he was in Texas unable to make anything from it walked to the end of the building towards the parking lot.

Spotting a few travel trailers parked next to each other no lights on either one just be on them one moving company semi parked more on the outer section. Watching the traffic on the highway leaning on trash can seeing the wooded area headed towards them for shelter away from the lilted area, before someone spotted him walking around by himself, leaning himself on one large tree trunk able to keep an eye open for any trucks coming in resting the night, barely able to keep his eyes open surprised by a movement of some sort by the sounds of It, Eric sat still looking with his eyes trying to see what it was knowing it was moving closer, looking around the tree eye brows raised shivers up his arms spotting it moving, standing right up as ruffled in dried leafs looking at the ground intensely while it still moving closer toward him.

Watching intensely at this barreled round long noise critter moving leafs as it walked then all of a sudden lights from a car coming into the lot just lit it eyes up glaring at him, shiver be on anything scared Eric quickly escaped the raft of the critter running the outer section of trees to the ramp area, Out of breath stopping bent over sweating checking the surroundings for another place to hide, looking over just below the ramp area a declining area hearing water rushing, Eric carefully watching his steps into the wooden area reaching one small stream passing over shallow rocks, seating down he could see the moon above feeling relived away from sight from anyone. Just a few feet from the stream laying down on dried leafs looking up to the stars slowly closing his eyes feeling safe.

Dora pickup her two children and smiled back waving to follow her pulling around the lot to the exit Jacob following right behind her, only a few blocks later they stopped at a locale restaurant finding two space’s next to each other, Dora stood by the front of her car waiting with her kids while they exit the car walking over, Jake spotted the boy playing a game looking over.

“Mike’ this is Jake, his Father Jacob and David”

“Well hi” Jake said smiling with his hand outward trying to see what game he was playing.

“Level six and that’s my sister Tora” Mike said tilling his head to Jake to follow him first to the door.

Jake turn to his dad seeing him nod it was ok, before rushing off with them to the front door.

“Wait for us!” Dora said watching the three walking checking the game to the doorway

“Well we going to eat or you two just going to stand there?” David asking with the two just standing watching them walked, David just walked in front of them smiling.

“Ok’ Dad were coming’ Dora shall we?”

“A little Surprised?”

“Sure’ and Husband?”

“Sorry’ not with us anymore” smirking waving him on

“Didn’t mean to pry”

“No it’s been Ten years’ Mike was just a year old”

Inside the waitress set them up at a long table handing them all menus, Jake, Mike and Tora enjoying coloring the placemats, only after Dora told Mike to put it away till after dinner, Dora and Jacob talked about everything under the sun it seemed to David keeping more an eye on what the kids were doing, David was able to getting in a few words between them during dinner, David took the check said it was on him this time, Jacob hit it off pretty good together before they said goodnight. Dora agreed to bring Mike and Tora in the morning they could hang out with Jake giving them a break for a while after all being almost the same age and interest, not so much in games but horse’s also.

Returning to the motel, Jacob sat on the bed talking to Penny, telling her about their evening with Dora and the kids, while Jake curled in next to him watching the TV while he talked, Jacob Advising Penny it might be better to explain Eric to the girls before Eric just showed up knocking on the door, maybe or just in case he did before they got back. Sitting looking towards the window sides watching the amber lights casing around the curtains inside. Penny also shared news to Jacob the paperwork starting the legal proceedings with the lawyer had been filled out already and sent back just in case he was picked up beforehand. Jake of course falling asleep being such a long day for him, Jacob trying to wake Jake to talk to his mother but he was to tired not even budging off the pillow.

Eric leapt to his feet when he heard something approaching among the tree lines, adjusting his eyes wiping dried leaf’s from his chin amongst the misty air coving the area, having one of his night mares about his father beatings again being scared sweating, looking outward after hearing heavier steps coming right towards him, then there right in the opening was the silhouette “Bear” Eric could only say to himself eye wide looking at the silhouette moving, feeling scared quivering his chin frustration set in knowing this was it dropping as closed to the tree as he could holding his head between his legs, arms wrapped around holding them closed all cringed in fear shaking starting to cry waiting for the attack.

“Danny!  Shit! You ok kid!” hurry towards him then stopped next to him looking down, “Holy shit” Danny said seeing him curled up shaking back and forth., “Go back and call in the police!” turning rushing back while the other man stood looking down asking “Hey you ok?” Eric let out a scream as the man touch his shoulder backing away from him now watching him shaking holding his legs together, only now recognizing it wasn’t the Bear grunting it was more human, slowly bringing his head upward his watery eyes squinting looking at the heavy set man standing bent over towards him “Easy kid helps on its way” mumbling “Bear” the man looked around himself “No Bear’s here were you attacked by one?”

Eric sat up more looking at him starting to get closer, Eric back into the tree with a grunt hitting it while watching the palm of his hands upright stopping him “Ok kid just take it easy’ helps coming” Eric looked over to the trees then back over to the stream spotting a farm house off in the distances.

“I’m Glen what’s your name?” Waiting for a reply Eric Brushed his jeans off with another quick check around setting his eyes on him again “Bobby I must have fallen asleep here last night”

“What where you doing out here last night?”

“Looking at the stars by the stream” brushing leafs from his hair feeling sticky on the ends

“Bobby’ helps coming will get you home’ why don’t you come with me?” holding his hand outward to Eric to take, Eric looked down and back up leading himself back straight upward next to the tree

“Home’ man my dad’s gonna whoop me’ I gonna go” Eric starting to move away from the tree

“Hold on a second” with one foot moving closer towards him.

Eric quickly responded darting his hand hurrying around the tree into the stream rushing around rocks, crossing it as fast as he could feeling every rock beneath him, into a golden greenish yellow field of wheat, stopping bent over anxiety sweating now gripping his jeans on the knee caps hidden away from view getting his breath, looking to the ground spotted his shoes and pant legs soaked covered in wheat, he had to look back just to make sure the guy didn’t follow, slowly turning popping his head up just over the wheat looking back, with a sign relived no one in sight turning for sight of the house, only to spot it to the right of the field, with a snap back hearing a truck coming raising upward looking towards it spotting a UPS van going around a curve, seeing it wasn’t far making his way in the wheat.


Holding Eric 24

April 20, 2015

Holding Eric part 24

Spending the night behind the plaza hidden from view by a large recycled paper bundle, hoping no one would bother him Eric curled himself around one folded cardboard box keeping the wind and coldness away, disturbed twice by motorists taking a short cut around the buildings to the roadway.

Sitting upward pulling his jacket together slowly waking looking to the sky seeing the sun  rays casting in the alley, pushing the cardboard cover aside standing up, hearing only motors from the other side running  checking over the bundle while scooting closer reliving himself not a moment too soon, turning his head quickly around something moved seeing it was the soda can rolling, smiling for a second before looking down brushing off his pants finding he slept near a dirt pile, walking around the sun warm building towards the front area checking trucks and cars before going inside.

Walking inside the travel store was like walking in an old Stucky’s almost everything the same layout having to walk along shelves of cheap travel store specials mostly to take back home with you telling you were there every state seemed to have the same type of junk trinkets, Eric checking the shelves as he walk to the rear past the small with yellow plastic booths to the counter area with only five stools.

Seating himself down two stools away an older man, bending over eating his eggs scooping the yoke with the toast watching the yoke dripping back on the plate Eric trying not to stare at him retrieving the menu almost knocking over the glass sugar jar from of the holder, glancing sideways at the waitress cooking hearing the sizzling seeing it was Hamburger with a smile smelling it “I’ll take one also and fries” Eric said to her she turn looking at him “Coming right up honey wants some coffee?” nodding yes back as she placed fries in the basket dropping them, going back to finishing walking around the counter setting it down at a table with one younger couples returning with the coffee setting it down “Cream?” smiling down Eric like her right off very cheerful older more like a grandmother helping out than a waitress.

“No thank you wait do I need it?” frowning raising upward from the burnt smell “Let me see here smells strong maybe you better” leaning over the holder with her low cut blouse showing her lacy bra Eric tried not to stare as hard as it was looking down at his cup “I’ll make fresh just for you sweetie” Eric smiled back spinning in the stool checking the tables again seeing how the hamburger was cooking on the grill.

Hamburger juice and ketchup dripping down on his fries, Eric wiped his mouth a few times finding the napkins so thin and small using four at a time still getting on his fingers licking them right off, luckily she was getting busy with other customers piling in for something to eat, one or two families came in with their children playing with table toys while they waited,  She didn’t forget Eric more less letting him eat in peace keeping an eye open making sure he had plenty of coffee, she even brought him an orange juice.

Eric finished looking back towards the restrooms spotting the clock above the doorway just as the waitress walking around the counter Eric asking “Eleven thirty is that the right time?” holding fresh pot of coffee ready to pour him some, Eric placed his hand over the cup “No I’m good too much already” smiling leaning over setting the check down staring right at him “That’s be about lunch time around here…. such beautiful eyes anyone ever tell you that before?” and of course had to lift his hair upward showing both eyes better “Yes and they’re mine not some contact lenses that change color”

“Very Bright Blue” Raising her head checking his hair waving from the air conditioner blowing, Eric again brush it back “Amber?” She raised her cheeks smiling down “Amber”

Husky guy asked looking over after sitting himself on the stool. “Hey how about some service over here”

“Sure thing the menu, Right in front of you” change in her tone towards him, looking back at Eric

“So you live nearby?” not even looking to the guy just smiling at Eric

“No just traveling with my Dad”

“Didn’t see him with you?” check outside the window

“No he’s resting”

“Can I get some coffee when you have a time from your chatting?” with on hand raised waiting

“Well looks like back to work, I’ll be back in a shake of a stick”

Eric watching her walking over to the rude guy with a cup and pot of coffee, pointing her finger at him then to a sign, (No rudeness allowed …You don’t like the Service Leave!) filling his cup right to the rim leaving no room for cream “Well what will it be I’m busy here?” Holding her small order book waiting.

Eric not wanting to stare at them looked away checking out how much it was, the price more than he realized it would be, he only had a few dollars in his pocket, smiling at himself reaching down taking his shoe off bring it to his lap lifting the inside foam padding removing two twenty’s setting one on the check, finishing off his cold coffee waiting for her to return. One lady frowning over her blue sun glasses.

As the waitress went by retrieving the check and cash hurry down making his change returning spotting more coming in waiting for service “Take care Honey it’s been nice talking with you stop in anytime” “Thanks’ on our next run will be sure to stop” placing three dollars under the cup spinning around after spotting the bellowing upward smoke from the grill, getting much loader inside fading the background music out.

Remember the candy rack he passed going in picking up four candy bars and bottle of mountain dew, even grabbed a small free traveler’s guide before heading outside, checking out the newspaper racks before dangling his feet seating on the pipe railing next to them, enjoying his candy bar watching the trucks backing in or just leaving after getting fuel, sure enough drivers spotted him asking if he needed a ride some just looked mean or creepy, dishearten with some heading the other way before the right one came along heading to Austin then to San Antonio, Eric wasn’t about to say no it was Texas he waited over an hour already finished off three candy bars and his mountain Dew.

Following alongside the driver he seemed friendly enough not to old nor to young clean shaven knowing he couldn’t be too bad, stopping in front of a large red Freightliner he pointed to it “This is it” looking down seeing he was hauling something under a large tarp on the flat bed “Go ahead the doors open” walking on past the door, checking for the exhaust pipe making sure it wasn’t hot or anything carefully stepping on the bent on one end steps opening the door, hanging onto it pulling himself upward into the seat, checking it out inside hearing the CB set squeezing before seeing newspapers, travel mugs then Eric smiled at a few girl magazines laying on the floor, straighten right up watching the driver getting in, starting it up with a quick check on the gauges pushing buttons on a black box near the dash with words that Eric was unable to see without moving over, already moving towards the roadway Eric checking above the visor and around the dash not seeing a log book, turning back looking at the single bunk with one blue blanket tossed on it with a faded pillow case cover.

Crunching his noise from a smell of sourness asking “No log book?” watching him shifting.

“Nope don’t need it all electric now”

“That save’s you time from writing so much”

“So why you going to Texas’ running away from home?”

“No just missed Greyhound after it stopped for a rest stop”

“Didn’t they know you didn’t get on?”

“No I don’t think they even checked who got on or off”

“That doesn’t sound so convincing!” looking over at Eric in doubt

“No really – it’s stopped and we got out to rest! Then they took off while I was in the shitter”

“That’s too bad that they just took off without checking”

“I know and I got left behind”

“Why didn’t you just call home?”

“Sure that would really piss my Dad off, that’s why I’m hitching rides home so he won’t find out, he’d say it was my fault and beat the hell out of me for missing the bus” lowering his head towards the floor

“You okay?” He asking softly glancing over at Eric feeling embarrassed by his anger tone coming out.

“I’ll be ok’ just want to get home before the bus arrives” sweeping his hair aside from the air vent tossing his hair upward checking the road and cars alongside.

“Understand’ it shouldn’t be too long before where in Texas what part?”

“Logan you know where it is?” Eric smiled feeling better knowing he believed him now

“Gee’ not quite sure were that is”

“It’s more the lower right side”

“Ok’ will check the map when we stop next”

Eric looking over at the tires passing them more on the right side, looking up another sign Welcome to Texas, “Wow” Eric said excided looking over with the driver smiling back checking his mirrors pulling into the right lane opening another sign Weight station Closed going right pass it seeing a few trucks parked inside.

Penny and Grandma were making Danishes from scratch the phone rang, Grandma said she’d get it seeing Penny had her hands full of dough “Hello”

“Hi is this the Mazzionie residents?”

“Yes can I help you?”

“I’m calling for Jacobs wife is that you?”

“No she right here can I ask whose calling?” Frowning looking back at Penny

“Dora’ I’m calling about Jake her son” shifting her eyes to one side

“Hold on one second – Dear it’s Dora about Jake”

Penny quickly wiping her sticky hands off on a towel taking the phone “Hello this is Penny is Jake alright?” holding the phone with the towel waiting

“Yes he’s doing better he’s up and talking with everyone’ I wanted to call and let you know he’s fine”

“Dora you’re the nurse there?”

“No your husband used my phone before to call you” Embarrassed grinding her teeth checking the phone waiting unsure what Jacob might have told her about them.

“Right’ Jacob called before he had an emergency call”

“I’m a mother also I work in the office and heard about what happen and just felt it would be best if a mother was with him when he woke up”

“Thank you so much he’s our little boy I mess him already”

“Well he’s in good spirts now wanting to go outside and play”

“I can’t thank you enough for caring for him I wish I there with him”

“His Grandfather is with him every second now along with a few others keeping an eye on him”

“Dora how can I ever repay you for your kindness”

“Its hard being away from your children I have two myself and try to get home before they do from school, sometimes I work to late and we go out afterwards”

“Well our house is always open if you need a break”

“Thank You’ I’ve got to get back now you take care and I’ll keep a look out for Jake also”

“Thank you again Dora”

Dora hung up the phone watching Jake and Grandfather playing horse shoes.

Returning back to Winchester Kentucky Farms Jacob hurried to the truck not seeing David or Jake walked to the first aid center asking for Jake, the doctor stepped outside with him telling him everything would be ok, Jake seen what happen but didn’t see anything while it happen only seeing the horses blood most likely set him off into a shock, nothing to worry about and he’s already playing with the other kids and looking at horses, besides having plenty of company staying with him at all times.

Jacob found the two sitting watching a match in the benches, Jake spotted him rushing over with open arms happy to see him back, David stood behind him watching the two embrace, Jacob held him tightly not wanting to let go lifting him upwards holding him walking to David.

“He’s going to be fine Jacob”

“Dad I should have been here”

“You’re here now that’s what he needs”

“Jake you ready to head home?”

Jake lean back with a frown “But we need to find a good horse or two”

“Jake have you talked with your Mom yet?”


“Jake she’s worried maybe we should call her?”

“Ok I didn’t want to’ Dad she gets upset over little things”

“Little things”

“Well you know what I mean dad all this do we have to tell her?”

“Just call and let her know you’re ok”

“Ok dad’ can I tell her first?”

“Sure’ if you’re up to it”

“Yea’ Mom will cry if we don’t call”

Seating down on the benches together Jacob handed him the phone, Jake held it looking at the two then pushed the button waiting.


“Mom its Jake miss you’ here’s Dad” handing Jacob the phone.

“Jake’ Jake”

“Hi honey he’s right here everything fine”

“Well put him back on the phone now!”

“Jake she wants to speak with you” handing Jake the phone again

“Hi Mom really I’m fine where checking horse’s out having a good time”

“I miss you’ you coming home soon?”

“Yes Mom dad wants to leave” Frowning looking over

“Well maybe you should come home now you’ve had a busy few days”

“But Mom will miss the events can’t we stay a little longer?” Disappointed shaking his head no

“I’ll talk with your Dad about it, doing ok anything you need?”

“No just wanted to stay I miss you and will be home soon love you gotta go”

Handing the phone back Jacob smiled at him taking the phone.

Holding Eric Part 6

September 9, 2014

Holding Eric part 6

Sitting down on the couch with Aunt Ginger, Eric turned seeing Jacob standing watching them.
“Please have a seat’ have you two eaten?” smiling back and forth at them
“Yes, we stopped’ I’m Jacob and you’re his Aunt?” Jacob asking sitting down in the chair
“Ginger Augustine’ everyone’s been so worried about what happen to him, how did you ever find him?”
“He found me sort of and well he has that way of asking that’s hard to refuse so I had to bring him” Jacob looking over at Eric checking around the room telling her, when Eric turn back shook his head so quickly only looking over to Aunt Ginger not seeing him do it.
“Do you have a bathroom I can use” Eric asked before Jacob could add anything sitting on the edge of the couch grinning his teeth.
“Sure honey down the hall on the left”

Eric quickly heading for the hallway, watching him till the door closed turning back looking at each other Ginger shook her head back and forth in a low voice “Eric mother Maggie just died in the hospital”
“He doesn’t know’ and his Father?” Jacob asking watching the hall
“He in jail the Eric’s social worker called here telling me what happen and to keep an eye for Eric one of his friends said he was headed here”
“Not what he’s expecting’ saying you lived on a big farm”
“Well that was a few years ago’ he was younger then” hearing the flush looking over seeing Eric returning, walking in sitting on the couch “Nice place you got Aunt Ginger so where’s Uncle Carlos?”
“He’s out of town for a while’ so you enjoy the big truck ride here did you?”
“Yes’ I didn’t walk here” Eric getting upset seeing how small the place really was
“Look I should go you two have a lot to talk about” Jacob said getting up

Eric rush over hugging him “Can’t you stay longer?” pleading with him
“No’ sorry I still have a load to drop off, I’m also parked in the road remember”
“When will you be back then?” Eric asking looking up
“About a week, I’ll be in the area I can stop by if that’s ok with your Aunt?” Ginger standing watching them raising her shoulders upward with only a small grin.
Jacob started walking to the door with Eric and Ginger following him out, “Take care ok”
“I will thanks Jacob” Eric said watching him walking back to the truck climbing in looking over at the two standing on the small porch with a wave from Eric as he waved back driving off, turning going back inside the house.

Jacob pulling into Kansas truck stop parking looking over to an empty seat, pulling his log book down starting to write inside stopping looking back at the bunk seeing the comic books by the pillow, lowering his head before finishing his report placing it above the visor holding the wheel looking outward, slowly getting out walking around the truck checking the tires stopping looking up at the passenger door hoping to see Eric watching him, only he wasn’t looking down.

Entering the fuel service area walking inside checking around him, truck drivers talking about loads just wasn’t holding his interest at that moment, Heading to the restaurant area, stopping at the cashier looking at the counter, coloring books and crayons with children’s menus setting next to them, Jacob reach over taking one, looking around the room deciding to sit at the counter for a change not of his regular places always taking a booth to relax more.

“Well don’t you look beat what do you have tonight?” Seating down a coffee cup and water glass
“English and some soup” reaching for the sugar
“Vegetable or Clam chowder?”
“Clam Chowder will do it thanks”
“Got a kid back home?”
Jacob looked up at her “Yes have three home what made you ask?”
“Maybe the coloring book” She said smiling at him
“Right’ I was thinking of someone that would have like it”
“Kids like to color it keeps them busy anyway” she smiled again heading back

Jacob looked at the coloring book showing two small kids playing with a ball, picking up his coffee, looking thru the pages before the waitress came back with his chowder “Here you go anything else?”
“No not right now” Jacob setting the book aside seeing the waitress standing still infront of him “So you heading home to the wife and kids?” Jacob looking again at the book “In the morning should be home”
“So where’s home?”
“Logan Texas”
“Bet they’ll be glad to see you, how long you been on the road?”
“Two weeks I’m ready for a break before the kids go back to school”
“Wish my kid was still in school he went in the army station in Florida”
“They do grow fast and before you know it on their own”
“Sure do miss him but should see him before Christmas”
“Kids grow on you that’s for sure, matter a fact need to call the wife”
“No Phone?”
“Went dead and of course forgot the charger that she’s always telling me to take”
“Better call her’ there they go again gotta run, take it easy things will look up” The waitress said walking away.

Jacob finished his meal walking around the gift shop stopping at the candy rack seeing Eric’s candy bars, reaching down taking a few before heading to the phones in the back lounge, pushing the buttons leaning on the wall waiting as it rang.

Sitting in her chair watching the TV when her phone rang glancing down not recognizing the number letting it go to voice mail looking at it waiting to hear who it was.
“Hello you there babe it’s me?”
Quickly reaching over picking it up “Jacob” pressing the mute button
“How’s everything?”
“About time you called, I was getting a little worried”
“Sorry had an unexpected run to make in Denver”
“Jake was asking for you”
“How was his camping trip?”
“He’s coming home tomorrow when you coming home?”
“Tomorrow and the girls how they doing?” In a low tone
“At a friend’s overnight’ you sound off you ok?” lowering her eyes to the side
“Sure am fine I’ll be home around noon, what time they getting home?”
“Three or so’ how’s your new team driver working out?”
“Not’ he quit Monday”
“Jee’s Jacob’ solo no wonder you must be tired”
“I’ll get some zzz’s and be-off first light”
“Well just be careful lot of road construction here”
“Ok I’ll see you soon love ya”
“Me too’ I’ll put on the steaks for dinner”
“Ok gotta go babe good night”
“Good night Hun see you tomorrow” Hearing the phone hanging up she held it for a second before setting it down, her face got tight again looking at the phone pressing the redial button letting it ring with no one picking it up’ hanging up’ placing it on the table turning the TV sound back on sitting back in the chair.

Dawn breaking Jacob waking to the sun coming in the front windshield reflecting around the back, sitting up looking at the dancing girl next to the candy bars setting on top of comic books, taking a deep breath standing up, reaching in the cabinet for a clean shirt before sitting down going over his log book still checking the passenger seat only envisioning Eric sleeping, returning the book back above the visor getting out of the truck, making his check over on the tires, stopping at the rear looking forward at his mirror, again Eric’s lost face looking back in the mirror haunting him, finishing getting in reaching for his thermos when he spotted the letter on the floor. Eric must have dropped it, reaching over to pick it up, Looking at his name before folding it in half placing it in his pocket, checking over the gauges before driving to the exit heading to the warehouse making a stop before going home.

Rural area a school bus letting off a young boy in Logan Texas, going up the driveway to his house while holding his backpack to his side, Opening the door “Mom I’m home” Setting his pack down in the hallway hurrying to the kitchen seeing his mother washing dishes.

“Jake did you wipe your feet off?”
“Yes, Mom I did’ what are you cooking smells good?” looking at the stove
“Cake for your Birthday” She said turning giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek
“Mom’ what you get me? You can tell me” excided wanting to know with his big smile
“It can wait till later when your sisters and Father gets home”
“Mom can you give me a hint just a little one come on Mom just a little” Sitting down waiting hoping to find out before he got it, bouncing his shoulders waiting.
“No well maybe it’s big and you might like it” She said checking the stove.

Jake lips and eyes went upward, looking back around her at the big cake on the rack, scooting forward watching her stick a toothpick in side looking at it closing the door
“So when’s dad going to be here?” Jake said going over to the refrigerator opening the door looking inside, pulling out a soda can.
“You want a sandwich? Asking him finishing the dishes, getting a sour smell looking back
“No just looking seeing what you bought”
“Jake maybe you should take a shower before he gets home”
“Ok I will Mom can I have some corn chips?”

Reaching up opening the cabinet getting the bag for him’ “Here save some for your sisters”
“I will what are we having for dinner?”
“Steak and green beans”
“Green beans’ Mom can’t you make sweet potatoes”
“Your dad likes his green beans but I’ll make the birthday boy some”
“Thanks Mom’ did you hear that Mom?” stopping short looking to the front window
“What I didn’t hear anything?”
“Dad’s home I can hear him coming up the road” Hurry to the door looking out the window seeing the rig backing in, hurrying outside rushing to the truck as Jacob parked it next to the car shutting it down, Jake stood waiting for him to open the door “Hi Dad you’re home for my birthday just like you said you would be” Jacob getting out with Jake rushing him giving him a big hug, Jacob closed his eyes leaning down smelling his hair, before Jake let go climbing up pulling his overnight bag out, walking to the house with Jake stopping at the porch looking at her waiting, Jake taking his bag inside.

“Hi babe”
“Well hello stranger have a good sleep last night?’
“Not really” walking up giving her a kiss before going inside together Jacob smelling the air “Smells like someone’s been busy cooking”
“Jake’s cake’ you want something now?”
“No, I’m good maybe some coffee, I need to take a shower”
“Jake just got home before you so he smelling some from camp”
“That’s ok he’s fine’” Sitting down at the table watching Jake eat corn chips following with soda.
“So Dad where you go this time, what you bring me for my birthday?”
“Your Birthday is that what I was supposed to get a gift for you?”

Jake rush over giving him a big hug looking up “Dad you got me that go-cart?”
“No well maybe you’ll find out later” holding him close smelling his light brown hair
“Dad want to play some ball outside before dinner” standing up excited
“Jake your father just got home”
“Ok’ maybe later then dad”
“After dinner, Jake eat your chips”
“What happen on this trip that’s got to you’ don’t say nothing I know you so what happen?”
“I’ll tell you about it later’ I need to freshen up”
“Your coffee’s ready”
“I’ll only be few minutes the girls be home soon?”
“Sure anytime” watching Jacob getting up walking to the other room taking his overnight bag to the bedroom, “Jake why don’t you play your games for a little while till your sisters come home”
“Ok Mom can …” holding the chips
“Yes’ take them with you” Watching Jake taking the soda and corn chips leaving the room, opening the stove checking the cake before pulling it out to cool on the counter, looking back at the table seeing the coffee cup, taking off her apron walking to the bedroom.