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Holding Eric 2016

July 21, 2016

Yep got it going all Revised and looking good, Thank’s everyone for all you’re comments and feed back along the way it’s been a real whirlwind getting it together again for California. Will be in Book form in 2017. Will


Holding Eric Part 14

November 8, 2014

Holding Eric part 14

Eric rushing to the other side checking out the chrome plated steps with lights running across each step, one step up taking the handle not to make the same mistake again with the exhaust, opening the door with a quick boost upward inside while holding the door, feeling the cold seat scooting upward avoiding the empty coffee cups on the floor and small fast food wrappers while checking around the cab, finding it a small area with no bed setup area behind the seats for overnight bags or storage.

Gene got in looking over “Little cold but she’ll warm up quick by the way names Gene and you are?” Pushing the heater button on high, reaching over a pushing buttons watching the screen change on the dash board, Eric sitting back relaxing “Eric” as they started pulling out form the docking area to the roadway, Erick spotting a photo on the center dash just like Jacob had showing his family “Your Family looks like you made out well” with his sad grin knowing he had no photos grafts of his own Mother or Father to show anyone let alone why would he want to show what type of family he had it only brought back bad memory’s.

“What’s the box do?” Eric asking leaning over looking at it more

“It’s set up the route plan” Gene pointed to the screen showing the street map with numbers

“You don’t use Road Atlas?” Eric said puzzled

“My company like us to use these, telling us we’re where supposed to go”

“Isn’t a log book for that?” frowning at the screen changing

“No that just records our hours driving and down time” Gene pointing to his in the slot next to them

“Oh’ every time we stop we’d always marking it do you?”

Gene shifting into gear pulling ahead into traffic” Your dad teach you about logs”

“Sure and Someday I’m going to be a driver like he is”

“We always need trucker’s … sounds like your dads been around awhile what’s his name?”

Eric hesitated a second avoiding a rolling cup “Jacob he has a Peterbuilt big one with the sleeper bunks and its long with painted green with white strips down the side with lights also like your lights”

“Big Peterbuilt and green too” Gene said smiling over watching the traffic on the side

“White Star what kind is that? Who makes it?”

“Good question never even gave it a thought who made it I just drive them”

“White Star maybe GM? What about the engine does it have a cat?”

“No just regular old diesel’ so Eric you going to school now?”

“Next week I’m starting my freshman year” only looking out the window at traffic not over to Gene

“Junior high so you like school, what your favorite subject?”

“It’s ok, mostly history of the western civilization like the Oregon Trail stuff like that”

“Good to know some things about the past never know what happen till you read about them or watch it on the Old western television shows” Pulling into the center lane watching the traffic getting congested slowly shifting holding the knob more resting his hand vibrating while holding the wheel steady.

Eric sat back watching the roadway checking the gages spotting the CB channel

“You’re not on sixteen why nine?”

“Right it’s not hooked up right it starts on that channel you can change it if you like”

“No that’s ok just asking my dad … has he’s always on”

“Some like nineteen but I like twenty-one late at night”

“But aren’t the drivers on sixteen at truck stops?”

“Sometimes if it’s too busy they switch over”

“See any bears on the side?” Eric said looking to the side of the road seeing a few cars on the side.

“No but we will soon they like hiding on us a lot”

Eric looked to the back hearing a hissing sound or something like it was dripping through a pipe, when a light on the dash started blinking “What’s that flickering?” eyes wide pointing at it, Gene reach over flipping the switch “That’s for the reefer unit in the back telling me its recharging nothing to worry about”

Eric leaning over feeling dimwitted checking the gauges stopping at the photograph

“My two girls and wife”

“My dad has one of us also”

“You have brothers and sisters?”

“Yea two and a brother” Eric remembering quick from the Jacobs photo smiling

“So where’s home Eric?”


“Texas big state, what in the world you doing out here?”

“Visiting a Uncle for the summer glade that trips was over to”

“You said you were taking the Bus to New haven?”

“Then it was going to New London or something but I was only going to Branford with my dad”

“Maybe we can hook you up in Harford all the way to Branford were about two miles from the truck stop so will see what we can do for you”

“Really Thank You’ then I won’t have to ride in that smelly bus” Smiling watching them pulling to the exit ramp.

Parking the Tractor the two went inside to the truckers lounge, Gene asking a few who were heading that way finding one driver going to the Litchfield area and he could give him a ride but not for another hour, Gene and Eric went to the service area for coffee, Eric excused himself and went to the Convenient area looking over thermoses, pulling down a med size one taking it to the cashier returning handing it to Gene.

“Got something for you that I thought you could use” Handing him the sack.

Gene pulled it out looking at it smiling over “Thank You but I really shouldn’t accept it”

“Why not you helped me it’s the least I can do for a True Friend”

“Thank You Eric it’ll come in handy”

“Got to be better than those cups to go”

Gene Smiled setting it on the counter calling the waitress over, She walk right over taking the thermos “Fill it?” It’s new could you regular and Eric you hungry or something my treat?”

“Coffee and cherry roll sounds good”

“Your dad must be so proud of you I should tell him”

“Well maybe someday you can, if we meet up again”

“Texas is a long ways from here, I’ll give you my card so you can give it to him next time you two are in the area we can go for coffee how’s that sound?”

“Great to me Dad would like to meet you to I’m sure beside you took care of me for him right”

“So right I’d be proud to have you ride with me anytime”

Eric said good bye to Gene watching him leave the lot returning to Mr. Klaus waiting at the pumps.

Klaus was an older man driving for many years, you could see it in his face all tired and sore from the sun beating on his weathered clothes, his ball cap worn with the name barely readable anymore, he still had a lot of get up and go left making sure he looked groomed and clean shaven, how much can you comb a flat top hair anyway pressing a ball cap on it, Wearing a light jacket just to keep from getting chilled on windy days, Klaus walked around the truck tapping each tire with his large black stick only glancing at the lights making sure they were all working.

Opening the driver’s door getting inside looking back down at Eric standing watching him holding his jacket and small books.

“Well you going or what?” in a harsh voice closing the door

Eric hurried around getting in  sitting trying not to make any wrong moves that might upset him, sitting holding everything in his lap looking over the dash out the window.

“Belt son” Klaus harshly said pulling out into traffic

Eric very uncomfortable about Klaus looking over a few times at him moving his lower jaw up and down chewing on something then spitting it in a paper cup wiping his mouth on his sleeve, with a frown Eric sat back glancing down at the door knob not wanting to even talk just an overall uncomforted feeling along with the smell inside.

“Maybe I should” Eric started to say be interrupted by Klaus “What you want to walk?”

“Well no …. but I don’t”

“Relax I’ll get you there in one piece”

“You must drive a lot?”

“All my life’ so meeting Your Father are you’ you’re not a runaway now are you?” spitting in his cup

“No I’m meeting my Dad in the Truck Stop”

“That an odd place to be meeting someone?”

“He’ll be there”

“Gene said you missed your bus is that right?” holding his cup shifting almost spilling it on the floor

“Yes it was heading to New London for the bike expo”

“Charter bus fancy pants riders taking our roads making us slow down more so they can peddle their little bottoms down the road think they would be better off getting a car and driving not riding some bike”

Eric sat back more trying not to say anything only hoping it wasn’t too long a ride, feeling more sick mostly from the smell inside even thou the windows were cracked open it still becoming more overpowering.

“Hey a’m I supposed to take you to your Father or just drop you off?”

“You can just drop me off less you’d like to meet him?”

“No Gene forgot to tell me that’s all ok where almost to the TA Stop so I’ll drive in the lot and if you see the truck give a holler”

“Thanks’ I really appreciate the ride”

“Don’t have many riders if any’ just an old trucker you might say”

“Maybe I could get you a coffee or something?”

“No need to be getting on my stop”

Down shifting hearing the roaring of the engine holding it back before coming to the end of the exit stop signal, watching traffic passing waiting on the light looking to the truck stop, one big lean over spit in the cup shifting while holding a knob on the wheel turning the corner, slowing turning into the parking lot passing the trucks parked, Eric sat upward looking back and forth at all the trucks, hoping to see only one the green Peterbuilt, passing all the truck stopping by the building looking over.

“Didn’t see him’ you can wait inside he’ll find you”

“Sure he’s running late or I’m just early Thank You for the ride”

“Ok kid you take care nice chatting with ya”

Eric quickly made it down closing the door standing back watching him pulling back out to the main roadway, one more glance down at the trucks lined up, before going inside, Looking at the ground same wrappers on the ground when he was there the last time, Eric smiled walking in with a wave to the cashier walking thru to the counter stool sitting down, reaching up to adjust his cap eyes opened wide surprised he left it in the truck, turning looking out the window it was too late no way could he retrieve now, lowering his head as the waitress just came up holding a glass of water.

“Hi Coffee and a Cherry Roll Warm ok?”

“No’ out of Cherry”

“What ya got then?”

“Apple or Prune”

“Apple’ Ok if I go get something I’ll be right back”


Eric scooted around the seat hurrying to the convince store looking in the isles, stopping at the hat rack with his finger up and down before spotting the one he wanted reach up pulling it off taking it to the cashier setting it down looking up smiling at her excided on getting a new cap.

“That it” skinny girl chewing gum said in more a cold tone

“Left mine in the truck”

“Sure eighteen sixty-four cash or charge” placing it in a bag

“Cash” Eric holding the twenty towards her, reaching over taken the twenty and looked at it, then marked a pen acrossed it looking again at it then to the light and made a sour face hitting the register keys.

“What’s wrong with it’ it’s good” Eric said getting upset at her taking all day

“Just making sure it’s good here” Handing him his change and receipt together.

Eric looked at the receipt and change in his hand setting them on the counter looking at it, Not knowing someone was behind him “Hey you shorted me ten cent’s”

“You must have dropped it, would you mind moving” not even looking at him

Eric turn around seeing the large man in a plaid shirt standing holding a few things waiting, moving over looking at the cashier waiting on his dime, she just started ringing the stuff he had placed on the counter.

“How much she short you?” The man asked looking down at Eric

“Just a dime’” frowning “maybe she needs it more” Eric said taking his bag going back to the counter stool, shifting his sweater over to the next stool before sitting down seeing the coffee steaming, pulling out his hat adjusting it a few times before it was set to his headband, feeling like he belonged now taken two sugar pack shaking them into his coffee looking up with a smile as the waitress headed down with his Warm Danish with melted butter on top.

“Nice Hat you need anything just holler”

“Thanks” looking over seeing the same guy from the counter sitting next to him looking over.

“You like Pete’s I can tell, maybe you should take the tag off” Smiling over

Eric pulled it off looking at the tag pulling on it a few times not budging afraid it might rip.

“Here let me do it for you’ names Patrick” Reaching over taking the hat, pulling out a little knife cutting the plastic off handing it back watching him adjust it again placing it on.

“Eric and Thank you I was sure I was going to rip it”

“I’ve ripped a few myself” Folding his knife placing it back on his side case looking up with the waitress bringing him coffee and Water setting them down glancing over at Eric eating

“I’ll have one of those also”

“Sure thing Buffet open”

“Just the Apple roll thanks”

“Wait a second” the waitress said looking at Eric “Denver’ Two weeks ago Right?”

Eric shocked looking over smiling at her, finding she remembered him “Yep that’s me”

“So how was it Denver I mean?”

“Cold and Wet”

“Bet you glade to be back here (Looking over) Apple’… be right back” she said heading to the back

Eric enjoying the company of his new friends talking how hot and humid Denver was, having to spend a week at his Uncles house in Rhode Island and missing the Bus, Jacob was picking him up as soon as possible or would call to let him know how long he was out before arriving. Patrick was taken in by Eric liking him right off offered to stay with him till Jacob showed, Eric said he had to check the desk again see if he called in yet and would let him know when he was showing up. Finishing off his coffee the two headed to the Receiving area, Eric asked the Guy if any Call’s came in for Him another big one he asked for Jacobs last name, Eric reach in his Pocket remembering the card handing it to the Guy at the counter.

“Texas … Mazzionie no he hasn’t called want me to call you when he does?” Eric nodded yes taking the card back placing in in his pocket turning looking at Patrick.

“Well looks like he’s a way’s out yet I’ll wait for him in the lounge”

Patrick walked with Eric sitting down watching part of a movie that was on and some News, before going checking again

“No call’s yet” the Guy said seeing the two walking up.

“Thanks’ I’ll be around you can page me right?”

“Sure Mazzionie”

“Patrick want some coffee or something to eat?”

“No’ maybe you should give him a call?”

“Maybe I should”

“You have a card?”


“For the phone”


“Come on I’ll use mind”

Eric followed Patrick back to the lounge area phones, Patrick sliding his card in”

“Go ahead you can dial out now”

Eric checking the card taping the area code and number waiting as it rang”

Penny standing in the kitchen reaching the phone “Hello”

“Hi is dad home?”

“I’m sorry do you have the right number?” Penny looking down at the phone return caller id

“Yes this is Eric”

“O’h … Eric’ Jacob is out with his father want me to give him a message for you?” smiling now remembering who Eric was from Jacob

“No that’s ok tell him I’m here and see him soon”

“I’m not sure how long he’s going to be but I’ll tell him you called” glancing out the window

“Ok Thanks” Eric quickly hung up the phone. Lowing his head

Patrick standing a few feet away waiting “Everything ok?”

“Sure he’s just delayed he’ll be here soon”

“Ok well I should be going you going to be ok here till he gets here?”

“Sure done it lots of times before you know loads sometimes they take longer”

“Well say hi to your dad for me and take care Eric, maybe will meet again someday”

Shaking his hand “You take care too’ it’s been nice meeting you”

Patrick headed for the exit, Eric watch him from the window walking down pass all the truck till he was out of sight, returning to the restaurant getting hungry finding it was very crowded inside, he felt it was better if he returned to the lounge area for a little while and plan what to do next.

Holding Eric Part 8

September 15, 2014

Holding Eric part 8

Denver to New York arriving in RI Airport, after a long flight back and forth in terminals’ for the next flight before reaching RI Airport, Eric walking beside Aunt Ginger past the early morning computers rushing thru security lines trying to get thru flights, Airport stores filling up as they continued looking for the luggage area, Aunt Ginger only had one medium suitcase for a short trip she could have done without.

Down the escalator finding the pickup area standing with the other passengers watching all the luggage’s slowly rotating outward, Eric watching waiting quickly spotted Aunt Gingers reaching over lifting it off without dropping it, returning to Aunt Ginger looking at the signs for the car rentals following alongside just before the doorway to the rental cars being stopped by security, checking the tags to match her ticket.

The young man handed her the paperwork along with a pointing out on a map of where we had to go, folding it in half heading to the line cars finding the pale blue compact placing the suitcase in the back seat driving to the city, pulling into the department of social services, Eric uneasy his Aunt still not talking that much about what was going on returning, placing the suitcase in the truck before heading inside, seeing the receptionist sitting behind the window carelessly shifting papers around asking what it was it in referents’ to and if she had an appointment with whom.

Waiting among the crowed seats everyone keeping to them self-other than small children trying to play around the chairs staying close to their mothers, crying babies being rocked back and forth till the window open “Mrs. Augustine she’ll see you now” pointing down the hallway “Fourth door to your right” not even looking up while they past her looking at the doors, Eric stopping at the door seeing Ms. Waterford sitting behind her desk only getting up when they walked in shaking Aunt Gingers hand looking at Eric.

“Well’ Eric did you have a nice flight back?” sitting down together in the small office area

“No’ where’s my mom I want to see her!” leaning forward on the desk

“Eric sit back” Aunt Ginger said in a firm voice

“She’s at the funeral home’ I’m sorry they did everything they could” opening the folded infront of her

“Sure they did’ what about you know?”

“He’s not going to bother you anymore you don’t have to worry about him”

“Worry never’ glad to see him locked up for a change” raising his head looking at the wall behind her seeing all the flyers showing happy family’s together.

“Will need to get a statement from you as what happen”

“What happen? You know what happen you don’t need my statement” uneasy moving in the chair

Turning their attention to the doorway standing looking in at them with his badge on his waist “This Eric?” walking right in the office standing next to Eric.

“Yes that’s him’ Eric you’ll need to go with Officer Nolan he needs to take your statement”

“No I’m not going with him!”

“Eric go with him it will be ok I’ll take care of everything here’ I’ll be right in with you in a second” Aunt Ginger said holding her purse tightly in her lap not even looking at Eric, only looking over as the officer waited, Eric got up sending the chair back hitting the wall behind them, Officer Nolan walked out with Eric leading him down the hallway.

“Mrs. Augustine everything’s been taking care of is there anything you need?”

“What’s to become of Eric now?”

“He’ll be ok will take good care of him”

“Look I just can’t take Eric to live with me I’m in the middle of a divorce”

“We understand these things happen he’ll be ok”

“It’s not that I don’t care it just it’s not the right time for me to be held down with a kid”

“We have made all the arrangements for him’ you just have to sign this form ad everything will be taking care of, Eric will go to a nice home and he’ll be with other kids his own age”

“You do understand it’s just impossible for me”

“I understand, here’s the address of the funeral home” Handing her the pamphlet as she sign the form handing it back, standing up together walking back to the front area.

“Will you need me for anything’ I’ll be at the motel?”

“Will call you’ you take care of your sister affairs will be in contact”

“Thank you should I talk to Eric?”

“No it’s better this way will tell him”

Aunt Ginger walked out the front door, getting in the car looking at the pamphlet checking the map before pulling out onto the roadway.

Officer Nolan open the door to the holding room were Eric had been placed six hours before without food or drink, Eric sat at the table with his hands crossed over sitting back upward when he walk in, watching him sitting down opening his folder looking it over.

Eric upset over being betrayed by his Aunt not cooperating with his questions breaking down after sitting watching him look at the paperwork, before telling him that it went on for the last two or three years after his father lost his job at the auto parts store because of his drinking that only made things hard around the house with his mother working a part time job just to pay the rent and grocery when he didn’t take the money for his drinking, she had to walk has they had reposed the car again his drinking rages going after them when he couldn’t find were she hid the money, pulling everything apart tossing it around the room, Eric came home a few times finding his room flipped upside down. Eric could avoid his rages only some of the times staying out late so he wasn’t his punching bag.

Eric was placed in the back seat of Officer Nolan’s car like a criminal taking to the halfway house, till they could find a place for him to stay with a family, pulling up to the white two story house Eric sat looking from the back seat not wanting to go inside, Officer Nolan open the back door leaning down with one hand on his folder looking at Eric sitting waiting.

“So this is the halfway house I’m staying at?” Looking up scooting halfway out

“This is it for now’ let’s go kid move!” Reaching down pulling on his arm getting him to standup

Walking to the door resisting as he rang the doorbell, greeted by an young girl “Hello”

“Mr. Blanton in?”

Looking at Eric with her eyes moving up and down at him before looking back at Officer Nolan spotting the badge and sidearm “Sure in the study go right in” Stepping aside watching him holding Eric’s arm moving him inside.

“What are you looking at Girl?” Eric snapped at her walking in

“Watch your tong boy”

“Yes sir Officer!” snipping right back

Forcing him in front of him to the study, Mr. Blanton getting up from his chair greeting as they walk in offering them a chair, Officer Nolan handed him the file sitting down, Mr. Blanton flip thru it stopping at one paper looking up “So Your Eric the runaway orphan?” looking down his noise slyly remarking.

“Yep that’s my name right there on your paper”

Officer Nolan reach over taking his arm squeezing him, Eric turning in his chair pulling at his fingers to let go. “Let go of me”

“He’s got a few problems as you can see” letting louse his arm smirking to Eric

“Little attitude will change that’ officer you can go now will handle him from here” standing up together “you stay’ sit and don’t move” pointing at Eric holding his sore arm showing his anger watching them.

“See you kid’ don’t let me see you on the streets” walking out the doorway with Mr. Blanton to the front door, Eric looking around the shelving stacked with Childcare books a few shelf’s nothing interesting to speak of, Mr. Blanton came back in the room with another boy older than him, standing by the door looking at Eric waiting for Mr. Blanton to sit down opening the folder again stopping at one point his eyes going back and forth to Eric and back to the paper.

“We got rules here Eric and you will follow them to a tee or you will be punished ‘if you don’t obey them as they are stated here” Handing Eric a paper to look at.

“Right rules’ how long am I supposed to be here?” glancing over the paper tossing it back on the desk

“This is Jon he’ll take you to your room”

“When do I get to see my Mother? She’s at the funeral place?”

“I’ll check into it’ now go with Jon” Right back to Eric’s folder

Slapping the chair back walking to the door, Jon just waved for him to follow him, slowly walking upstairs stopping at one bedroom with two bunk beds, walking inside Jon pointed to the top bunk” This is your bunk” Eric sat down on the lower bunk “I like the bottom” Fine you can have it I don’t mine the top” walking over to a dresser opening the draw as Erick sat watching him pulling out pants and a shirt.

“You need to get cleanup’ when was the last time you showered anyway” crunching his nose

“I can’t remember last I don’t need one”

“Yes you do and one way or the other you’ll take one”

“Really who’s going to make me you?”

“No the others will less you want Mr. Blanton to?”

“I don’t have a change of clothes these are fine still”

“You going or shall I just go get Mr. Blanton?” Tossing the clothes at him

Eric picked them up from the floor “Fine you win’ where’s these others?”

“In class”

“School you mean”

“No everyone is schooled here”

“Lead the way then Jon boy”

Stopping him looking right into his eyes “Don’t call me that again it’s Jon!”

Entering a room seeing one toilet and two sinks, on his left side an open area seeing shower heads for four persons like at swimming center before you went in a pool, with one bench Eric placed the clean clothes down starting to unbutton his shirt looking at Jon sitting down on the end watching him.

“What now” taking off his shirt setting it down

“I’ll get you a towel leave everything here on the bench till I get back”

Jon walked out of the room Eric walked around looking at the sinks with one long mirror over it seeing himself, lifting his arms smelling himself squinting checking all purple around the ribs and arms slowly turning looking at his back seeing where he had been kicked four days ago still black and blue on the backbones sticking outward, returning tossing his pants and shoes walking into the shower slowly turning the water seeing soap bars on shelves under each, washing himself.

Jon Set a large plastic bag down before he walked into the shower, stopping next to him looking him over handing Eric a bottle “Here wash your hair” walking back out sitting down lifting Eric pants going thru the pockets pulling everything out setting it down on the bench, Eric walked out’ Jon handed him the towel asking “You smoke?”

“No why you checking me out?”

Jon holding a lighter flipping it not lighting “What’s this then if you don’t smoke”

“It’s a lighter I found at the airport” drying off reaching for the underwear slipping them on watching him.

“Why you have all this money you steal it?” folding it back up setting it down

“No I earn it mowing lawns and stuff” Reaching over taking it with the pants

“How you get all those bruises” Jon asking looking at his ribs

“I don’t talk about it’ you can have the lighter”

“It’s no good you can keep it hurry up and get dressed before someone comes in here and see’s you like that and start asking question holding the lighter outward placing his clothes in the bag.

”It’s for making fireworks’ you take the spring and set the flit on the ends folded together and toss it at a wall and Bang” Eric said taking the lighter putting in his pocket, Jon looking back his eyes sideways unsure what he meant handing him a tee shirt watching the doorway.

“Sure ok’ look you have to follow rules around here”

“I looked over them simple stuff’ so how many others are here?”

“Six of us and Mrs. Darvan, she’s the teacher and cooks also seeing we have everything we need”

“Mrs. Darvan the teacher?”

“You’ll meet her after your settle in’ grab you stuff lets go”

Skeptical walking back to the bedroom sitting right down on the bed looking up at Jon

“No were going down stairs after you comb your hair” Handing him a comb “You can keep it, it’s one of the rules combed hair at all times”

Pulling the comb thru stopping as it matted, Jon with his hand out for the comb, Eric handed it to him, Jon slowly managed to get it straight down on the sides and back “You need to keep it clean and comb ok?”

“Sure ok so what’s next on the list I should know about here?”

“You didn’t read it did you?”

“Some what is it that bad here what type of punishment they give anyway?”

“Look just follow what everyone else does and you’ll be fine”

Jon stepped back looking at his hair nodding ok handing him the comb with a side nod to follow they went down the hallway to another room where he could hear the others inside talking, Jon open the door everyone stop talking looking up at them.

“This is Eric everyone”

Gazing at him sitting at their desk, Mrs. Darvan sitting in a chair at the front looked over “Take a seat” Jon walked over with Eric sitting at two empty desks looking forward at Mrs. Devan.

Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II

October 19, 2013

Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II

The 2013-2014 Characters.  Just a little update for you.

Hello Follower and Looker’s:  Here seems to be a good start as request have been asking more about Mike, Shawn and all the persons involved, asking what chapter they wanted to know about only brought up the fact they seemed to be wanting to know more about each of them, with all the inquiries it was not easy to break down! most were asking what will happen to them, even a few got mad because Josh, Brian and Lisa were left behind, and let’s not forget Donna a few did not like her and was glad we got rid of her before something happen to all of them, In the town chapter it was hard to place what happen was going to happen if they couldn’t find the right shell and everything that when on that they had not even experienced yet that had changed now thanks to Doc and Ma only leaving them with many unanswered question, it was a roller coaster for all of them even Brian on the Farm but we know it had to happen tears followed as they had to leave not wanting to without finding more answerers than they were getting.

 Even thou we left a few behind somehow it wasn’t working with only the three trying to make it back home, so after looking for the right part we brought in Mat and Jeff they seemed to fit into everything that could happen taking our boys and Faye into a new light, A lot enjoyed the Dinner Joe the Marine and of course; Ma and Pa farms now we had to get the boys back on track so they were able to fly out and land again. That’s when they encountered Mat and Jeff our street boys with some history of their own as we followed them into another time somewhere in the western desert heat. Being overcome again they traveled in time to another place where we are now as they had fallen from the sky crashing in a hunting camp, hoping they could solve the problem and find a way to get back in there time will see if they make it home.

 As you know this is a Fiction Adventure Story of Two Young boy’s; Shawn and Mike finding them self in trouble after wondering off from their campsite site area, while playing swordsman in nearby wooded area, looking for a Sky lodge only thing was they were having such a good time they got lost as the snow started to come down heavy on them, The boys had been overtaken by the winter storm of November 15, 1996. Finding them self’s underground in a mine shaft with aliens along with other capture’s they plan to escape ending up traveling back in time. 

What about Mike, Shawn and the other’s you asked who are they? He’s  a little about them so you can go from there and stop wondering what they look like more so you don’t have to try and profile them we’ve been sent  a few emails and let me tell you that’s not and no way these kids they are Boys and girls that are just like any other young kid growing up back in time.

Mike and Shawn are your average teenager twelve years old both from a small Town in Connecticut, Mike now He’ll drink any type of soda, likes Banana Shakes when in season. His favored food is Mothers Meatloaf, and Pork Chops, Now Grill is a whole different story Pork Chops Ribs and of course Hamburgers with plenty of Ketchup, Fries over any chips unless they don’t have any even then better be ruffles not any old plain chip. He is a New York Yankees fan plays baseball, Likes watching classic western or SiFi movies His skin burns easily and has a bad habit of biting his lip when he gets upset, His mother Roberta is Home Keeper, and his father, Michael Sr, is a Day Shift Supervisor in the local Grocery Warehouse. Mike’s is an only child.

Shawn’s Average Twelve year old teenager; His favored Drink is Pepsi and of course Strawberry shakes.  Now food don’t put Spaghetti in front of him with Meat sauce he’ll eat the whole thing, Outside food Hamburgers and Grilled Fries not soaked in grease, by all means don’t forget the Potato chips better also have a bag of Corn chips handy.  He is a New York Yankees fan; Shawn plays soccer and baseball and plans to take tennis lessons.  Like watching classic movies and watching certain Star Trek TV shows.  Shawn’s best friend is Mike Loran. His mother Janet, is Home Keeper, and his father, Frank, is a businessman.  He has two siblings, Jamie is ten and a half year old sister more the boyish look with freckles on her face and shoulders, and Joey is the little Brother that’s only nine.

Josh somewhere around seven or eight years old. Thin dark brown hair

When taken: Has no knowledge as when or where he’s from.

Brian is Eleven years old: acts more like a twelve year old. Sandy Blond Hair

He was taken along with Chris who is seven from a row boat on the water, Shorty after their parents died in a car accident in 1978.

Donna is a Thirteen year old very Moody and self centered person; she has Sandy Blond Hair almost Shoulder Length, she and a friend were taken from a camp ground in 1991.

Lisa is Twelve years old. Quite held back

Faye is Twelve years old, Reddish Hair Shoulder length, Shy

Jeff and Mat found in nineteen sixty-eight; Jeff is only ten and Mat is eleven with brown almost black hair, hair down his shoulders, Covering his ear’s, the boys had been living on the street, sleeping in a cardboard box behind a building next to a dumpster till they were found by Mike and Shawn, Jeff has medium Sun Blond hair mostly Shy not very good with words or understanding as he’s past slowly comes out.

We know there is a lot more to inform you about but we had to stop at some point, Maybe that will help on some of your questions we hope so. Thanks all of you Chapter still coming Adventure II, so where always on the keys banging away for you Will and Max.

4070 Chapter 70. Yellow jacket pt 2a Revised

October 17, 2013

Chapter (4070) 70pt 2a

         YellowJacket Get the Coal Revisited

Hello Reader sorry it’s been awhile been busy with Scripts and screen play rewrites, 

Now working back now to what I like write here so hope you like it so far. Always will

Yellow Jacket Mike and Shawn’s Adventure Has returned. Thank You Followers.

Mike and Faye were over by the ship walking around the logs mostly looking under the ship, Mat sitting next to me on the log with Jeff watching them and keeping an eye open for the Raycoons to return, Mat pointed over to the left side of the ship, looking back over to them coming around the ship with Mike just shrugging his shoulders walking around to the doorway with Faye, Mike step inside while Faye waited looking around and under it again, Mike jumped out almost tripping on the logs looking at them pushing them away from the door way heading back to us, watching the ambers and Raycoons looking at us from the woods.

“Hey Shawn did you see that” Mike said standing in front of me wiping his Jeans off
“We all seen it Mike you almost went looking at the sky”
“We’ll at least we have more fire wood now” pointing over around the ship area
“Great what about the ship” looking up at him sideways still trying to watch the raccoons
“It seems fine’ must have been a quirk or something” smiling back looking for a soda
Looking up with a frown “Quirk or Something”
“What else could it have been? Any soda left” seeing only empty’s

“By the ship there’s more”

“We need to get it covered before dark” Mike said just walking back towards the ship

We all started helping move the branches and logs to the side and moving a few by the pit for later, Mike took what he could of green branches placing them around the ship with Mat and Jeff doing what they could to help, running in an out of the woods bringing back fresh green branches with plenty of leaves, once it was covered pretty good we return to the logs sitting down having our sodas and placing a few more logs on the ambers.

Just when everything seemed like it was fine enjoying our little fire watching the crackling ambers, Mat started gagging and spitting on the ground reaching down grabbing any soda within his reach drinking it not even checking for ants just right in spitting it back right out, all of us turned watching him, bending over upchucking gagging more, quickly getting up over to him seeing on the ground everything he had eaten earlier laying in a warm pile with mixed soda and some sort of Yellow goopy stuff mixed with hamburger chucks, with the smell and sight of it making
me want to vomit grabbing my mouth not to breath it in stepping back behind him.

 “What the hell did you two eat” Mike asking standing over Jeff vomiting also.

“What did they eat are we going to be sick, I can’t watch this” Faye said rushing away right for the ship, Mike looked up at her and over to me and Mat

“Grab a few more sodas’ Faye” holding Jeff from falling over losing his balance.

Looking over I could see Jeff’s eyes all watery trying to wiping off his face with his shirt bottom, Faye returned with the soda bottles handed outward behind Mike not even looking at them like she was going to catch something moving slowly behind them over to the logs sitting down.

Mat must have gotten the worst of it on top of eating so much taking deep breaths with the sweat rolling off his forehead, Pointing over to the other sitting down Mat walked with me sitting down pale, reaching over taking the soda from Faye handing it to him, slowly drinking small sips not sure he wanted to ready to lean over if anything came up, it looked like they got it up and out of there system, Mike poking at the stuff with tree branch stripped down motioning to me to come over, like I didn’t see enough already, yea it looked the same as Mat’s, Mike moving that stick around it like it was pudding mix lifting some on the tip bringing it right up to his face, then of all things smelled it pulling the stick away just as fast.

 “What is this crap” Mike asking turning around towards the boys holding the stick towards them, Mat and Jeff both leaning back away only a few feet in front of them, Jeff shrugged his shoulders looking at it remarking  with a slight chough “Candy”

“This isn’t candy’ Shawn look what these fools were eating” Mike dropped the stick reaching down scooping up some in his hand holding it outward towards me now.

“Gross Mike” watching it dripping thru his fingers

Shaking his head back and forth, tossing his hand and the goo towards the fire pit a few times before wiping it on his pants, glaring back over at the boys, kneeling himself down making his face at them looking back over at me.

“What I didn’t tell them to eat that stuff”

Jeff sat looking towards the skyline then back trying to avoid Mike’s stares back and forth between them while placing branches of the fire.

Faye was walking around the logs staying more to the rear of the boys, coming around the front side stopping next to Mike watching him, “Why’s it smoking so much”

“It’s Green That’s Why” Mike said sarcastically back

“Won’t smoke bring others in here seeing all that smoke”

“No It’ won’t’” Looking back at Faye “go do something will you”

“Maybe I better take them to the ship” Looking at Mat and Jeff leaning over

“No Wait” Mike quickly said reaching down for one of the empty plates on the ground, turning with his dumb smile at me, he was up to something alright watching him scooping up some ash in the plate shifting it back and forth tossing a few chucks off. Right off I had this feeling what he was up to’ reaching down for one of the empty cups next along with our water jug, Mike scooted over dumping the ash inside filling it halfway, spilling some on my hand holding it out for him, tossing the plate back pointing to the jug to fill it.

Mike quickly mixing it using his finger inside before getting a small branch to mix it around, turning standing in front of them as Mat only raised his head turning away Jeff on the other hand pulled back seeing inside mud not soda or water. “Yes you’re going to drink it” Mat started to move away with Mike reaching over pointing to sit back down, Jeff just turn looking over at me hoping I’d say something.

“Mat your first; you ate that crap now you’ll drink some of this” Holding the cup in front of him

“But I can’t drink that” placing his hand to his mouth

“You’ll drink it’ or I’ll pour it down your little mouth’ Open”

“Mat closed his eyes lowering his hand opening his mouth while Mike slowly poured it in letting some drip off his lips, while Mat was pulling back from him; reaching over pushing his chin up “Now swallow it” with a big gulp it went down his tong came out moving back and forth over his lips squinting, Mike turn to Jeff just sitting holding his head back mouth wide open, Mike smiled at me already holding Jeff by his shoulder keeping him seating closing his eyes waiting for it all tight holding the log he was sitting on.

Mike reach over holding his lower jaw till the cup was empty making sure he swallowed it, tossing the empty behind him stepping back watching.

 “What did they eat making them sick like that” Faye asked

 “Shelf growth dumb stupid moron Kids”

 “English Mike” standing over Jeff watching him holding his throat glancing to Mike

“It’s Tree Sap that harden’s ok” Saying tossing more branches in

 “Why they eat that?” Faye turning back

“Tell us why you would eat some dam tree crap’ why you two” Mike asking Reaching down picking up another stick holding it outward pointing it at them, Jeff quickly jerked away getting near my side more afraid it seemed looking down at him than looking up at Mike Holding the stick Jeff seemed more like he was going to get hit, Mat seeing Jeff moving so fast seen what was happening Standings right up to Mike wiping his mouth off looking down at the stick.

“Jeff said it was rock candy why you going to beat the kid over candy” spitting on the ground bending over after getting up to fast; Jeff grabbing his stomach watching Mat before turning aside away from me then up it came with power of suggestion from Mat; Mike smiling watching them this got me mad pointing to the Stick, Mikes face just surprised holding it up before tossing it into the white smoke and low flames bellowing upward.

“Hard like Rock Candy’ They must have seen it on a tree” Mike Lowering his head

 “They ate it grouse” Faye saying walking away

“Next time you two want candy ask for it before you eat stuff from any woods ok” Mike trying to ease them a little, Slowly moving around the pit checking the flames.

Glade that was over and done with after almost two hours of sitting watching them and watching the smoky fire glowing amber color in the trees, Faye had fixed the blankets for them, handing empty cups to used if they needed while following her inside, Standing at the doorway watching them get settled sitting upward holding the cups.

“Just holler if you need something will be by the fire”

Joining Mike at the fire; Faye stayed with us by the fire mostly talking about her past friends back home, after awhile of the two going back and forth not really interested walking over checking in on them they were sleeping on top of the cover’s, stepping inside as Jeff had the blanket over his head pulling it back bending over touching the back of Jeff’s neck, he was breathing very deeply. glancing over at Mat also checking if he was warm, they were still pale an exhausted with the worst over now, looking around not seeing anything to wipe them off with Jeff was the worst his shirt front covered with dried soot droll, pulling it over his shoulders holding him upright, his eyes slowly opening then right back closed only a few times letting me clean him up with the shirt, Mat almost as bad tee shirt just pulling it right off him without him even waking once well at least they’re not sweating, Tossing the shirts away picking up the cups giving them one last look from the door way seeing were the sun turned white skin to browning.




Sitting down Next to Mike “How’s the boys doing” Mike asking looking into the trees


“Better now that both our asleep” looking at the low flame fire only glancing over to him


“Bet they won’t eat any more rock tree candy” Mike smiling reaching over taping my side


“Any Maple trees around here? we could always get Maple syrup” Faye said outward leading around me looking at Mike with her big smile almost giggling, only Mike just went all tight lipped looking back at her more Snippy growl back “Maybe we could fine one and tap it for syrup just for you” leading back kicking the dirt upward

“Ok Mike she was just kidding around” Faye sat back looking towards the ship tapping my leg pointing towards it, Looking up and over not seeing anything just returning looking at the four large raccoons in the tree line sit up looking over at us before making way towards the underbrush, Mike reach down picking up a tree stick throwing it at them watching them rushing back into the woods.


“Wow it won’t kill them will it?” Faye stood up looking over the fire pit checking on the raccoons running for cover, turning back staring at Mike.


“Who the raccoon’s” Mike just looked at her curled lip stare in question


“No Mat and Jeff they won’t die from that Sap stuff”


“No shithead not with all the coal ash flushing everything out of them” shaking his head looking over to me raising his hands upward then looking back to Faye sitting back down looking away from us “It was kind‘a grouse looking” stopping in the middle pointing towards the ship “Did’ you hear that” Faye said quickly turning more sideways around looking back and forth


“What did you hear’ Now?” Asking outward looking over not seeing any raccoons by the ship, raising my head trying to hear if maybe one of the boys was calling out for us


“Something was moving over near the ship” Faye quickly stood up looking, Mike glanced over not real interested but sat looking around the ship remarking to her “Maybe it was those Raccoons coming back from the trees besides if it was them they would be at the door”


“No look” stepping next to me Pointing over to the Ship’ shivers just ran up my arms pushing all the little hairs straight outward jumping off my arm hearing Mike jumping up also so fast moving the log, we all seen them this time three younger men with rifles coming thru the tree alongside the ship avoiding the tree limbs checking around the site before looking upward seeing us standing looking right at them.


“What are you doing here this is private property” One of them said outward checking inside the doorway, before either of us got a word out, he was taping his gun on the side while the other two moved around checking also finding the boys inside sleeping.




“Who’s in Here?”


“Leave them alone” Mike hollered out moving around Faye towards them, One of the men started tapping on the floor inside the doorway hollered outward “Get up nap times over get out here were we can see you” again he was banging on the floor till both woke up looking at him rush aside him jumping from the doorway rushing over to us watching them holding rifles, Mat dazed with Jeff staying close to us watching them go thru stuff. Jeff already shaking holding onto me while Mat stood next to Mike standing in front of us; copying Mike hands on his hips


“Relax kids’ were just looking” turned pointing his Rifle right at us


“Well did you find what you were looking for” Mike asking harshly


“What is this stuff just your clothes and kiddy junk” Turning to us standing in the doorway holding the box before turning it upside down poking it with the rife, turning back to the main guy who seem in charge shook his head waving then looked around the area


The other two didn’t look older than we did around sixteen with grins on their faces looking at us, stepping outside the ship looking around at everything before one of them turned and said outward holding his gun upward on his shoulder “Mark no smokes here come on lets go”


He just turn looking at them with a frown they didn’t find anything they wanted, he looked down at the ground making his nose all scrunched up lifting his head back again checking over all of us just watching them. “Man someone got sick”

“Gross, huh? Hungry help yourself” Mike said grinning at him watching one of the guys poking at the soot mess by his feet making sure he didn’t step in it walking aside it

“I need to piss” Jeff said looking up holding my waist but not wanting to move away

Mat mumbled “shut up” turning back to pointing his finger at him

“What are you kids doing here anyway” Mark asking holding his rifle downward as if everything was fine now and we would be friends or something like that

“What’s it look like were camping” Mike quickly said moving towards him

“Where’s your folks anyway”

“They’re getting water you better leave before they see what you did”

“Just looking around don’t get yourself in an uproar kid”

“Looking thru our stuff right you trash our stuff ” Mike snippy right back trying to watch what the other two were doing standing at the doorway, with rifles on the re shoulders placing the stuff back in the boxes and setting them aside just inside the door by the seats.

“Mark come on let’s get out of here” the younger boy said moving away from the door looking to the pathway leading in, both stopped looking back at Mark waiting for him

“Wow I’m scared your daddy will get mad” Mark said looking back at them walking away

“Should be back anytime, have a seat why don’t you” Mike said pointing to the logs trying to get the best of him now only making us tensed just thinking about him and his waving rifle

“Mark’ come on” the one said standing at the pathway looking back

Turning looking at the others walking away “How come we didn’t see any cars? ”

“Because we were dropped off ok’ now go join your friend’s chicken shit”

“Wise mouth hu’ are you think your tuff or something I have a gun’ what’s with him” holding his rifle upward pointing it at Jeff moving back and forth standing with me

“He’s got to piss and your scaring him pointing it us” Mike stepping more in front of us hiding Jeff from his view

“Go boy i won’t stop you”

Looking down at Jeff holding his front squinting his eyes telling him softly “Go ahead its ok Jeff just don’t go far stay near the trees” Jeff turning around dropping the front of his pants reliving himself, Faye quickly moved away after seeing him staying more in front of us, Mike and Mat only looked back seeing him turning right back Mike tightening his lip glaring at Mark.

“Ok were leaving we didn’t do anything here’ did we Kid?”

“Really what do you call that’ my Dad will be looking for you three” nodding his head while biting at his lower lip wanting more to get into a scuffing mach with him

“We didn’t do anything, scared the piss out of the kid that’s all” holding his rifle down checking back to see were the other two were on the pathway, not seeing them turning back

“Right just scared the crap out of us with your guns” Mat jump right in telling him off getting the same tone as Mike just what we didn’t need at this time a fight.

“You better just forget we were here or will be back again’ You Hear me all of you” Pointing his rifle up towards Mike and Mat stopping them from moving any closer towards him

“Your friends are leaving shouldn’t you be going too?” Mike said outward thru his teeth

“Ok you win and you better not say anything about us got it” turning starting to walk away

“Fine’ you were never here” Mike quickly said with his hands behind him making a fist.

Watching Mark rushing to the pathway to find his friends still holding Jeff close at least he stopped shaking so much, Mat rush over to the ship with Mike while Jeff and I sat down looking around the fire pit, Faye went around the ship before coming back looking inside at them Mat stood at the doorway with his thumb upward, jumping out rushing to the pathway looking down making sure they weren’t just lingering about in the trees, Jeff started crying moving over closer to me, holding him to me telling him we were find and everything was ok we didn’t get hurt or shot did we, he just shook his head back and forth crying gasping and started shaking again like a leaf in the wind, Faye came running back holding a Tee shirt outward along with a warm soda, Jeff looked up taking the shirt putting it on almost hitting me with his arm, Faye stood holding the soda till he was done, Not wanting it, So Faye handed it to me sitting down with us waiting on Mike and Mat to return.

“Can we be out of here soon” Jeff asking pulling the shirt over his head.

“Maybe soon will be taking off” Handing him the soda watching him slowly drinking it

Sitting thinking about what could have happen would only make matters worse what we needed to do was find out what was going on with the ship why it crashed and what could we have over looked it has to be something small something we missed but what we looked over everything inside and under it what could it be, Mike and mat came over drinking sodas grinning like they won the big battle of the earth.

“They didn’t get our money one box more they would have”

“We need to get out of here Mike” looking up at him holding his box of money

 “Will be ok they left they won’t be coming back here” Mike standing finishing off the bottle

“It’s three with guns Mike not Aliens we got to find what’s going on with the ship we can’t stay here, creeps with guns and who knows what else is around these woods” getting bad and upset they could all see it in me now even Faye just stood looking back and forth

 “Aliens you’ what happen?” Jeff asking looking up puzzled

“It’s a long story’ how you think we got this ship”

“You kill them” wide eyes rising getting excided

“No they got away in other ships”

“Wow’ How many were there, so how’d you get the ship then?”

“Only a few and they left the ship so we took it”

Jeff sat back smiling for once this amused him fighting Aliens and taking their ship, Faye dropped her empty soda near the pit looking to the ground. “Won’t they come looking for it”

“You are Human right you’re not aliens” Mat stood back looking at all of us

“Huh?” Looking back at him more confused to his thinking we were the Aliens now

 “So you are not Aliens from another world?” Jeff sparked right up smiling

“What the hell are you two babbling about do we look like Aliens?’

“Yes and we have paranormal powers to defeat the enemies” Mike busted out with grinning ear to ear holding his box outward like it would float in the air waiting for it to hover

“What’s Para-n-rom ?”

“It Electro Magnetic Force field of Positive to Negative fields in a world of space and time as we are here in this time and space in the Paranormal world” Mike babbled off like some scientist

“Huh” Mat and Jeff said at the same time looking at him lowering the box

“What the hell Mike stop it come back to earth here and let find how to get out of here without Aliens or Guns ok, now what could be missing that we overlooked something small or out of the ordinary, it has to be something think put your powers to that will you and get us home”

Mike didn’t say anything just turn walking to the ship Faye followed him, Mat sat down and we just waited for the raccoons slowly coming from the tree lines seeing what was going on.

Look forward to the edit no matter how hard it is

March 25, 2013

There always something we missed along the way, this was a good time to change it Thanks everyone who’s been following the group along its journey on Yellow Jac wordpress, Experts from one chapter that was redone for book hope you like it.
Everyone looked out the window, her head popped upward seeing all of us now we were spotted for sure, She stood looking at us with a big smile waving her hand, the older man quickly stopping her looking talking but we weren’t able to hear them over the car running; Everyone moved back from the window all smiling that she seen them, not me or Mike we knew we had to get out of here as fast as we could.
“Everybody get ready we got to leave as soon as they drive off” Mike wiping his lips off glancing down pointing to Josh, Quickly looking down at him he had fallen asleep sitting next to me, watching the car leave the driveway trying not to looked bending down, knowing how weak he was picking him up taking him over laying him on the hay bales, everyone started getting the rest of our things together ready, Brian walked over standing next to me with Chris looking at Josh.
“He going to be ok”
“He’s still weak Brian, he needs to rest”
“I’ll set up a blanket inside for him”
“Ok thanks’ I’ll bring him over as soon as you ready is everything inside”
“Just waiting on Mike”
“What’s he doing?”
“Still over by the door looking out”
“I’ll get Mike after I get him in”
“What about the tarp should we take it?”
“We better just in case we need it later”
Brain and Chris went over to the ship, Lisa ringing out the wet clothes setting them inside, Brain waved over for Josh, Looking down he was just sitting looking thru the crack outward, Carefully picking Josh up taking him inside, Brian laid out a blanket just behind my seat.
Everyone moved out of our way with Brian helping getting him down easy, checking Josh warm so that was a good sign as long as he wasn’t sweating a river, Stepping out Faye holding up a warm soda reaching down for it, all of them looking up at me waiting on the hay bales, the only sound around the whole place was birds chirping, watching them drinking keeping more to themselves, knowing Mike like I do something was up it must be bothering him keeping away from everyone.
“You going to fold up the tarp just leave it by the side for now ok”
“Ok Shawn’ we leaving before it gets dark”
“We might have to’ just everybody be ready”
“I don’t understand why we should leave if they know were here”
“Lisa we don’t know them, what about the ship”
“We could say it was here already”
“Please just stop” Walking away from her before I said something I shouldn’t heading down watching Mike chewing on the dirty hay again.
“Mike’ whatever it is you better come out of it”
Looking up pulling the straw out , lowering his head looking at them sitting looking back. “They knew our names’ How Shawn who are they”
“I don’t know Mike who they are, only we have to get back”
“That’s it how do we know it will take us home?”
“We have to try Mike”
“The kid has to know how to get us back”
“True he knows something about the ship”
“Don’t let him fool you’ He know more about it”
“You’re right ok’ but he’s too ill to tell us much”
“You’re the one he’s taking too”
“What do I say to him?”
“Shawn if you have to beat it out of him till he tells us how to work it”
“Beat him Mike he’s just a boy, come on think what you’re saying”
“Alright am sorry’ Just make like you were talking to your brother”
“Sure that’s like asking a wall for information”
“You’re the one that can reach inside that kid brain”
“Ok’ so we find out and then what?”
“Will just take them all back with us”
“How are we going to explain them?”
“I don’t know how’ and I don’t care how’ we just need to get home”
“Ok Mike’ relax your biting that lip too much its bleeding again”
“I can’t help it I’m scared ok”
“Ok Mike so am I’ but we have to be strong here for the others”
“What about us’ you’re scared too”
“I ‘am Ok’ we have to hold it together for everyone sake”
“Ok but we can’t leave right now”
“Why not Mike?”
“We just can’t I don’t know why something’s telling me we have to stay”
“I don’t understand what is it now”
“I don’t know what it is it’s something deep down telling me”
“Like a feeling it will blow up or something”
“No Shawn it’s just not time I can’t explain it just wait a while longer”
“Ok I’ll tell the other we have to stay, only till dark Mike”
“Yea ok When its dark’ Hey how’s the kid doing”
“Sleeping he so weak again”
“The birds stopped quite” Mike said moving over looking out the crack in the door.
Sure enough they returned in the Black car pulling in the driveway, around the bales rushing up by the door looking out at them pointing keeping them low.
“Mike’ it’s them again, any ideas now what to do?”
“No we have to stay’ ok”
“Ok will you try and relax before you end up like Josh”
Turning back watching them going back to the house with the older lady trying to look towards us every so often walking to the door before going inside together, Brian and Lisa moved over near us kneeling low next to Mike, Mike looked back at them getting right up heading to the ship without saying anything to them, Brian look over at me just as Chris holding onto Faye came over
“We leaving or what’ Shawn” Brain asked confused
“Tonight when its dark as it stands right now that’s all I can tell you”
“As soon as it’s dark that might be too late”
“Hey you two look the lady’s coming out” Lisa interrupted us
“Now what?”
“She’s heading right for us”
“Great’ everyone get to the ship, Brian tell Mike”
“Mike’ Mike’ We got to leave now” Faye Saying outwardly rushing up with Chris
“Shawn how” Brain asking rushing away
“If she tries to come in were going right thru the doors”
”Holy shit we’re leaving’ hurry everyone were crashing thru the doors”
Not even watching for her just getting back to the ship, Mike jumping out watching everyone hearing Brian “What happen” Pointing to get in “Where going now get in” Brian already sitting , Jumping over Josh plopping in my seat, Mike taking the center waving the lights dust started flying from the bottom.
“Look she’s at the side door watching us” Lisa said standing at the door trying to get it to close.
Seeing out our front screen turning colors watching her at the side door trying the knob, it was still braced under the knob we had a chance of getting out again seeing her head to the glass looking right at us trying to wave, knocking on the door really hard sending the shivers up my spine just frozen looking at the door seeing her at the glass, already starting to sweat felling the dampness under my arms with each knock on the door “what’s taken so long for this thing to move”, “It’s not lighting up here just flickering” Wake him up hurry up” turning back shaking Josh back and forth Chris and Faye staying near the rear scared, Josh wasn’t waking.
Climbing over the seat tugging on him, Mike pointing for Lisa to get in the seat, lifting Josh upward looking at his eyes, he was out like a light “He’s out of it”
“Did he die”
“No he not dead Mike he passed out”
“Push that peddle down harder it’s moving”
“The door’s still open”
“Will get it later, get that boy up Shawn”
Brian reach over grabbing my arm looking upward then looking back before I could see the door spotting the older guy Blair walking right to the door, Mike stomping on the peddles trying to fire it up unable to only getting a load humming sound from the bottom.
“Brian’ Please open the door! … Brian’ don’t go please wait”
Turning looking right at Brian my hair razing she’s calling Brian just frozen, looking out the screen window at the door, feeling something grabbing me looking back it was Josh reaching around my neck blinking his eyes. “He’s awake”
“Make it move Josh hurry” Mike hollering back “Dam this thing it’s not moving come-on Josh help us” Mike all nerviest banging on the consoled, Brian lowered his head at the consoled back and forth “It’s no use Mike” “Why won’t it go why” Banging his hands again, Josh crying holding me, Lisa getting out of the chair the ship just stopping dead, Brain scooted to the door looking out with Lisa stepping down staring at the side door, unable to stopping them looking up to Mike laying his head down on the consoled starting to cry, we we’re done for found out for sure now, what could happen next I didn’t even want to know leaning into Josh.
“Brian’ Brian please wait” the lady said wiping the window hearing the crack in her voice, Brian stood looking at her Chris rush over to him standing with Lisa watching the door, Faye came over to us leaning over upset just holding us all together, Glancing up seeing our screen turning back, over at the door Brian walking towards it, moving away from them just as I got the doorway “Brain no” He looked back just holding the board. Mike heard me getting up rushing over with Faye bringing Josh to the doorway.
“Kid’s Please we know you’re here’ please open the door” Doc said with a throbbing voice knocking again on the door holding her next to him.
“Brian it’s me May” She said sadly between her tears, holding her hanky.
“We got to let them in” Brian said stepping closer to Chris.
“Brian who are they?” Mike said jumping right out rushing over to him already turning the lever, Mike stopping him just in time before unlocking it, looking right at the window seeing both of them watching.
“Brian you win unlock it then, you just killed all of us”
Turning the knob Brian open the door Chris right by his side looking at the two standing just staring at them, she was all teary eye as her face lit up smiling at them, wiping the tears reaching out for him hugging him now, while the Doc stood watching them a few seconds before looking over at us three looking from the ship.
“It’s ok your alright no one’s gon’na harm you” Doc said slowly walking over towards us, Brian still with her and Lisa, Mike moved away from them getting by us standing in front of the ships door watching them, Josh holding my leg with Faye holding him stepping away from the ship almost tripping over the tarp watching him walking over mostly looking down at Josh. “Which one of you is Jose?”
Mike step out in front of Josh hiding him “There’s no Jose here Mister”
Doc stopped looking right at Mike, turning looking back at the May and Brian, all of us also looked up at them her head snapped right upward looking at all of us “No he’s here Doc’ they’re all here I see them all of them even” she stopped and started crying again.
“One of you has got to be Jose, who’s been hurt!” Doc in a frim voice directed right at Mike, trying to see around him
“That’s Josh! Behind everyone” Brian said outward pointing over at us; Mike holding him from behind, Josh held my leg tighter trying to hide his arm, Faye moved inward more shielding him, Hearing him staring to cry with all of us tightly around him keeping him safe as we could together.
”Why Josh?” Mike asking moving his head sideways looking back down at him
“The Boy Jose I want it’s his arm its badly infected”
“No he’s fine we fix it already” Mike holding onto Josh’s side starting to shake standing looking at him, hearing Josh crying Faye quickly moved behind be taking Josh more holding him, I looked back seeing them two, tapping Mike.
“Son just relax here,’ I’m Doctor Blair and Your name is”
“Mike… Marcus”
“Ok Mike’ you seem to be the one in charge I’m a Doctor”
“Doctor’ How did you know we were here?”
“It’s a long story Mike”
Thanks’ everyone for following along it’s been a ride working on second chapters doing what possible with the weather, keeping me busy also hurry up spring we all had plenty of this winter already Will.

Between me you and God 10 Last

September 18, 2012

Between Me You and God 10

BMYG  Part Ten.

Today is been just another day at the beach for me and Lucky, watching the waves come in shore, it’s so peaceful here late at night no one around just the sound of the waves, what a lonesome sound with the moon casing off the waves, Went thru the six pack now back home seeing someone called, Becky checking on us again every other day she calling making sure I still pick up the phone now and then, Becky came by about two mounts ago and found me sleeping on the floor must have scared her she didn’t even try to wake me just called for help, she was relived I was ok more scared that I went without saying goodbye.

It’s been a ride for me for sure the big wave is coming in soon, time has its limited now dam liver problems,  my own fault too much drinking, it happens old friend yea we got old somehow, Guess you made it this far in the tapes or maybe you just grabbed the last one, I said a lot of things that maybe should have brought out long ago, hey you live with things and try to put them behind you and move on with your life, Well my friend I truly wanted to thank you for being my friend over the years, You may not know your letters over the years I’ve cherished wondering how you could just get up and travel around without a care, Did you know how much you made me dream of all those place’s, Post cards and photo’s what a adventure you had.

Keeping myself busy also married once and three kids, that was a long time ago we don’t talk and last time I even seen the kids the oldest was five, some other guy raised them with his name  and never heard from them, that’s been some twenty some years, not even a card or Christmas card from them guess I was written off, hey anytime I wanted company working at the shack was never a dull night, that brings me back to when we were young growing up around Cody before his work became involved then he found the love of his life moving away, do you still remember him the hippie sixties dude we called him, Some weekends he took you and me to Friendly’s for burgers mostly just an Ice Cream, what a chap escape he was now that I think of it a few times we went to the arcade, and you yes you were the one that got me on that roller coaster, holy crap was I scared but you took control just held me till it stopped, you sat wiping the tears away telling me we were down almost having to pry me from the seat, but I got even then again I had to force you into surfing the waves come on you got to admit the only waves we got where from the ships, just think if we were in that big state California you always talked about, hey I still got that old Ron Jon’s shirt you sent me.

It’s morning here bright sunny day the kids will be flocking in the arcade, never thought as kids I’d be working here during the summer, it’s my job to keep them games running, helping out in other activities of the environment protection, beach volleyball or even taking youth groups on fishing trips, of course a lot of kids have skateboards no matter how many times you tell them they still want to try the new stuff, besides becoming an EMT came in handy, Lifeguard during the busy weekends, you could always pickup plenty of girls being a lifeguard.

As much as I’d like to rattle on tape is running out so let me get right to it and again wish we had more time together, thanks for coming by it meant a great deal to me. This is my last tape so let me get down to what I wanted to tell you before it runs out; Going back before we moved here from what I’ve told you I do hope you now understand some of what happen to me as a child, still sometimes feeling the hurt knowing it wasn’t my fault it happen why things happen when you’re a small boy or even a girl that sometimes we don’t understand till later in life, no one said anything back in the sixties about bad men or women, today it’s all over and every kid now knows about them from their parents or schools, what to look out for not to ride in cars don’t talk to strangers, the fear is always with you no matter how old you get I don’t care what they say it’s like a haunting memory, more and more wondering if we moved because what happen in our town, Cody coming to live with us when he did, Mom said he needed a place to stay for awhile, I don’t remember him working back then either strange thing, comes to mind he went to the church a few times sure only when I went not my sister’s, when we lost our first Lucky he was the one that found another one just like her, do you know that I’ve had four Lucky’s now, hope this one sticks around a little longer with me, this one like beer half for her and half for me, so if a kid gets hurt by one of these persons what happen to them, all the talk today they become just like the person that betrayed them as a kid! That’s so wrong it only makes you more aware of what goes on in the minds of people.

Twelve going on Thirteen the man years of adolescence talking about girls didn’t bother me at all, hell going to the beach you could always see more young girls in bikinis most reviling thin print pattern less than Panties or bra’s letting your mind wonder, watching them run around how could you help not laying belly down in the sand afraid to turn over, how many times did both of us stay on the beach watching them play ball, even today the boys still do it. joining them a few times till nature called, even in gym class we had shorts most of the time not wearing our shirts and how they would tease us, the only time I even felt it again was at thirteen from a gym teacher trying to help me up a rope placing his hand on my rear, he didn’t mean anything by it, but I still had that fear even at thirteen, again that vulnerability that I felt was more a fear of what could happen again, perpetrators of the abuse come in many forms sometimes we fall into individuals that don’t care about the outcome only what they want and how they get it.

Parents conveniently let kids go thinking everything’s fine they know them’ it’s not like they were strangers. Mothers care for Cuts with Band-Aids they hurt when you hurt, try to confide your fears and worries making them easy to live with, having no father it was hard you just can’t go to Mom and tell her what going on sometimes you need a male image that you could confide your worst fears and worries to more a role model you could follow hoping to become like them, understanding why you feel the way you do, Mom never like my boyish paraphernalia of girls hanging on the wall, a few did had to go Mom telling me they exposed to much really Mom they had swim suits’ they were taken down but not thrown away, Cody even had a few magazines around he knew we looked at them but never asked what we thought about, more just telling us to make sure we put them back out of sight., getting back to what I was saying before retelling this is not an attempt to bring up bad times as a victim more ensuring that justice was done, more how do we prevent this abuse in the future, the media and publicity are all victims by attracting too much publicity not having any heart for the victims at all more heartless for a story in print, if they go to court to testify that could be devastating to any young person boy or girl, making spectacles of the accused person forgetting the child, who’s eyes fill with tears reliving the event over and over the fear and disgust they had to go thru, who failed to protect them when they needed someone to love and respect them as a child not a trophy for someone.

Life goes on closure in what they call criminal court cases takes a long time dragging on sometimes for a decade or more, mostly the accused will die before any justice is done leaving the victim to repeat their statement over and over, some try to drop the whole thing getting on with life like I did and so many more had to, who would believe a ten year old going to court back in the day or even today our society is deaf to the pleas for far too long more taking a back seat to it these kids are never taken seriously they don’t believe it more than not they just allowed us to tell our story of the horrible things which happen to us, without any recognition or judgment about our plight. They have turned a blind eye to the victims. Some day they will understand the child and what he or she has to deal with all thru life, having no control as a child, thankfully I never said anything before what a mess my life would have been I’m just thankful Mom was there to see things as they were not asking, just there if I needed her she must have known but never let on just more aware of what we did and were we went.

Thank you friend for just being my friend in life  Joe.

Joe sorry we couldn’t talk about this beforehand I understand can understand you, it’s a hard thing to deal with for any child at any age, you did what you felt was right and maybe Cody help in so many ways you just over looked he was there for you during the peak years you needed someone to talk to just being yourself, life is so precious we should never let it go to waste.

Readers this was Joe’s last tape before he left us hope you read some of it, it wasn’t easy listening to his voice breaking so many times before he finished telling his life past granted Becky and Trisha have also read them before I let any go to print here,, Thank you both for allowing me the chance to share Joe’s story.

Sent your comments if you like Thanks’ for reading it Will

Last Part of Joe Called.

Between Me You and G 9

September 12, 2012

Between Me You and G-9

BMYG  Part Nine.

Sitting here I feel like a fool talking to a Tape recorder having my beer with Lucky eating chips that by the way spilled trying to set this mike up again,. You know times were hard back then and I just don’t know how to tell you I’m mostly talking here to Lucky when she not sleeping, the radio playing the oldies bringing be back to that year of the hippies you might say; so like I was saying before we did go to the church and meet the new Father, The Bible studies were in the main room with the girls now, they even had adults now teaching instead of just the Father, Candle services were in teams of four even if most of the younger kids left right after, all outside activities were canceled with the groups more preaching the Bible only.

It was ok for most of the older folks, now Becky and Trisha did go to the other church till we moved, not for me it just didn’t feel right anymore something about it change me maybe it was what happen maybe not, when does a ten year old kid know anyway school was even hard work not wanting to do homework more just playing outside, when the weather was bad out I’d stay in my room reading a book or playing with my toy cars, if the girls were out I’d watch more TV. Having the TV to myself on Sundays was great till they came home of course, Mom was working late hours coming home just as the news was ending checking on all of us before she went to bed always giving me a kiss on the forehead every night, a few times more that I’d like to say it happen having night mares waking up in the middle of the night with a wet bed, Mom never asked why it happen only saying I would grow out of it not to worry all boys sometimes they have the same problem, The biggest thing being scared when Mom had question my sisters about the wash, mostly my underwear missing seemed she had to buy more than normal, believe me I tried hard to get the blood out after church it wasn’t the food or too much cheese as I hope it was till that day, likely it healed and the only time I got new ones was at Christmas or start of school like every other kid did.

Uncle Cody moved in with us, taking the top bunk so Lucky could stay with me on the bed, Cody was more like an older brother to me going fishing, playing baseball sort of more throwing the ball back and forth in the yard, most of the time we were chasing Lucky to retrieve the ball, winning the girls at board games, Cody even like music teaching me steps to some of it, mostly we’d sit on the floor taking in the sounds moving the speakers around the room, he even made most of our dinners making sure I ate his French Beans, still to this day I won’t eat those things squirmy things like split worms in water. Any time we were going someplace together Cody always phoning mom before we took off, a few times we had to wait for her to call back.

Then it happen one late night being woken up by Mom and Cody talking in the kitchen, harsh words went back and forth between then, staying out of sight standing by the doorway when I heard them talking about going to court and getting a lawyer for me, what did I do that they needed a lawyer believe me I was getting scared leaving the doorway walking right in on them, both just stopped and told me to sit down they needed to talk to me, Mom told me they wanted me in court to give evidence against the Church. Here I thought everyone forgot about it, telling them I knew nothing about what went on behind his closed door, only what I heard around school what happen and the boys involved had left school or they moved.

Mom was silent and pulled me into to her telling me we were moving soon, asking how I would like to start a new school making new friends, sure I like it here but moving away I wanted to do more than anything I even thought of running away just to get away from all the talk going around even the boys in gym picking on any boy in church. Of course she asked if that was why I stopped going I just said yes.   No matter what I was not going to any court against the church, Cody did agreed with her and not to be afraid of what other say, I told them about a few boys in school hitting me telling me not to talk or they would kill me, well Cody about jumped out of his seat wanting to go get them boys asking who they were, I never seen him mad like this before, mom talked him back down off his high horse. Cody didn’t sleep much that night nor did I thinking maybe I said something that slipped out.

Jake’s Dad got transferred in the Air force just before Cody came to stay with us, Jake told me he would never say anything and owe me his life, that’s funny him owing me his life maybe helping him was right he turned out ok, Got married had four kids and still in the Service last I knew. You know I didn’t have many friends back then mostly keep to myself more afraid of what could happen, Tom had run into me a few times before he was pickup by the police still in his gym suit everyone just watch him squirm crying as they took him away, every time I looked at him I wanted to hurt him back but not in the way he did to me, where he was going they have a lot of guys that like young boys hope he gets what’s coming to him, what goes around comes around I remember hollering out as they dragged him out.

This tape working ok We were out fishing one afternoon me and Cody by the stream not thinking the ground was still damp slipping off the bank right into the muddy water, Cody helped me out I had lost the fishing pole, soaking wet more Panicked I was drowning Cody rush over helping me out, that’s when he found out I didn’t know how to swim, He showed me later how to swim holding me in the water till I could swim, anyway that day when I feel in we went home and no one was home it was a weekend the girls were off visiting, Cody told me to get clean up before they came home, so I took a Shower, now I always lock the door so my sisters won’t come barging in on me for some reason not thinking I left it open hurry to get in the shower stripping off my clothes jumping right in relaxed under the water letting it run thru my hair, Cody said hurry up don’t take all day in there, realizing he was just outside the glass doors in the bathroom turning off the water I slowly open the door and just looked at him. All kinds of thoughts went thru my head standing with the door open my whole body started trembling, He turn back around hearing me starting to cry, whatever he said I don’t remember only him grabbing the towel and pulling me out of the shower sitting me down on the thrown, I crying scared for what reason I don’t know why it just started, Cody dried me off taking me into the bedroom helping me get dressed, we sat on the bed Cody ask what happen why I froze in the shower like that.

Telling him I just got scared I was drowning dying falling into hell, he sat with me telling me I was fine it was only because I didn’t know how to swim, telling me the water was only waist high and if I just stood up I could have walk out of it, wanting to know what else was bothering me saying he would never tell Mom if I had something to tell him about the church, he would understand why I never said anything to anybody about it before but he had to know, I told him only what I heard and that I was glad he didn’t do anything with me in that way, Cody told me sometimes people go wrong and they need help, asking again if I needed help coping with it more just between us two, I couldn’t tell him as much as I wanted to, just to let someone know about it maybe it would have helped me but I couldn’t do it, always asking myself why didn’t they run, if they knew what was going on they should have run out scramming from the room someone would have heard them putting a stop to it, who would believe a kid na let him live his life in guilt and shame the parent didn’t want to hear about such things going on in their little town it would change their society status, maybe they were just too embarrassed to tell they were being fondled by the Father and Tom being the worst if they only knew he was everyone’s imagine of the perfect boy well at least that was shattered to all those good people.

Cody was like a brother now, no way was he going to think of me like his remarks to the TV set when different things came on, about wife abuse or men changing sex gander it was a big thing beck then with the end of the sixties with Woodstock, now we even if we played the say music at times it didn’t seem wrong freedom peace and all that hey I had bell bottom jeans and leather vest with peace emblems and save the earth Peace not War, wonder what ever happen to it must have lost it over the years.

That summer we moved to this house that was in nineteen seventy, new school new house even a big back yard for Lucky, the water scared me some Cody know it, the first day we got there I stood staring at the water watching the huge waves rushing inward, it was the first time I even seen salt water it smelled strong even from across the street, Kids were swimming playing volleyball and the smell of fish tickled my noise, watching as a boat slowly made its way down that was no waist deep hoping I could still swim, we didn’t even get unpacked when both Becky and Trisha had their swimming suits on rushing to the water, Cody told me to get my trunks on were all going in, finding them getting dressed meeting all five on the beach lucky was having a good time chasing the gulls, everyone was splashing around in the water while I stayed on the beach playing with Lucky, no matter how much they wanted me to come in with them no way was I going in that smelly dark green water.

Of course later I came to love the green water as time went on as I called it back then when I first saw it, everything here was different then not like today do you remember riding bikes down the middle of the road late at night. Ok that’s another story so it’s late I’ll talk on the next round of tapes, if your still with me, life is short so live like everyday your last that’s what lucky and me are doing enjoying life to its fullest.

Will here almost done with the tapes a lot of editing trying to understand all of what Joe was saying inbetween his back and forth having to cut most of it so only one more post coming on Joe’s tapes hope you could follow most of what he had to go thru will post next one soon. Sent your comments if you like Thanks’ for reading it Will

Between Me You and God 7

August 31, 2012

Between Me You and God 7
BMYG The tapes Part Seven.
Sunday’s came and went it seem like a long winter mostly cold some snow, that year Christmas was good Mom got a raise able to buy a few more things that we needed, She and my sisters even went to Christmas Mass, Candle persons now were posted , mine again wasn’t till February. Sunday study was a different thing all together after Christmas Things changed more of the boys were in study, being that I studied so hard Father Spears made me leader of the Group study, that was ok he still took a few in his study over the weeks most of the boys I knew from school three of them had the same classes as I did.
Tom seemed to be in every study with Father Spears, I was called a few times alright that’s when I found out what went on during Study in that room, Father Spears wore his robe more often with sandals sitting in his chair that did seem weird shrugging it off, once they asked if I would take a boy home he wasn’t feeling well, It was Jake from school I knew him we had lunch together and even worked on homework; He was sitting on the couch in his rob seeing he didn’t have his pants on looking around for them sitting on the desk chair, handing them to him he just looked up at me and started crying with his head down, I remember sitting with him holding him into me till he got hold of himself, Tom had walked by a few times looking in but never said anything, he was able to get dressed not wanting to go home asking if he could spend the night with me, Mom won’t mind if it was ok with his mom.
Jake told me what happen to him in the study, when I asked him about wearing the rob he said it was suppose to be more with Jesus as he would have dressed but then they started fooling around some and things happen, asking him how much wine he had only one glass and was feeling sick so they stopped asking why they did things like that it was a church was he suppose to do that, after he had his crying time again I could only reassure him it wasn’t right and something was wrong here, he said he could never tell his folks about it he was at fault going along with what they were doing, we agreed not to say anything about it that night, all week I thought about it what happen to him might be happen to other boys as well maybe that’s what happen to me, I needed to find out on my Sunday candle day then I would know what happen.
It just so happen that that Sunday Father Spears was his old self greeting everyone in church; Tom said I had Candle service that day even thou it wasn’t my turn yet, one of the boys had to go out of town, Jake was here and a few others why didn’t they ask them I wasn’t ready this wasn’t what I had plan for it was too soon. Service went well so I played the part all the way to study after service I rush to the store still in my rob getting a quart of milk, being one up on them beforehand reading about it in some magazine so you don’t get wasted drinking, returning like I had been in another room drying my shoes off inbetween hiccups now, Tom seen me in the kitchen asking if I was studying with them, of course I was he did ask about the shoes I told him I had to help someone to their car, what a lie that was in church at that.
Two boys were on the outside couch with books telling me they were waiting inside, sure enough they were seating inside talking just the two of them smiling at me when I walk in leaving the door open sitting on the couch still in my rob without a book, Father handed me a bible opening it to a page, looking down not really looking at it hearing Tom closing the door telling them when they were done they could go home. Geneses he was pointing at and Tom brought over the wine and glasses.
After two glasses I felt ok it wasn’t bothering me but I played the part remembering on the second glass how I felt before, sure enough Tom started taking my shoes off the verses were a little fuzzy so Father spears told me to lay down for a few, I did both of them had taken off all my cloths and were touching my whole body keeping still as best I could letting them, they placed my hand on well parts of them each taking their photos with each of the flashes squinting my eyes a few times moving about feeling sore before they both stopped placing the rob back on laying me down, I stayed there hearing them leaving the room with one eye I could see the draw open and a camera sitting on top of the desk, sitting upward looking at the chair there sat all my clothes, I was sore front and back and here I thought I had eaten something bad before along it was them, Tom walk in looking at me telling me to get dressed study was over, taken the camera and closing the draw leaving the room, the door was open so I hurried getting dressed checking the draw finding photos of the other boys as well as mind.
A deep knot was In my throat now knowing what happen why did I let them do it maybe I was as much to blame as they were. All kinds of thoughts went thru my mind that day how could this have happen to me what would Mom say’ god I couldn’t tell her what would she think of me them I just better not ever bring this up.
Seeing Tom in school he tried to avoid me but I stopped him in the stairway asking what happen during study only telling him that I remember something about it waking up, he told me to talk to Father Spears about it, when Lunch time came I left school went right over to the church looking for him only to ask him about it, he was busy in the main church with a few persons, so I went into the study sitting on the couch waiting for him only I keep thinking about the photos mine mostly looking to the door; I could hear him still talking, he didn’t see me come in checking out the desk there they were the photos rubbishing thru them finding all of mine and Jakes just laying there even seeing Harrys.
I took all of ours no one would ever see them quickly placing them in my pocket leaving before he was done returning to school; I had only miss two classes no big deal I could make it up later; just before school ended Tom had stopped me asking if I had went over to see him during lunch of course no one seen me I told him no I was in the library and I see him later or Sunday. He looked at me telling me Fathers only going to tell you it’s between you him and God and not to talk about it. I hurried home before my sisters got home calling Jake telling him I needed to see him right away I had something for him, even called harry ask him to come by he said he couldn’t waiting for Jake looking at the time rushing to Mom’s desk an got a envelope and stamp wrote Harry’s name and address placing his inside, just making it to the door in time to hand it to the mailman wow I remember how close that was.
Jake and I became good friends spending more time together doing homework playing football so he was always welcome by Mom of course my sisters didn’t mind we do the dishes even enjoy doing them together, Jake dad dropped him off with his nap sack for the night even if it was a school night didn’t matter giving his folks time to them self, Mom made dinner and we watch TV just like we always did after the movie we did our homework and said goodnight Mom just said don’t stay up now you boys have school, Jake even gave her a hug before we went up.
That night I showed him what I found he was shocked what he saw agreeing not ever to mention it to anyone we had the only photos and we cut them up into small pieces no one would ever put them back together, we were safe agreeing that we would both check out Harrys church but we have to come up with a reason we want to change churches, Hey church was an important part of life back then we talked it over some during the week, Looking for Harry to see if he got the envelope not finding him all week, Sunday came Jake left with his folks and Tom stayed by me telling me Father wanted to talk to me. So I waited for him in the church not his study, he sat down next to me asking if I needed to talk to him about study, I told him no god knows I did my best to please him and you; just like Tom said he said It’s between me you and god son what happens here or god will not take you in to heaven. I told him I understand and went home only to find Harrys father car parked outside Harry must be with him rushing inside, all three stood up looking at me.
Mom had that look making me want to crawl to the floor, “Mike do you know anything about a letter to Harry” “No what letter” Harry sat back down just looking to his father he looked mad, “Did you send this letter” he asked looking at it shaking my head no “He said he didn’t already” “Looks like his writing” “He already told you no’ that’s that you’ll have to leave” “Whats in it” “Never mine will talk about it later” Harry and his dad left Mom just pointed to the couch to sit down till she returned. Now I wasn’t wrong I didn’t lie about it I didn’t write a letter only placed the photos in it no letter. They went outside looking out the window mom was talking up a storm at him man was she mad rushing back to the couch, mom came in sitting down next to me just looking at me back into the kitchen Becky came in Mom told her to go to the store and get coffee she needed to talk to me.
She asked about the letter if I had sent it, I told her no we Haden even talk to each other in a long time, then she ask me if anything was going on in church that she should know about, when I told her yes she sat back in the chair looking at me she looked almost pale white so I told her that me and Jake talked about checking the other church out maybe with the older kids as they seem to do more events we like to do like car washes and singing carols. She sat back up asking if anything else might have happen while we were in Sunday school, no just our booklet classes with the other’s ask Trisha or Becky, she quickly change that worry look saying we were going out to dinner when the girls got home, I rushed doing homework before we went to dinner, Mom called her Brother Cory talking with him till the girls came home.

Between Me You and God 6

August 24, 2012

BMYG The cassette tapes Part Six.
You might be wondering about now just what happen to Harry, he stopped hanging around with all the boys from church and avoided me; telling me he couldn’t be around the boys anymore and found new friends now. It took almost two months before I could try that rob on again just when I was thinking about quitting and checking out the other church down the street, when I mention it to Father Spears that I wasn’t happy not getting the chance to even hold the candle stick, maybe the way I said it , His look of why must have got to him walking me into the hallway to the robs and candle poles, he reached in handing me a rob to put on, as I put it on he handed me the pole telling me to go ahead and try it by myself with no one inside to watch me only him and one other boy checking the seat rows making sure all the Bible’s and pamphlets were in order.
Walking the aisle stopping just as the older boys did making like I had lit the candles returning to Father Spears standing in his long black rob watching his head nodded giving me that smile I did good. Telling to go put them out now, again I did it feeling so great about it this was the best day I’ve waited for over the past few months. Father Spears looking down at me while we put the coat and pole back in place he rubbed my back telling me as we walked to his study. We sat down together going over a few more things I needed to do showing me the Bible passages asking about them his arm around me removing it quickly when the older boy came in, he quickly told him we were just finishing up and I would be candle bearer the week before Thanksgiving, surprised thanking him leaving rushing home to tell everyone the good news.

Rushing home to tell mom was the greatest thing that could happen, Mom was so excited for me and would even come to church to see me, Mom could ask for the day off being three week away, Mom in a church was a rarity as she never went as long as I could remember, Becky and Trish didn’t care one way or the other who did it, A few days later seeing Harry in school rushing up to him, asking him if he could come see me this was my big day, his face dropped just staring at me stuttering his words No You’re a fool get away from that church its bad placed and will turn you bad get away from me, pushing me back just set my temper off reaching out punching him right in the nose, pushing me away holding his nose rushing down the hallway.

Mom was called at work from the school nurse, saying she didn’t report the matter leaving it up to her to have a talk with me rather than bringing it to the principle, telling her two boys did witness the incident and I was only defending myself, knowing who they were from church. Mom did ask about it while we were having dinner, telling her I only asked him to come to church he refused so I hit him. Mom just smiled at me not bringing it to a big thing, Now Becky and Trisha didn’t care what happen at school as long as they weren’t brought into it; they were doing the dishes and Mom sat down watching her TV show, while I did my homework on the table.

The door bell rang Becky ran to the door hoping it was her new boy friend returning past me in a low voice said I was in trouble now, Looking to the door Mom already open it inviting him in, Father Spears in his heavy coat unbuttoning it seating down in the livingroom; Trisha offered him coffee, hurry to get him some I stood behind Mom’s chair, Father Spears told Mom about This Saturday asking if I could go to a church campfire on the beach with others from the study.

Becky and Trisha were already invited, so he thought because of my age he would ask as a few younger boys my age would also be there; Mom said it would be ok as long as I didn’t give anybody a hard time, Father Spears told her I was a good student knowing my Bible, Mom almost jinks it for me telling him about pounding Harry; he said he had already heard about it and would talk to him on the matter, not to hold it against me from going to the campfire only asking if she could help out by giving two other boys a ride home.

Mom agreed to help out that was her early night anyway; What a surprised Mom took their names and phone numbers and said she would call and talk to their parents as it worked out they stayed overnight in our house, Mom even watched a good horror Movie with us making Pop corn. At the campfire it was more Bible talk with a few songs even Father Spears played his guitar without his collar roosting Hot dogs and Marshmallows drinking Coke Cola of course we were looking around for the beer but never found it, most likely hidden till we left.

Counting down marking the days off hoping it didn’t snow before then, everything was ready I knew by studying hard for church I could pass any Bible lesson now hell even brought a grade up in Reading and History to B’s, Mom was happy I was studying so hard bring up the grades wondering what I wanted for Christmas be so good, now it would be my turn to go in Father Spears study to tell him what I learned after mass, with one more week to go seating on the couch with the other boys I waited he called one of the other boys in first he was quick telling me to go in, almost dropping my book getting up going inside the room, sitting on his long couch while he sat in a chair looking over my work, another boy was also sitting on the couch in his white rob coat just looking in a magazine, everything was dark inside the walls dark wood even dark closed green drapes on his desk a small lamp with glass and crosses around the room next to each painting of the Jesus on the cross, light reflecting from dangling glass overhead, Father Spears stood up holding the rob for me, the sleeves were to small with my sweater on having to take it off he said it looked good but it was too tight the other boy took his off handing it to me, I put it on it was a good fit, sitting down all three of us went over the passages in the booklet.

Having more time after mass now just talking about school and then other things, drinking little glasses of wine while we talked, the heat must have been up in the room feeling hot taking the rob off, my eyes were tired almost sleepy trying to keep my eyes open, next thing waking up on the couch with the rob on sitting up. Neither of the two were in the room seeing all my clothes sitting on the chair realizing all I had on was the rob, getting dressed looking to the open door not see anybody in the hallway, placing the rob on a hanger next to the other one before heading to the kitchen hearing them talking, Father Spears and the boy sitting at the table.

“You ok now feel better”, “sure what happen why were my clothes off”, the boy turn smiling at me telling me “you took them off putting on the rob saying you wanted to be like Jesus” it must have been the wine looking at the clock almost six I better get home, Mom should be home anytime now. Telling them I’d see them later and rush home, what could I tell mom why I was late, seeing the car in the driveway she was already home.

Opening the door supper was just going on the table, Mom looked over at me I wanted to come up with some good reason I was late before I could even say anything Mom said Father Spears called and said I was study with Tom Witan helping him with his school work , what a relief at least I now know who the boy was anyway, we sat down had dinner and because Becky took out the trash I had to do the dishes, better than explaining what happen at church it must have been too much wine making me do that was my only reason it could have happen, so that’s what I thought at the time only later did I know what was going on, but anyway that following Sunday I was the candle person lighting them and smiling walking back Looking at Mom sitting with my Sisters, Harry wasn’t in the church anywhere, I had hoped in a way he would have showed up I even felt bad for hitting him.

After church Mom took my Photos on the steps in my Rob, see was proud of me what I worked for and more that I was trying harder in school, Looking outward I could swear I seen Harry ducking behind a car, Becky keep interrupting wanting to get home she had a date or something, They left and I walked around with Father Spears feeling more free floating on top of the world walking along golden clouds’ of cotton. No I wasn’t taken anything back then it was around, don’t get me wrong here; mostly rolled smoke some had uppers and downer pills every kid in school always knew what cars in the parking lot were selling what, glad I stayed away from that as a kid I was already mess up and didn’t even know at the time.